★ beyond the HORIZON




previous names?
2 moons
WindClan kit
cis-female (she/her but is fine with they/them)
sexual and romantic preference unknown

a silver lynx point she-kit with blue eyes.
high white & short/longhair (debating)
fate looked down upon the charade and laughed: one kit molded into a miniature version of her "unknown" sire. though a barren field of snow when first born, telltale signs of her hidden heritage begin to emerge. every moon the lynx point's markings darken. the sun's light highlights the silver lynx pattern shielded by the shadows in the nursery.

another nail in the coffin: baby blue eyes gleam with hints of purple when exposed to the sun's all-seeing rays. truly, nature and fate were tranfixed on exposing the parents' ruse.

excluding the disproportionate ears, her grown physique will mimic that of hyacinthbreath: dainty and slim. by cat standards, she'll grow into quite the beauty.
anything else you can think of

at only two moons old, her personality is moldable and events will greatly affect it. however, she will be a relatively reserved and quiet kit. she won't be fussy nor disobedient. she's not a pushover, though. she'll speak her mind when pressed.
mbti type
hogwarts house
any mental illnesses etc

will originally respect hyacinthbreath but lose all of it once the secret is revealed.
absolutely adores moonshadow.
will be protective of her siblings although will express disdain towards any positive interactions they may have with hyacinthbreath.
parent to none
child of moonshadow & hyancithbreath
sibling to Lilackit & Periwinklekit