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Aug 21, 2022

Fleecefur wasn't going to lie and say she cared for these clan gatherings, she didn't want to mingle or meet other cats outside ShadowClan; she barely tolerated ShadowClan itself as it were. She'd only come because due to borders and other nonsense it was the only time she ever got to visit her brother in WindClan, so she'd be rather cross if he himself had skipped out.
The point she-cat moved along on heavy paws and long strides, quite unlike the sleek and stealthy movements of her fellow clanmates; there was a purpose to her gait and an indifference in her gaze that did not match the soft and curled edges of her form. She liked kind despite her scars, she'd been told. She looked soft and pampered. She was pristine, unsullied. It made her sick. From streets to trees, nothing changes. Cats were cats and blood was shed constantly in face of opposition and she would eventually find a means to bath herself in it. To leave behind a legacy was the dream of most cats, some did it through kind acts and their offspring, some laid claim to territories and defeated dangerous predators. Hers would be different, she had decided, but the details were still being mulled in her head. She hated the clan lifestyle, lived her for the simple sake of convenience with no desire to add to its development. It was annoying that they had taken over free land for the sake of some misguided attempt of stability, that they thought dead cats in the sky had any paw in the dealings of the living.
Fleecefur's ice-blue eyes settled on the dark and slender form of the WindClan tom as she prowled along, seated at the edge of the gathering area beneath the low hanging branches of a broken tree. She smiled in greeting, a smile that did not meet her eyes and was more for false pleasantries than actual delight.
"Raventalon, enjoying your new clan? I didn't see you at the last gathering."

Raventalon cared very little for the religious beliefs of the clan life. He did not believe in dead cats that could reach and commune with those that still walked the earth. He was a wild creature, one shaped by the hardships of survival - but that was life. And he chose to change how he walked it, like these other cats. He wondered at times, about the fragility of shoving this many individuals together. This many minds and ideas, how long would it be before it crumbled beneath their paws. Something to observe, he mused.
The tomcats steps were graceful, long strides taking a pace to not outdo other-smaller, cats. Though his muscles alone could tell one at a glance that he was capable of moving faster than some of his stockier peers. His half-blind gaze looked over the crowd of cats before him, scanning their attitudes and body language. Gleaning what he could from idle conversation and the murmurs of the different groups.
And there she was, the one cat he'd been searching for; Fleecefur. It was a shame that they chose different paths to walk but they hadn't lived the same lives in a very long time. He stalked over to where she sat in waiting, headbutting her in greeting.
"Enjoying, sister, is the wrong word for it. Easier is what I would call it." He sat with a sweep of his feathered tail, covering up his paws. Gaze sweeping across the other cats nearby before turning his full attention to the smaller she-cat, "forgive my previous absence sister. I hadn't felt well enough to travel at the time - I hope your new life has been treating you well."


"Treating me well." She repeated, tone annoyed and uncertain. ShadowClan was not a clan that condemned her or even made her feel unwelcomed, but there was the whole structure of it that she didn't like. She despised everything about how their lives had been turned upside down. It was bad enough having a 'leader' during the days of the colonies but for a more strictly indoctrined one with lives to spare to step up and speak on their behalf felt insulting. The only part of the entire thing that appealed to her was the idea of getting those lives herself one day, she wondered if it was as easy as taking them.
She raised a paw, flexed each toe and unsheathed her claws to examine before sticking on into her mouth and picking sloppily at her teeth with the curve of the blade. It was all really mundane and dreary. She hated it.
"I suppose they are, well enough anyways. The clans as a whole don't really entertain me once. Did I tell you they gave me an apprentice? Expecting me to teach some wetnosed little brat how to hunt as if cats like us didn't learn on our own the hardway." Leafbare was especially cruel, she remembered eating what amounted to scraps of carrion just to get by, disgusting, but doable. These clan cats were being raised to be too soft and had it far too easy. It was the harshness of life that truly molded a cat into something of a predator.
"There was a fire, the great Sycamore went up in flames and we had to stay in these awful little tunnels for a time. I'm surprised you didn't see the smoke from it on the moors." Which meant less room and she was forced to share a nest with another cat and ugh-it was just a pain in her tail, a thorn in her paw, a burr in her nest.
"How fairs WindClan? I see the fire touched ThunderClan, but I doubt it came close to you."
There was a gentle scoff to his the purrs he emitted, listening to her speak. "While I am inclined to agree with you on the matters of survival - we did agree to give this life a chance. Although I am still rather averse to having my identity changed so."
The tall cat shook his head, for a moment recalling the days spent crawling through the undergrowth and open slopes of his previous home. A time where territory meant nothing more than a likely source of food left behind by far larger creatures. He was fond of the openness of Windclan's territory, the ability to run freely and worry little about obstacles in his path. If he did desire the familiar company of a green canopy, he could simply slip outside of the border when nobody was looking.
"I must admit, Fleecefur," Her name spoken as a tease. "I saw the smoke but I held no worry for your ability to handle such an event. It wouldn't be the first time a fire razed trees to ash. Though it will make for difficult hunting, I would assist you if I were able - sister." Raventalon found great amusement in Fleecefur's woes, followed by her annoyance with this new and particularly mundane life. His whiskers twitched as he gauged her reaction.
"We were fortunate enough to be spared, I believe it due to the plains lacking in true cover." The tom shook his head, half blinded gaze looking up to where the leaders were gathering. Narrowing his sights to his leader in particular, watching the way the interacted with the other leadership. "I personally don't know the full extent of the flames and their reach. My attention has been drawn elsewhere."