"Butterfly" for her pelt's pattern and her quiet nature; "-tuft" for her long, fluffy fur
Formerly Gaia, named by her twolegs; Greek Goddess of the Earth
26 moons; ages on the 1st of every month
SkyClan queen; former kittypet and warrior; permanent nursery resident
Cisgender she-cat

a tiny, fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat with unique white markings, yellow eyes, and a yellow bandana around her neck.
Butterflytuft sports a long, thick, and fluffy pelt. She is a tortoiseshell with an interesting coat patterning, her pelt resembling a monarch butterfly with symmetrical ginger patches alighting otherwise black fur. White spots dot her cheeks and paws and her tail-tip appears dipped in white as well. Her face bears the only asymmetry on her, with an uneven red stripe splitting the black and covering one of her ears. Her ears are tufted and her tail is long and pluming. The runt of her litter, Butterflytuft is tiny, with small, dainty paws. Her eyes are as yellow as the sun, matching the bandana tied around her neck. She almost always bears an insecure posture, with her shoulders hunched and head and tail low, ears back.
Weak climber || Weak fighter || Weak hunter
Wears a yellow bandana around her neck

Above all else, Butterflytuft is timid. When she first meets new faces, she can hardly speak above a whisper and often tries to hide behind other cats or, sometimes, her own paws. Her shy nature contrasts with many of her clanmates' personalities, which can annoy others. She is fearful of many things (predators, sparring, climbing, etc.), but it can take her a bit to admit this as she doesn't want to be humiliated. Prone to crying, Butterflytuft is incredibly uncomfortable around harsh or otherwise rude cats; this unfortunately made her a target for bullying in her youth. When one can see past her frustrating anxieties, they will find that she is an incredibly kind, compassionate, and considerate cat. Faithful to those she grows close to, she is often sought out for comfort or advice from friends. She doesn't hold grudges easily, and often is one to believe that every cat has some good in them, no matter how bad they seem. Of course, there are exceptions to this, and some cats will just downright frighten her. She is loyal, dependable, sweet, and trustworthy, but as always, a tad too sensitive. She can't even bring herself to hunt without feeling bad, leading to, unfortunately, an inability to even provide the clan with food. Since becoming a queen, however, Butterflytuft has gained some confidence. She is enthusiastic around kits of all ages and enjoys spending all of her time with them. However, as a first-time mother who is a bit too kind, she is a pushover. As a result, kits can tend to get whatever they want from her.
ISFJ The Defender
Lawful Good
Social Anxiety Disorder

Easy to form platonic relationships
Easy to form romantic relationships
Mated to Dandelionwish
Friends: Twitchbolt, Quillstrike, Cosmosbloom, Fireflypaw
Adopted child of Daisyflight
Adopted sibling to Figfeather, Violetnose, Snowpath, and Greeneyes
Mother of Weedkit, Fluffykit, and Daisykit
Mentoring no one || Mentored by Blazestar

Ask before powerplaying
What can be powerplayed without asking: babysitting kits, protecting/defending from threat, healing
Open to adopting and fostering! As a permaqueen, it is her job to take care of the clan’s kits, and she will gladly take in orphans as her own.
She will foster kits with active and living kin in the clan. She will adopt kits without active and living kin in the clan. I reserve the right to write out these relations in the case of them going inactive so she does not have inactive family.
If she is adopting the child, I will request its name be pulled from her naming list as she will name her own adopted kits. Please DM me for this!

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