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XI. Justice
May 24, 2024

A moon had passed in between Thornskip receiving their new name, a proper warriors name. It was still a novel concept to him, to be given a name. Of course his house folk had bestowed a name to her, the old title of Rosalia once felt that novel too but the appeal rusted away from neglect. She hadn’t been able to come to terms with that concept until new life had been breathed into him upon joining RiverClan. Things were different here, it seemed that there was meaning to the names bestowed to clan cats. If a name holds meaning then these titles wouldn’t wash away with neglect, right? Everyone seemed rather grand, even those without their warrior titles must have meaning to their names. Parents often gave care into naming their children, at least to her limited understanding of the concept that was the case.

They noticed that at the meetings Lichenstar would honour names based on attributes that she had noticed, or at least that’s what he assumed was the case? Did this StarClan actually tell her these names? Maybe through soft whispers at night or a voice carried in the bubbling of the river's stream, unheard by those who didn’t know that secret language. Maybe it was a secret third option, their orange tinted tail twitches then sways in thought as they stare at the river. Trying to listen to a secret voice, to no avail of course. This was a fruitless endeavour yet the flame point was nothing if not dutiful in carrying out the most minute of task.

Her curiosity got the better of them though and he decided to set aside the task of figuring out the mystery surrounding the river. It would be better to figure out the meaning behind their clan mates names through just asking them! He sets his sights on the cat nearest to him, marching up with bravado that was nothing short of genuine, no matter how misguided that confidence was. “Your name would have meaning, yes?” He didn’t deem it a philosophical question rather than something obvious. Wherever the cat agreed or disagreed with her question they would continue onwards in this march of conversation.

“Does Lichenstar always have a reason when naming someone in meetings? It seems to me that she does but perhaps you would be more knowledgeable about this than I.” They didn’t hide the fact that they were lacking in knowledge due to their kittypet origins, there was no shame in admitting when you didn’t know something. At least that was his mentality, how else would one hone their skills?


despite their proximity, shellpaw knows little of how lichenstar’s mind works. they have become a different thing than she’d grown up with — that consistent presence, time stolen by the hardships of deputy but time still there. when short fur was less frazzled, less laced in herbal leaves and pink - white etching of scar tissue, fang scrapes she should not have survived ripping horribly across mist pale coat. since her uncle’s untimely demise, lichenstar seemed to bear the weight of each life they’d gained like a physical weight, hunched and haunted ; tethered to the swampy outgrounds of riverclan’s meadowland by tangle of plant rot reed and rotting carcass, stagnant and blackening from the burst inside out. their words are still syrupy sweet, thick and slow with cutthroat injury stitched messily back together. stretched, scratching vocals hollowed by stardust.

she thinks of aging blood and the wilting rose scent that clings to it, the sweet rot of permeating death. ( does starclan fix the inside, too? )

she doesn’t realize she’d been staring at him until he speaks — names have meaning, yes? he asks, and shellpaw sniffs, pins him beneath bloodpool sharper, blinking away the thoughtless rheum that had overcome lifeless eyes, ” yes. “ with little hesitance her frail vocals crackle to life, bubbling with disuse she does not clear. thornskip continues anyway, a thoughtful pondering offered whimsical — inconsequential. she does not blink as he lulls his tongue, does not look away, does not twitch a muscle in stony features until.. you would be more knowledgeable than i. shellpaw’s maw curls, falls, velveteen nose wrinkling on a firm sniff that does little to help the dampness of her muzzle. she didn’t ; in fact, the girl felt almost as if she knew less than most about her mother. about lichenstar. no — she’d known lichentail. knew the deputy with attentive icecap eyes, tending patrols, sharing meals with denmates that did not stare at them like some broken, touchy thing.

a plumish tail flicks, shrugging gaunt shoulders with an ’unno grunt so quiet it could be easily mistaken for the chime of meadowland crickets. absently, lilac paws begin to scuff patterns into the dirt beneath her — swaying scuffs that darken the soft pale fur at her heel, ” not really, um.. they don’t really say. “ she admits, and it is a grumble, deep in puffed cheeks. there is always a loyalty, a bravery.. but did it really matter? were they really watching? did they not have enough on their paws, were they afraid of the destinies they could change? shellpaw shudders a breath, ” i want there to be a reason, though, i think. i hope it matters because, because, it’s supposed to be special to every cat. “ she takes a moment, gasps air back into her lungs and biting the inner skin of her cheek against the momentary burn in her chest. after a brief moment of only insect song, she continues her wispy babbling, ” hazecloud says she was named for her stealth, and she’s — she’s proud of it. and everyone else gets to hear how good she is at it, too, every time they meet her. i want to be proud of my name, too, one day. just like that. “ but how much of her personality would be cleaved away when she’d ridden -star instead?

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    frail alabaster molly with lilac striping and watery amber eyes.
    she is pallid ; platinum splotched with ribbons of dovey lilac curls, wisped ends like memories of a distant shore and plush enough to conceal the juts of malnutrition beneath. tufted elderdown fur conceals a body worn fragile by tumultuous youth, too thin in some places and round with baby fat in others. her face is short - muzzled, framed half mast by eyes coined rheumy, rosen amber. the anemic cold pink - purple at tender paws and nose tell a lifetime of sickness, further made obvious by the feathering weakness in half - whispered tones.
    CHRONICALLY ILL ; prone to wheezing, nose at a constant drip from longterm illness - induced nasal polyps. not contagious.

Sitting beside his older sister, Horizonpaw doesn’t miss the pale umber of her gaze vaguely locked onto an unfamiliar one. Like all the other warriors, especially those with fainter scars than most, he doesn’t know this creature. The sun-faced warrior’s guilelessness does little to reassure him when he sashays over, chips of the Greenleaf sky lodged in his face in the place of eyes. Horizonpaw subtly shies away from them as he draws nearer, nudging himself infintesimally closer towards the lilac haven of Shellpaw’s side.

He’s become accustomed to the halting, plagued voices of his family, first Shellkit in phlegm-stained tones, then Lichenstar with her eversore throat and rattling chords. It surprises him, though, that she’s so quick to answer him yes. Horizonpaw doesn’t reply, reserving their question for Shellpaw in his head, but it lingers there. He’d say yes too, if he was asked, not by this stranger but by someone like Pebblepaw.

The lanky tabby looks nothing like a horizon, not in color nor in splendor, and he hadn’t exactly looked like a howl either, whatever their parents imagined one to look like. But if he had to choose, based on mundane description alone, he’d say he’s howled more than he’s horizon-ed. They got rid of Howlkit for a reason though. He’s asked why—he’d be inconsolable otherwise—and never got a satisfactory answer. Hazecloud didn’t like it, or his mothers wanted him to be closer to his siblings, or something like that. But if they didn’t like Howlkit, he fails to understand why they had him at all.

Shellpaw shuffles a tawny foot into the sand, and Horizonpaw quietly objects to her, ”They told me.” He is Horizonpaw and not Horizonkit because he is an apprentice, and he was Horizonkit and not Howlkit because… things change, he supposes. His sister goes on, though, and for a moment his brows dip with worry over how much she has to say with so little breath. He has far more than her, but he’s never said as much, especially not to a stranger. Since Shellpaw’s here, though, he has enough courage to nod along with what she says and fix his verdant gaze to a spot just between the warrior’s ears as he does.

”Why aren’t you proud of your name right now?” he whispers to her, relieving himself of the gold-faced cat’s visage for now. ”Shells are cool.” He wonders about the other’s name too. If he knew it, he would never have guessed Thornskip for her, because she hardly looks like a thorn. Maybe Curiousmouth. Or Bigeyes.

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One wonder of being an apprentice is theorizing what your warrior name will be. But for the young lead warrior, he... already had a feeling what his name was going to be. Warrior names aren't always attributed to skills, or even personality traits... Just like how a queen might name their kit after the color of their fur, their warrior name can too be like that. "Fox" is an intimidating name to bear— named after the wild canine that can lurk in their territory; they aren't a creature to be messed with. Their teeth are razor sharp, and their legs move quickly— they can easily cause serious harm, or even death, to a cat. His parents must've thought he would live up to the name "Fox", but he couldn't be more anxious. More timid. He was anything but a fox; but he wouldn't pick any other name to go by. It's his identity— even though he saw his warrior name coming a mile away.

The lead warrior happened to be nearby when Thornskip approached the two sibling apprentices, and his ears prick forward as her voice reaches his ears. It's been a moon since Thornskip was renamed as a full RiverClan warrior, and he can only wonder how the former kittypet is fairing in RiverClan. It's understand that they aren't familiar with clan culture; clan customs... tradition. The life of a warrior must be so vastly different to the soft life of a kittypet— and he admires them for joining RiverClan; they were a huge help back at the twoleg camp after all. And furthermore, he admires her curiosity... and Foxtail finds himself padding over to the three felines. "Every warrior n-name is unique," Foxtail mews with a small nod to Shellpaw, and he glances over at Thornskip. "...I had a f-feeling when I was an apprentice, I'd be named after my t-tail," The lead warrior mews, as his bushy tail swishes behind him. It's kinda hard to miss how his tail looks similar to a Fox, right? All he's missing is the white tail tip! "...Even though I guessed what my n-name would be, I'm still proud of i-it."

He takes a quick glance back at Shellpaw, his ears pricking as her final words leave her maw. Horizonpaw seems to be whispering something to his older sister, and the tom doesn't catch his words; but he can imagine Horizonpaw reassured her in some way. "...I'm s-sure that you will be proud of your n-name," He tries to reassure her himself, with a flick of an ear, "Just like H-Hazecloud."

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    credit to raphaelion (via da) for the artwork <3
  • Foxtail
    lead warrior
    20 moons
    experience: trained
    backstory: [HYPERLINK]
    biography: [HYPERLINK]
    credit to trops for the chibi <3
    cisgender male [he / him]
    eyes: green
    pelt: cinnamon/chocolate
    fur length: long
    parents: dawnflower and redfur (riverclan npcs)

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‧₊˚❀༉‧₊˚. The curious voice of one of the former kittypets was always a welcome sound in Moonbeam's eyes, a cat that joined ranks and questioning things simply to learn and understand rather than fight and make a fuss was welcomed and much needed after the questions and snide comments of Deacon and Sasha moons ago. Thornskip was speaking of names, asking about their meaning, their importance. Though Moonbeam had not ever named a cat before she had been named, been told about the importance of names and had been around long enough, helped enough queens, to understand the importance of the names that were given to a cat at birth. Sometimes things changed and names needed to be done so as well - a good example being Moonbeam herself as well as Gladefrost, both earning new names with permission from their leaders - but they always held meaning whether it meant good or bad.

Orange eyes followed each cat as they spoke, small ears pricked as she listened to each of the cats before her, from Shellpaw admitting that she didn't know to Horizonpaw correcting the other, Foxtail speaking of every warrior name being unique and how he had guessed what his would be before he got it. "Kitten names are unique too, even though they all have -kit attached." The medicine cat would offer, usual soft smile soon to follow before maw opened once more. "Sometimes it's in honor of another cat or the clan, sometimes appearance, sometimes just a wish. It's hard to figure out which is for which sometimes but there's multiple meanings sometimes too." Long before any of the younger apprentices had been born Moonbeam had been known as Ratkit, named for her small round ears and overall general stature. Eventually her name had been changed and still she had been kept up with the theme of appearance, and though both fit she enjoyed her name now much better.


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  • SH white masking cinnamon torbie w/orange eyes & small ears
    14 moons old; ages the 17th every month
    homosexual homoromantic ; mated to beefang
    currently mentoring none
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    easy in combat unless in water, focuses on defensive tactics

-ˋˏ ༻ ❆༺ ˎˊ- Pinekit had never given much thought to the first part of her name, it held little meaning to her- the kitten hadn’t earned her prefix from glory or skill. Her warrior name, however, that she had given plenty of thought to. Pinefang had been her first choice for awhile, before she realized that one day she would want her own identity, following her mothers in reputation and legacy alone. Pineclaw was fierce, and she thinks that would be her top pick, if she could choose.
Alas, she is still nursery bound for another moon, and the name musing would still be a far-off dream for quite some time.
It is the sight of Horizonte and Shellpaw settled together that draws Pinekit forward in the beginning, though Thornskips ramblings earn the tom a thoughtful stare as the mottled girl would weave through the gathered cats, finally taking a seat beside Shellpaw’s other flank. Thornskips question seems like an obvious one, but patchwork ears still tilt towards her hollow-breathed friend as she speaks. Horizonpaw confirms, and finally Pinekit feels comfortable enough to blurt her own answer before she burst at the seams. “Duh. Your warrior name is a reflection of… you. Or whatever.” Pinekit shrugs, honeyed hues casting to the side to watch Foxtail speak while Horizonpaw offers quiet reassurance to his sister, “you are.” Her own encouragement towards Shellpaw falls flat in comparison to Horizonpaws, tone bordering on insistent.
Moonbeams words pull Pinekit’s focus away from the two apprentices, eyelids fluttering as skepticism begins to glimmer in pools of sunshine. She had never really thought of that before, but Iciclefang didn’t seem like the sentimental type, Pinekit didn’t even really know what pine was. She can see the way each namesake resonates in the ears around her, in the colors of their pelts, apart of a set with prefix to match littermates. “Huh.” Pinekit feels a little dumbfounded. “I dunno about that one.” What significance did pines and crags have to her mother? She could see Crabkit being named after her love for the river, but beyond that? Nothing.

  • PINEKIT she/her, kit of riverclan, 5 moons.
    plush-furred tortoiseshell she-kit with white dipped forepaws, tail tip, and muzzle and round, honey hued optics.
    daughter of Iciclefang && Stormywing ࿏ sister to Cragkit && Crabkit
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
    penned by Noor@toyangel on discord, feel free to dm for plots.