Jul 6, 2022
  • ───── The purpose of a census is to keep track of active characters within the Clan! You may sign your character up on the census after five (5) roleplay posts have been made with them. They will remain on the census unless they pass away or if you have not posted with them in over 3 weeks. If your character is removed from the census, no worries! Just fill out the form again after posting 3 ic posts to regain activity and they can be added back to their place.

    Need a character added to the census? Fill out this form!
    (PLEASE note if your character is a moor runner or a tunneler!)​
    [b]Name[/b] [♀/♂/⚥] - Rank ; Short description @CHARACTERaccount
  • LEADER ࿐ೃ˙
    SUNSTAR ♂ ; A large, thick-furred blazing tabby with pale blue eyes. @SUNSTAR

    DEPUTY ࿐ೃ˙
    SCORCHSTREAK ♀ ; Small, slim calico with blazing eyes. @SCORCHSTREAK
    ───── mentoring pinkpaw

    WOLFSONG ⚥ ; A small but hardy golden cat with one blue eye. @WOLFSONG

    COTTONPAW ♀ ; A small blue smoke she-cat with blue eyes. @cottonfang

    RATTLEHEART ⚥ ; A small longhaired black and white feline with pale green eyes. @RATTLEHEART
    ───── mentoring downypaw; in the nursery
    PERIWINKLEBREEZE ♂ ; A black smoke tom with clear blue eyes. @Periwinklebreeze.
    ───── currently acting as a queen!
    DIMMINGSUN ♂ ; Large golden-brown tom with green eyes. @DIMMINGSUN
    ───── mentoring celandinepaw
    SLATEHEART ♂ ; A short-haired black tom with a white chest and green eyes. @slateheart
    ───── mentoring beepaw
    BLUEFROST ♀ ; A small, fluffy blue smoke with white and green eyes @BLUEFROST
    ───── mentoring brackenpaw
    GRAVELSNAP ⚥ ; Shorthaired black and white cat with hazel eyes. @GRAVELSNAP
    ───── mentoring sheeppaw
    SPARKSPIRIT ♂ ; A lanky black and red chimera with bright aqua eyes. @sparkspirit
    ───── mentoring lakepaw
    FIREFANG ♀ ; Black tabby she-cat with amber eyes @Firefang
    ───── mentoring heatherpaw
    FOXGLARE ♂ ; A large, scarred white and golden tabby tom with steely grey eyes. @FOXGLARE
    FEATHERSPINE ⚥ ; A spiky-maned chocolate tabby with sun-yellow eyes. @FEATHERSPINE
    RIVEWHISPER ♀ ; A longhaired chocolate tabby with eerie blue eyes @rivewhisper
    SCORCHSTORM ♀ ; Broad-shouldered tortoiseshell molly with white patches and golden-orange eyes @SCORCHSTORM
    COLDBITE ♂ ; A big, scarred black and white tom with dark blue-gray eyes. @COLDBITE

    SOOTSPOT ♂ ; A two-toned blue tom with a white underside and green eyes @SOOTSPOT
    MARMOTBITE ♀; Tiny blue and brown ticked tabby with heavy scarring. @Marmotbite.
    ───── mentoring ferretpaw
    WHITEDAWN ♀ ; Petite albino she-cat with wispy fur and rosy eyes @whitedawn
    MOUSEFLIGHT ♂ ; A small calico with big ears and yellow eyes @Mouseflight
    FROSTWIND ♂ ; Small black and white warrior with icy eyes @FROSTWIND
    MOSSTHORN ♀ ; A small black and white she cat with light gray eyes and a pelt littered with scars @Mossthorn
    UKALEK ♂ ; A long-faced chocolate point tom with unusual blue eyes. @UKALEK
    QUIETPAW ♂ ; Solid black tom with low white and blue eyes @Quiet paw
    CELANDINEPAW ♀ ; A shorthaired golden spotted tabby with yellowish-green eyes. @CELANDINEPAW
    SHEEPPAW ♂ ; A messy long-haired black smoke with high white and blue eyes @sheeppaw
    LAKEPAW ♂ ; A long-haired rosetted lynx min with low white and bi-color eyes @Lakepaw.
    KITEPAW ♂ ; A cream tabby tom with a white chest and half face, light blue eyes, and long whiskers. @kitepaw.

    DOWNYPAW ⚥ ; A small, puffy seal point with deep blue eyes. @downypaw
    PINKPAW ♀ ; A small, fluffy calico she-cat with bright eyes. @PINKPAW
    FERRETPAW ♀ ; A cream she-kit with a fawn cape and chocolate stripes. @ferretpaw
    BRACKENPAW ⚥ ; A lithe short-haired calico with green eyes @Brackenpaw
    ROWANPAW ⚥ ; Shorthaired black solid/tortoiseshell chimera with heterochromia @ROWANPAW.
    BRACKENPAW ⚥ ; Tiny black and white chimera with dull pink eyes @gravepaw
  • QUEENS ࿐ೃ˙

    KITS ࿐ೃ˙
    GRASSKIT ♂ ; Small fawn tabby with green eyes @Grasskit
    FRIGHTKIT ♀ ; Silver charcoal lynx point with intense icy blue eyes. @Frightkit
    HONEYSUCKLEKIT ♀ ; A wispy-furred black she-cat with green eyes. @honeysucklekit
    BROKENKIT ♂ ; A lanky black tom with yellow eyes @brokenkit ♠
    BILBERRYKIT ♂ ; Small black and white tomcat with long, wispy fur and mismatched eyes @BILBERRYKIT
    DUSTKIT ♀ ; Black smoke she-cat with high white and cloudy green eyes @Dustkit
    VULTUREKIT ⚥ ; Spiky-furred black tabby with amber eyes @vulturekit.
    WITHERKIT ⚥ ; Lean and lanky charcoal tabby with haunting orange eyes @Witherkit
  • ELDERS ࿐ೃ˙
    BRAMBLEBELLY ♀ ; A young brown tabby with a white locket and bright green eyes. She is boisterous and jovial but easily pushed towards an argument or fight.
    BIRCHFLIGHT ⚥ ; A pale brown tabby moor runner with white toes and green eyes. Since Thrushpaw's death, he has grown serious and reclusive.
    CROOKEDHOWL ♂ ; A patchwork chocolate mink with aqua eyes and a spattering of white. He is funny and jovial, but cautious and crass due to his rogue past.

    OWLFACE ♂ ; A serious dark brown tabby with a white throat and pale yellow eyes. He is surprisingly kind, but has difficulties emoting or talking about himself. Mate to Moonwhisker, and father of Ploverpaw and Rampaw.
    MOTHSHADE ⚥ ; A pale blue cat with sage green eyes. She is rounder than one might expect of a tunneler, with a soft appearance and personality both.
    WEBTHORN ⚥ ; A small lilac tunneler with high white and pale blue eyes. They are haughty and difficult to talk to yet a hard worker nonetheless.
    ───── mentoring blizzardpaw



    PLOVERPAW ♀ ; A young blue tortoiseshell with white mittens. She seems very sleepy and rather lazy, but not malicious in any way. Sister to Rampaw.
    RAMPAW ♂ ; A young pale cream tabby with a white chest and belly. He is similarly as calm as his sister, yet much more keen to explore. Brother to Ploverpaw.

    QUEENS & KITS࿐ೃ˙
    MOONWHISKER ⚥ ; A young blue tortoiseshell molly with dainty white mittens and soft blue eyes. She is an inexperienced mother yet loving and eager to learn. Mate to Owlface, expecting their second litter.
    CLOUDCATCHER ♀ ; A long-limbed brown spotted tabby with a white throat and belly, and leafy green eyes. She seems eager to be a mother and loves to come up with new games for the kits. Expecting her first litter.

    LIONTHROAT ♂ ; A frail yet large red tabby with thick fur and glazed amber eyes. He enjoys telling stories, but is known for getting snappy with poorly performing apprentices. Marigoldlight's brother.
    MARIGOLDFLIGHT ♀ ; A small tortoiseshell with thick fur and wise yellow eyes. She is calmer than Lionthroat and much more forgiving of apprentices. Lionthroat's sister.


[ 15 FEMALE ] [ 09 NONBINARY ] [ 22 MALE ]
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