Aug 6, 2022
An abandoned badger set. This was their condemnation.

A sigh flows from his maw, resting heavy against the ground. Perhaps this was one of the closest things they'd had to shelter in some time now, but it didn't feel right... Isolated, quarantined, deliberately separated from the group who lived oh-so-close, kept away from his sister. He could only hope that they were treating her well, that Honeytwist was kind as she seemed. He rolls a paw in the grass, messes with the bones of prey recently caught. "You think they're torturing her right now, or something?" he muses to the others, voice dull. "Don't see why they would, but still..." his fur prickles uncomfortably, he can't recall the last time they'd been apart for more than a day.

Moping wouldn't do them any good.

He indulges in a stretch, drawn-out and thorough, before rising to his paws. Muscles crick a roll of the shoulders and neck; his tail settles into wary curl, long locks ghosting just above the ground. In the distance, there's a form approaching. A quick glance to his side confirms the location of both Storm and Magpie. So...

This was new.

"Stormy," Golden calls, beckoning his brother with a tilt of his head. Small, smoke-draped frame approaches them, not in a rush. Golden straightens himself into something presentable, steady posture and straight face, though anxiety leaves his tail laying low. They hadn't caused trouble, had they? Windclanners would sometimes pass... but he avoided...too much of a fuss. Maybe she was here to say that Pigeon was better, that she was fully healed and the four of them could go home.

Or maybe, just the opposite. Golden lets out a breath.