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goldenpaw is as her name suggests: bright and radiant. she arrived in riverclan with the ripple colony after being found by them a while back. golden was discovered alone with her littermates and no parents, whose whereabouts she has no idea of. she was recently promoted this month, on the cusp of leafbare, quite a difficult season to begin training in. nevertheless, goldenpaw expresses excitement daily at the opportunities ahead of her, hoping to be viewed as a good, worthwhile riverclanner.
  • (☀︎) apprentice of riverclan ( 12.01.23 ), former ripple colony member
    — she/her, feminine terms / romantic preference & sexuality unknown
    (☀︎) three moons old, ages every month realistically
    — formerly goldie ( ripple colony ), goldenkit ( riverclan )
    (☀︎) penned by buzz ( @snowrival on discord to plot! )

    first glance; smiles and laughs a lot. hardly ever found with a lack of energy, even when serious topics arise. complex metaphors and very abstract topics will be met with confusion or jokes. most likely, she meshes best with cats who are kind and similar in demeanor. however, a more sober personality may need to connect to her dedication in order to bond with her. usually found accompanying others, especially older apprentices, in search of something fun to do. if she's not hanging out with "the cool ones", she may be doing some task like helping in the nursery or trying to aid in something bigger (and most likely making it more work in the process).

  • ee err​
  • a longhaired red tabby with blue eyes and low white. her coat emphasizes her height, standing taller than most of her peers, and she appears larger than she actually is. ((might add more to this augh))
  • ee err​
  • key traits:
    + energetic / adaptable / friendly
    = determined / materialistic / daydreamer
    - scatterbrained / paranoid / unobservant​

    (☀︎) npc x npc, first gen, siblings and other relatives unknown
    — mentored by silverbreath
    — open to any platonic relationships, especially friends and acquaintances!

    (☀︎) light action powerplaying is totally fine, no need to ask for permission
    — ping or dm on discord for injuries, major plots, etc
    — surprise threads and mentions are okay!
    — i'm a casual roleplayer for now, replies may be slow!

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