Jun 7, 2022

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    The purpose of a census is to keep track of active characters within the Clan! You may sign your character up on the census after three (3) roleplay posts have been made with them. They will remain on the census unless they pass away or if you have not posted with them in over 3 weeks. If your character is removed from the census, no worries! They can be added back to their rightful place after three (3) roleplay posts have been made with them after returning to activity!
    male [18] - female [21] - non-binary [8]

    If you would like your character to be added to the census please fill out this form!
    Name [♀/♂/⚥] - Rank - Short description @Subaccount
  • LEADER: Chilledstar A solid black feline with icy blue eyes, and a striking white mark across their face, and chin, along with a white front right paw. @CHILLEDSTAR.
    apprentice(s): lividpaw​
    DEPUTY: Smogmaw A large gray tom with black tabby markings and dark orange eyes. @SMOGMAW
    apprentice(s): bloodpaw, singepaw​
    MEDICINE CAT: Starlingheart A scarred black and white she-cat with a mangled leg and one green eye. @STARLINGHEART .
    MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE: Marblepaw Very pale tabby with white markings and yellow-green eyes. @marblekit

    Lilacfur A rosetted lilac tabby with small ears and golden eyes. @lilacfur
    apprentice(s): shadepaw​
    Forestshade A stout, longhaired torbie she-cat with blind green eyes. @FORESTSHADE
    apprentice(s): thornpaw​
    Sharpshadow A scraggly black smoke feline with silver eyes and a broken tail. @SHARPSHADOW
    apprentice(s): halfpaw, sneezepaw​
    Mirepurr Fluffy lilac tortoiseshell with light blue eyes. @M I R E P U R R
    apprentice(s): snowpaw​
    Willowburn Long haired dark brown tabby with amber eyes. @Willowburn
    Betonyfrost A heavyset blue tabby with green eyes and frostbitten ears.@betonyfrost
    Mourningbloom A long-haired black & blue chimera with white splotches and blue eyes. @Mourningbloom
    Maggotfur A massive, fluffy blue-grey tabby she-cat with a white face and striking blue eyes.@Maggotfur.
    Batchaser A very tall, curly haired black smoke paired with white splotches and mismatched gold and green eyes. @BATCHASER
    Duckshimmer Petite chocolate torbie point molly with cyan blue eyes. @Duckshimmer
    Orchidbloom Lanky cinnamon smoke with wide blue eyes. @orchidbloom
    Applejaw A large, pale tortie-and-white she-kit with mismatched blue and orange eyes. @APPLEJAW
    Ashenfall Longhaired muted blue torbie with mismatched pale blue and amber eyes. @ASHENFALL
    Swansong A pale, cream-and white tabby with long, silky fur and periwinkle blue eyes. @swansong
    Hemlocknose Burly brown ticked tabby with low white and green eyes. @HEMLOCKNOSE
    Ferndance A brown ticked tabby she-cat with one white paw and green eyes. @FERNDANCE
    apprentice(s): laurelpaw​
    Blackstrike Skinny black and white shorthair with mismatched eyes. @BLACKSTRIKE
    Haretooth A gaunt tom with long white fur and blue eyes. @Haretooth
    Briarthorn Wispy-furred black she-cat with sharp hazel eyes and large ears. @Briarpaw.
    Shrike - Skinny long haired black cat with low white and hazel eyes @shrike
    Chervilshade - Long-haired dilute tortoiseshell molly with dull, olive eyes. @CHERVILSHADE
    Flintwish A small, slate-hued tom with white patches and green and blue eyes. @FLINTPAW
    Springflame A scrawny charcoal and white tabby with amber eyes @springflame
    Hollowmask Tall, bulky cinnamon-chocolate tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes. @HOLLOWMASK
    Halfpaw A blue tabby and cream she-cat with mismatched blue eyes and long fur. @Halfpaw
    Thornpaw Stocky long haired cream chimera with bi-colored eyes. @THORNPAW
    Snowpaw Long-haired blue sepia lynx with high white and pale yellow eyes. @Snowpaw.
    Lividpaw Black mackerel ghost tabby with low white and stormy blue eyes. @LIVIDPAW
    Basilpaw Longhaired grey tom with low white and mint green eyes. @BASILPAW
    Singepaw Spiky furred flame point with low white and blue eyes. @SINGEPAW
    Sneezepaw A chocolate tabby tom with yellow eyes. @sneezepaw
    Bonepaw short-haired silver and cinnamon tabby with dull green eyes. @Bonepaw.
    Laurelpaw Blue tabby tom with amber eyes and one white paw. @Laurelpaw.
    Bloodpaw A large auburn tabby with copper eyes and a missing ear @BLOODPAW
    Shadepaw A dark, sleek-furred tabby with low white and green eyes @SHADEPAW
    Swallowpaw A small half-orange, half-brown tabby point with mismatched blue eyes @Swallowpaw.

    Gigglekit Long/short-haired chimera lilac tabby. @Gigglekit
    Branchkit Longhaired lilac and white tabby with deep amber eyes. @BRANCHKIT
    Owlkit A small, shorthaired blue tabby with low white and striking sunset-colored eyes. @owlkit!
    Agatekit A shorthaired fawn and black chimera with low white and heterochromatic yellow and green eyes. @AGATEKIT.
    Waspkit A black and white molly with a short tail that ends in a point and amber eyes @++Waspkit++
    Stonekit Pretty lilac tom with low white and icy blue eyes @STONEKIT
    Shadowkit A shorthaired lilac tabby with low white and blue eyes @shadowkit


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