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  • ───── WindClan is the group of cats that live primarily on the moor in the northwest corner of the territories. They are the fasted cats out of all the clans - some say they can run as fast as the wind they were named for. They are known for their love of open spaces, and of all five clans, they are the least used to wet ground, preferring the dry, grassy terrain of the moorland.

    Unlike the other clans, they do not like to sleep in the shelter of dens. Instead, they sleep beneath the stars, both because they love the fresh air and they believe they are closer to StarClan by doing so. They take great pride in being the closest clan to the Moonstone and for living in a territory with little trees or shrubs, believing their ancestors keep a close eye on them at all times due to this. They rival only SkyClan with their deep knowledge of twolegs from seeing them at the Horseplace that borders their land.

    WindClan is unique in that they have two different roles for their warriors: moor-runner and tunneler. Moor-runners make up the bulk of the clan - they hunt and patrol above ground like the other clans’ warriors do. Tunnelers, however, are the clan’s small, elite team of warriors that patrol the underground, made up of the tiniest, skinniest cats of the clan. The tunnelers guide can be found below.

    With their unmatched speed and relentless tactics, WindClan is an invaluable ally and a horrifying enemy. Although ThunderClan may consider themselves the clan of prophecy, WindClan will always be the clan with the closest position to StarClan. Friendly yet aloof at times, in a pinch, an ally can count on WindClan to have their back, if they’re not tearing into it.
  • WindClan claims the northwestern part of the land, wedged between the thunderpath and the gorge, consisting of rolling moorland. The peaty, sandy fields are home to vegetation such as heather, gorse, cottongrass, bracken, mosses, and various grasses. A few thorn trees are scattered about here and there, along with a handful of low-growing shrubs and rocks. For the most part, however, the land is barren of much cover. Rabbit trails wind through the spiny vegetation, providing worn-down paths for WindClanners on patrols. A boundary of trees outlines the moors, separating them from the Horseplace and thunderpath that they border. Several small streams and creeks cut through the dry land.

    CAMP: WindClan’s camp is located in a shallow, sandy hollow, tucked into a natural dip in the moors. This makes the camp sheltered from wind, but easy to attack. However, the camp is very well hidden, surrounded by a tangled wall of gorse and heather.

    Cats enter and leave through a heather tunnel. There are no proper dens for the majority of the clan. The leader, apprentices, and warriors prefer to sleep under the open sky, although in bad weather, they retreat to burrows made by rabbits, foxes, or badgers. The nursery is under a thick gorse bush, dug out beneath the gorse wall. The elder’s den is dug out from under the gorse wall at the far end of the hollow and is surrounded by heather and moss. The medicine cat’s den is within a dark tunnel that opens up into a spacious den with a sandy floor and gorse along the walls.

    A tall, dark granite boulder in the middle of the hollow, called the Tallrock, is used by the leader to call meetings in a shallow dip called the Meeting Hollow. The leader has a den behind the Tallrock, but it is up to them whether they sleep there or not. At times, the leader may use the Tallrock as a lookout post, as they are able to see past the gorse wall from the top of it.

    The fresh-kill pile is located beneath a flat, jutting stone that protects the fresh-kill from the sun.

    GRAVEYARD: A flat expanse of land near the camp within the territory that is surrounded by cracked and scattered stones like a border. It is here where WindClan’s members are buried in the moorland soil and their graves marked by a dark stone placed by their kin. This stone is picked from among the many scattered at the Moonstone and is meant to convey that their loved one makes it to StarClan, cats who do not make the journey to fetch the stone are said to dishonor their deceased kin.

    It is not uncommon to find the graves decorated with small stones, feathers and other bits and trinkets as an offering to the deceased, but you will be hard pressed to find a grave for any cat WindClan considers a traitor.

    ABANDONED BADGER SET: South of camp sits a tunnel once used by a badger. It is now a popular hunting spot and also provides shelter when needed.

    OUTLOOK ROCK: In between camp and Fourtrees is a large boulder. From here, everything can be seen across the moors. Cats are able to stand guard over the moorland from this perch. It is also a popular hangout spot.

    RABBIT'S RUN Winding through the moors are many paths and runs made by sprinting rabbits and hares. The longest and thus most well-known of these is the Rabbit Run. It stretches from the middle of the moors near Outlook Rock all the way to Fourtrees and is the most common route taken to Gatherings. This narrow path is made up of flattened grass surrounded by heather, gorse, and scrub. In some areas, the vegetation tangles above the path, creating tunnel-like structures where sunlight can filter through. This run is often used to train apprentices in speed and stamina when chasing prey, and many WindClanners use it as a “highway” through the heathery moors. In Leaf-bare, it becomes a snow tunnel as it’s so often used by prey that the rabbits and hares naturally clear it out for the WindClanners’ use.

    SUN-WARMED POOL: This small, hidden pool is surrounded by rushes just west of camp. The water in this pool is very shallow, only covering a grown cat’s paws. It sits on top of slate, which soaks up the sun’s heat during the day, and maintains that heat even through the night so the water is always warm. Cats come here to relax or clean their wounds.

    TUNNELS: The moors are almost hollow with tunnels, some made by animals, others by underground streams. Tunnelers are trained to use them to move through their territory without being seen.

    GORGE: A deep gorge cut by the river in the terrain that makes up WindClan’s southwestern border. Falling into it means certain death - if not from drowning, then certainly from the impact of going over the waterfall. This as well as the river that continues to flow past this makes up WindClan’s border with RiverClan.

    HORSEPLACE: The northwest border of the territory is marked by a farm. Chickens, cows, sheep, and horses make their home here. A wooden fence separates the farm animals from the cats on the moorland.

    The barn is large, supporting an area full of haylofts and an undercover area where the animals are kept. To the side of the barn is a twoleg nest, where a pair of elderly twolegs live and often leave food for cats that live within their barn. However, most cats that call the barn home enjoy hunting the plentiful mice that also live there.

    There is a small pond here which some herbs grow around if the medicine cat is willing to venture there.

    FOURTREES: Fourtrees is a group of four large oak trees in a hollow in the center of the forest territories. In the middle, there is a steep-sided clearing and in the center is a large rock with jagged edges called the Great Rock. The clan leaders use it to look down on the clans and share their news during Gatherings. They are also referred to as the Great Oaks. This is a sacred location under constant truce, where no blood can be shed.

    ☆ Fox
    ☆ Badger
    ☆ Dog
    ☆ Owl
    ☆ Hawk
    ☆ Harrier
    ☆ Adder
    ☆ Twoleg

    ☆ Hare
    ☆ Rabbit
    ☆ Mouse
    ☆ Lark
    ☆ Thrush
    ☆ Ouzel
    ☆ Blackbird
    ☆ Plover eggs
    ☆ Lizard
  • WindClanners are the smallest cats of all five clans. Their builds are skinny and wiry, and their fur is often short to prevent it from snagging when chasing rabbits.

    The pelts of WindClan favor shades of gray and brown as a natural outgrowth of the camouflage those colors provide in the open fields, but other colors exist in the clan as well.

    A typical WindClanner is fiercely loyal and tough, with the resilience to endure moons of hardship if needed. However, due to the lack of cover on the moor, these cats also tend to be nervous and will be quicker to flee than fight.

    They are devout in their worship of StarClan, believing themselves to have the strongest connection to them. They are known for being the most quick-witted of all the clans. However, other clans take advantage of the fact that they’re the easiest clan to offend yet are the least likely to start battles with the other clans, giving them the stereotype of being pushovers.
    WindClanners utilize speed and agility in battle. These strategies are unique to them:

    Approach from Above Your Enemy
    ☆ Gain high ground.
    ↳ Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the Attack Tail Signal.
    ↳ Charge down your high ground; your enemy will be weakened by having to fight uphill.

    Use the Light from the Sun
    ☆ Attack your enemy with the sun behind you, which should dazzle the enemy and block their view.

    Know Where the Wind is Coming From
    ☆ If there is a strong wind, it should blow from behind you; that should hold them back and blur their vision with dust. However, if stalking, make sure the wind is blowing toward you, as it could give away your scent if blowing toward your enemy.

    Conceal the Size of Your Force
    ☆ Have your attackers in sight from a distance.
    ↳ There are two options: either you can group your warriors together tightly, making you seem like a small attacking force. Your enemy may become overconfident, which is likely to lead to them making poor strategic decisions. Or, if your warriors spread out single-file, it will seem impossible to pass to advancing enemy warriors and may intimidate them.
    ↳ Attack the enemy.

    Attack Both Ends of the Enemy Line First
    ☆ Attack both ends of your enemy's line, leaving the middle cats to fend on two fronts; this will leave them outflanked, vulnerable, and in disarray.
    ↳ Attack the rest of the enemies until they run.

    Keep Fresh Warriors in Reserve
    ☆ Always keep strong, fit warriors to replace injured ones.

    Feigned Retreat and Ambush
    ☆ A group of strong cats screech and attack the enemy line.
    ↳ The group of fit cats retreat; repeat this until the enemy line breaks.
    ↳ Other warriors, usually tunnelers, jump out of rabbit holes and dips in the ground on the other side of the attackers.
    ↳ Attack from both fronts until the enemy surrenders.

    WindClan cats can dive into rabbit burrows to drive out or hunt rabbits. WindClan cats are swift, so they can chase most prey down. This is the same for birds, so they can get to the bird fast enough to leap and deliver the killing bite on some occasions without needing to stalk.
  • UPDATED 01.30.2024
    ALL notes listed here are expected to be followed. Disobeying laws will result in IC punishment.

    ☆ The warrior code is to be followed in its entirety. Though he will handle code breakers at his own discretion, it is something that he will take seriously.

    ☆ Kits will be apprenticed at 6 moons, but those apprenticed before the rule will remain on their current track.

    ☆ Moor Runners become warriors at 9 moons. Tunnelers become warriors at 12 moons.

    ☆ Apprentices may only leave camp alone with their mentor’s permission to accomplish chores and day-to-day apprentice tasks.

    ☆ WindClan's borders are semi-closed. It will be rare to allow any cats into their clan, and those few are limited to kits or those that have proved themselves worthy of a life in WindClan in some way.

    ☆ Twoleg items are not allowed to be worn or collected.

    ☆ All cats in WindClan are required to take clan names. In the case of joiners, they are immediately given a clan name upon entry by the clan leader.

    ☆ It is the norm in WindClan to train with claws unsheathed. No major harm is to be done to an undeserving clan-mate, but Sootstar wants her clan to know what the sting of a claw feels like.

    ☆ Cross-clan romance is NOT allowed, and cross-clan friendships will cause distrust and suspicion to be placed on your character.


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    Tunnelers are the warriors specially trained to hunt and patrol primarily in the tunnels. They are the smallest, skinniest cats of the clan. Their role is considered special among WindClanners and is sometimes fought over; after all, such a revered position is often desired by some kits that may wish to be apprenticed to a tunneler. Tunneling is a skill most highly prized among the clan because of how difficult and dangerous the job is. Often, the tunnelers grow so accustomed to working in blackness that they lose any daylight vision and are clumsy and nervous above ground. But once inside their tunnels, they can run as fast as any WindClan warrior, using scent and touch and sound to navigate their way beneath the entire forest and moorland. They are trained to leave a clear scent trail, marked like a border, so they can find a way out. The dark, secretive abilities are feared and respected by the tunnelers' clanmates as much as by other clans.

    ✧ Memorize the cobweb of paths so that they can use them to travel, including those that lead into other territories.
    ✧ Clear the tunnels of debris.
    ✧ Hunt burrowing animals; this skill is especially relied on during Leaf-bare to keep the clan fed since most of the moorland prey goes into hiding once the cold season hits.
    ✧ Patrol the tunnels much like moor runners would patrol the moors, making sure they are safe and free of predators.
    ✧ Digging new tunnels only when needed - an extra tunnel to look after is extra work, after all.
    ✧ Use the tunnels to their advantage in battle.

    ✧ Training to become a tunneler takes twice as long as training to become a warrior due to how difficult the job is.

    ✧ Training for this dangerous job brings about injuries and deaths caused by getting cornered by animals, tunnel cave-ins, getting lost, coming upon a river or stream, etc. A few hard-learned rules keep the experienced tunnelers alive and allow apprentices to survive the first few moons of training underground.

    ✧ Tunnelers always work in pairs for safety.

    ✧ Tunnelers are trained to clear the secret passageways and memorize the labyrinth of paths underground.

    ✧ Some passageways memorized are ones that lead into other territories in the forest, giving a secret means of access into (or escape from) other clans' land. The exit is always carefully concealed with bracken and branches, and any traces of WindClan scent are wiped away with the pelt of a freshly killed rabbit.

    ✧ Apprentices quickly learn how to leave a clear scent trail, much like marking a border, so they can find their way out of the tunnels.

    ✧ They learn to recognize the feel of wind on their muzzles, and they know that it does not necessarily mean that they are reaching the surface because shafts that strike far underground can let fresh air in, though it's not possible to climb out of them.

    ✧ Even the least experienced tunneler is sure to stay alert for the sound of dripping water, because whether the river is above or underground, it is no place for WindClan cats.

    ✧ Tunneler apprentices learn to recognize the scent of underground animals and avoid them if needed, as no cat wants to end up in a den of foxes. Instead, they can return later with a patrol to drive them aboveground and out of their home.

    ✧ Apprentices learn how to specialize in hunting underground and how to avoid getting cornered by a rabbit; a powerful kick by their hind legs is known to break a cat's ribs.

    ✧ After moons of training, tunnelers are able to imagine the route aboveground so that they can keep track of where they are in the dark. This skill is probably the most highly prized, as it is easy to get lost in the darkness of the tunnels and vanish into a bottomless hole.

    ✧ They learn to be able to use scent, touch, and sound to navigate their way well enough to run as fast as any aboveground WindClanner. A well-trained tunneler can navigate simply by the way that air ruffles their ear-fur.

    ✧ Tunneling is a prized and difficult job. While they are not HPs and hold no IC authority, they are still meant to be uncommon and are a small and skilled task force. Therefore, these requirements will be enforced:

    ✧ WindClanners are already the smallest cats of all the clans, but tunnelers are the tiniest of them all. Only the smallest, skinniest cats of the clan are chosen to be tunnelers by the leader. No tall or particularly well-built cats will be chosen.

    ✧ Tunneler training will take twice as long as warrior training; therefore, tunneler apprentices will become warriors at roughly 12 moons minimum (though this will soon be updated to 16 once Sun implements a longer training time for all).
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