Jun 8, 2022
Steady footing, steady mind... Blinding Star treads through the forest. Perhaps he's a bit slower than he'd like— perhaps his steps are a notch too heavy— but he's managing it. The ground feels familiar, even if he can't see it. Here, the undergrowth gradually becomes more sparse. Less and less, does he have to duck under low-hanigng fronds. At some point, there's wetness seeping into his pads, and then he can confirm where he is. Thunderclan scent steadily grows stronger, the border, Windclan should be just ahead.

He's fine. They're all fine. He takes a breath. "...Right, then," he murmurs, flicking his tail to the other patrol members. Safe and Sound. ...Though, that was up for debate when Windclan was involved. Killers, the word hisses cruelly in his mind. Slaughtered another over borders established not-so-long ago. Maybe if they were lucky, they'd avoid Windclan altogether, set their borders and then leave.

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To bad for them that Leechpaw was here then. He had never been known to be a special welcoming face especially to outsiders. Thunderclan was no different to him then Skyclan. Kittypet lovers the lot of them. Lucky for them Leechpaw was not in his usual 'fight everyone' mood dealing with alot of other things on his mind right now. Didn't meant he still wouldn't do his apprentice duties though, and one of them was to make sure this thunderclanners keept to thier side of the border. Leechpaw would cast a glare over there he stood on the moors a bit away from them, watching but made no attempt to get any closer. He wouldn't bother them if they where here to check thier own borders but that didn't meant he wouldn't judge them from a distance. He was sure one of his other clanmates he had gone out on a patrol with would arrive soon and do more then just glaring like he did. In fact he was probably the most friendliest windclanner they had to deal with right now.

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Weaselclaw, with Leechpaw, pauses at the encroaching scent of ThunderClan on patrol. The brown tabby wrinkles his nose at the scent. It's not as bad as SkyClan's or ShadowClan's, in his opinion, but the strange, murky, muddled undergrowth and leaf mold smell is hardly pleasant to his senses. The tom leading the patrol looks ahead blankly through his golden lens.

He glances at Leechpaw, who stares at the cats but otherwise says nothing. He's not fond of ThunderClan, but they've never done anything offensive to WindClan, so Weaselclaw dips his head to them, cool but cordial. "ThunderClan." Blue eyes skip from the tom who leads them to the patrol trailing behind. "Hope rebuilding is going smoothly." In reality, he couldn't care less, but it was the polite thing to say, in his opinion.

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She is with Leechpaw, ThunderClan was second worse to SkyClan. They had hailed from the pine group and was certain Emberstar was just as kittypet loving as SkyClan. Pampered and spoiled blood did not belong in the ranks of their clans, it was an insult to StarClan themselves by letting them walk with warriors. Yet this is exactly why WindClan was StarClan's prized clan, this was exactly why StarClan had punished the clans with all types of ailments but meanwhile blessed WindClan.

She pads to stand beside her striped lover, a blank expression on her face as she looks to the ThunderClanner's. In this moment Weaselclaw was far more capable of niceties than she was, so she keeps quiet and continues to let him mingle on WindClan's behalf. She does offer a forced dip of the head, but that is all as she moves to brush her pelt against a nearby tree.


Prickles had all of Berryheart's trust- such a thing was important when nearing borders such as these. WindClan's leader had made quite a reputation for herself- though unlike many of those he shared the forest with, the speckled tom had once belonged to the same group as her. They were alike in that sense- the marsh had never been their true homes, their true calling. He respected her for staking claim to the land she believed that she belonged in.

Small talk was inevitable come these border patrols, though he hoped he would not have to endure much of it... niceties were not his strong suit, reason being that they were terribly dull. At the border he could not afford to fall asleep standing up, though he would oh-so wish to. Prediction proved correct, a chocolate-striped tom making an inquiry. Ah, they must have heard about the fire at the gathering... at the time he had been to unwell to attend, poisoned by smoke's staining strike.

"Fine, thank you." Gratitude offered simply, Berryheart cared not to make anything close to eye contact. A dappled cranium dipped in returned greeting, but he already wanted to go home, and would gladly put bets on that his entire patrol felt similarly.

"Howdy ya'll! Nice weather ain't it?" Unlike his clanmates, withdrawn and silent with the most curt of greetings, Dandelionpaw greeted the ThunderClan patrol with exuberant delight and cheer. The sepia point wandered over along behind the patrol, wads of folded leaves sticking out of his mouth that he had carefully tucked the catmint he'd found in to take back. He'd come along to get some air out of camp but he wasn't going to turn down bringing something useful back for their stock; Honeytwist was sure to appreciate it. He leaned casually into his fellow apprentice, dark and brown fur touching only briefly before bouncing back and away before he earned himself a scowl or complaint for his friendly gesture, "Leechpaw, wanna carry some o'this mint fer me? Me mouths not big enough..." As soon as he said it he could already hear the mock surprise in response to the statement. Given how often he spoke and rambled his mouth was certainly perhaps a bit TOO big and his clanmates would likely agree.
Hearing Weaselclaw ask about the fire reminded him of the smoke they had seen over ShadowClan and the mention of ThunderClan harboring in RiverClan during the entire ordeal, he couldn't imagine it was okay.
"Glad to hear ya'll doin alright! Honey fer your throats if'n yer medicine cat aren't already told ye! It's real nice tasty too!"