One would assume he would welcome all his younger siblings with open arms after brushing the fur atop Lionkit's head not too long ago. They would be wrong in that assumption. He wouldn't be cold towards them as he had before and give them a chance, but he wouldn't beg for forgiveness nor seek them out to make up for lost time. Crowsight is not blind. He knows of Candorkit, Hollykit, and Lionkit's attempts to know him. Especially Hollykit most of all. His younger sister has made it her mission to know him, even if this means resorting to poking him until he groaned and looked at her in frustration. Each time he did, she would smile and run off. Honestly, he didn't understand her. Why it made her so happy that she managed to get him too look at her. The times she did manage to utter a sentence it was usually a mixture of calling him a grump and wanting to play. As for Candorkit? Out of the three of his younger siblings he enjoys them the most. The tom's dramatics were amusing for one to witness. To be pulled into his younger brother's theatrics was agonizing.

Lionkit was different. He didn't stand out like Candorkit, nor did the torbie annoy him to no end for his attention like Hollykit. In essence, Lionkit was the most 'normal' of the three. However, he loathed Lionkit the most for his uncanny resemblance to Blazestar. A tom who he wished still remained among the living to slap for the mess he left behind. The black smoke watches his younger brother sit alone, resting his chin on black paws. You remind me of someone. Hazel eyes narrow, which could be mistaken for anger. Lionkit doesn't budge from his spot. It is evident that his younger brother wishes to join the other kits, but something stops him. What Crowsight sees is a reflection. Of a tom who feels alone despite being surrounded by others, enduring the paternal shadow looming over him, reminding him escape is futile.

Before he is aware, black paws have led him to sit beside his younger brother. To the torbie, perhaps they are prepared for the moment their older brother scolds them. It never comes. "I love birds. A lot. I collect a bunch of feathers. My name isn't because of the bird. I was named Crow because of the color of my fur and maybe crying a lot? When I was a kitten I threw a lot of tantrums. Mom couldn't sleep much. And I have two partners. Do you know what that is? Think of mom and your dad, but I'm with Oddgleam and Owlheart. I love them more than birds." Perhaps he should've actually looked at his brother instead of looking ahead. In the future, Lionkit may laugh at the memory of his older brother awkwardly telling him about himself.

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He is... different from his littermates, in the sense they exhibit a constant need to escape into fantasy and interrogate their clanmates for answers about the world. He is not demanding or suffocating to be around; in fact, you might miss him if you don't look closely enough. The torbie was perfectly content with watching from the sidelines, observing the environment around him and regarding it with a quiet curiosity. It is not as if Blazestar's son dislikes the idea of play, nor does he dislike his kin or denmates for that matter. He just... requires more time for himself. Lionkit knew that was what set him apart from the others, and he was beginning to come to terms with it.

It seems as if Lionkit is too absorbed in his little world to notice movement out of the corner of his eye. The larger obsidian form isn't hard to notice quickly, though Lionkit instinctively pins his ears back once he realizes who it is — Crowsight. His older half-brother. The warrior had never taken to the littermates like the others had. All of them—Lupinesong, Drowsynose, Fireflypaw, Howlfire—had been a constant presence in his life since the very beginning. Crowsight, though? He had always been distant, always off fulfilling his duties to the clan and too busy for play. Even Hollykit and Candorkit's attempts to interrogate him don't seem very productive; thus, Lionkit has learned simply to keep his distance. There was an intimidating air to Crowsight, though it ultimately stems from respect and admiration. He had trained under Silversmoke, a longtime lead warrior who had been a council member under his father. He had fought tooth and claw for SkyClan, earning him scars that raked across his eye ( similar to Fireflypaw's ). If Lionkit could not know his older brother as kin, then he would at least know him as a loyal clanmate.

However, this... was different. Unexpected. Lionkit appears nervous at first, though he slowly readjusts his insecure posture once Crowsight begins talking. He's talking out loud, and for a moment the torbie point wonders if he's even talking to him. He must be, right? It shouldn't be difficult; he can just talk to Crowsight like he does to Lupinesong or Howlfire. "I... I'm named after LionClan. My Papa used to tell Mama about it. Did she tell you that?" Curiosity bleeds through; he does not realize that he's asking questions like Hollykit. It does not occur to Lionkit that Crowsight may not want to be prodded and poked for information. He wholeheartedly just wants to know more about his brother. "Hollykit says I'm not very lion-like." He was trying to be. Every single day, more and more, he was trying. Would it be disappointing, if Bobbie had named him after something just for him to not live up to it? Would it disappoint Blazestar who was presumably watching him from StarClan?

Oh, right, Crowsight had mentioned Owlheart and Oddgleam. Lionkit indeed does not know much about the specifics of mates and relationships, only that many kits had two parents that loved one another. Sometimes they only had one present parent, like him and his littermates. So, Crowsight loves his "partners" like Bobbie had loved Blazestar? That must mean a lot. Mama spoke very highly of his Papa, always bringing up stories of him whenever they asked. "Owlheart is nice. Orangestar is her mama, isn't she?" He didn't know much about Oddgleam, on the other paw, but Lionkit is sure that they're nice as well. "... So, if you had kits, would they have two papas?" Lionkit inquires, trying to make sense of the dynamic that Crowsight shared with Oddgleam and Owlheart.

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When his younger brother tells him of the meaning of his name... Contrary to what he had believed, the tom wasn't named for their appearance. He was named after the great Lionclan. As a kit himself he'd heard stories about the ancient or great clans depending on which elder told the story. There was Tigerclan, Leopardclan, and Lionclan. Of course they'd name you after them. The black tom responds, "No she didn't." We don't speak to each other anymore, is omitted from his answer. There was no need to tell his younger brother that. It was not asked. Besides, the torbie should have a sense of his distance from the others.

Crowsight turns to take in Lionkit. Eyes ever unblinking, dissecting which parts of his brother came from Bobbie and which came Blazestar. Lions are known very courageous, strong, and they have great flowing manes like the rays of the sun. If anyone had a great flowing mane like the rays of the sun it would be his younger brother's father. The golden tom, as flawed as he was, shone like the sun. He dare say that Sunstar of Windclan could never be a shining ray of light like Blazestar once was. "You're not. You'll never be a lion." Perhaps such words were cruel, but for once it was unintentional. "You don't even look like one." He bends down to stare directly into blue, "But does that matter? What Hollykit says? What everyone says? I think it's stupid to try and be something you're not. The only one who gets to decide who Lionkit becomes as a warrior is you. You're Lionkit, right?" After a moment, Crowsight draws away from his brother and finally blinks. Whether or not his brother understood the meaning behind is words is yet to be seen.

Talking to Lionkit was not as difficult as he thought it would be. There was plenty to talk about. However, he can't say this isn't a little awkward still. He is thankful that Lionkit asks him questions to keep this conversation going, or else they'd both have to endure his poor attempts at conversation. Ears flick at the mention of one of his loves name. "Yes, Orangestar is her mama. Owlheart is very nice. She and Oddgleam would visit me as much as they could. I'm sure if you talk to Owlheart she would be happy to speak to you. If you do ask her about eagles. She loves them." The fact that he's omitting is eagles have become an inside joke between the three. Surely, his star would come looking for him and ask if he had anything to do about Lionkit asking her about eagles all of sudden. To which he'd try and play dumb to and see how far he could go before telling her yes he influenced his younger brother.

KITS?! The question was innocent, but it still served to surprise him. He hadn't thought about it. Having kits. Starting a family with the two cats he loves and as Lionkit asked if their (nonexistent) kits would have two papas. Small bundles of red fur and calico worm its way into his mind. Oh, if they looked like my sun and star, they'd steal my heart. Wait... NO! He shakes his head vigorously to rid himself of kits, however, his brother may have found it peculiar seeing his older brother remain silent before suddenly shaking his head. I don't want to be a papa so soon! "Well... I'm not sure. I'll be a papa for sure. Owlheart will be mama. Oddgleam I'm not too sure. Oddgleam could be mama or papa, maybe both." If they were to start a family... His mind drifts to a handsome calico. You'd be the one who carries them.