hello again <3


we will be ephemeral
Jun 7, 2022
hi! so i guess this isn't so much of an "arrival" as it is a "soft launch return" lol

i was here at the beginning of tabby tales after following around other sites and such, but fizzled out slowly over time as life got really really chaotic for me. illnesses both mine and others, moving house, college shenanigans.... but i still think about a lot of the folks i knew here and a lot of the characters and stories i created with others (namely antlerpaw and grizzly). and i miss y'all!!! and things are calming down a bit... so i wont say for sure i'm gonna write here like wild again but maybe a chill character or two shall appear.

i'm sure a lots changed, though i did snoop around and recognize there are still folks i know here which made me happy <3 but if theres anything major from the last year or so, feel free to give me some updates.

but if you don't recognize me, hi im tuna! i use any pronouns, am 22, and am an art history major with a dream of having a phd. and uhhhhhhhhh yeah idk! hi! i miss you all and this site!
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Tuna omg hi!!!!! Long time no see!!!!

Definitely a lot has changed ICly, like new leaders, the Warrior Code has been in the process of being built, etc etc but if you have any questions, seriously don’t hesitate to ask, we’re here to help :)

We’ve had some rule updates since the start of the site so I’d just peruse those too but really the main gist of everything has stayed the same!! We’re still just a trad site vibing 😎 I’m super excited to see you back!!
BLITZ HI!!!! great to see you again <3 and tysm! took a look at the rules + I'm excited to see new stories that have been unraveling!

and thank you archivist!! If only life understood the fun of writing cats and didn't get hectic and interrupt such activities

since I'm gonna try slowly easing back into writing more, may i ask what y'all would consider the more casual/slower paced of the clans right now?
my personal opinion is windclan is def the more casual/slower paced clan

riverclan and skyclan have to be the most active with shadow & thunder moderately

welcome back!