Jul 6, 2022
WindClan will be hosting mass adopts in the month of September!
For any unfamiliar, mass adopts is basically a big thread with a bunch of different open and already established relations you can make an OC for. Want someone to play your ocs sibling? Child? Parent? Aunt or Uncle? Whatever you're looking for, a good place to advertise it would be in the WindClan mass adopts!

Anyone is welcome to use to form below and put relations they want adopted out on the mass adopts.
JUST NOTE; by putting relations up for adoption on the WindClan's mass-adopts, you agree that any applicants that are submitted for your adopt may be accepted and approved by the HP team. WindClan's mass adopts will be primarily FCFs, so unless someone didn't follow the rules of your litter, they will likely be automatically accepted ^^

ALL RELATIONS ALSO MUST BE IN WINDCLAN, they cannot be apart of another clan.

Still interested in throwing in your characters relations. Fill out the form below and they will be included in the September Mass-adopts

[b]Slots:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Parents:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Relations:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Age & Aging Rules:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Genetics:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Rules:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Desired Activity:[/b] ANSWER
[b]Other:[/b] ANSWER


Slots: 2
Parents: Stone Jaw X Shadow
Relations: Cousin to Sootstar and Pebblenose. First cousins once removed to Owlpaw & Shrikepaw. Niece/nephew to Pebble Breeze (<- Stone Jaw's sister) and Soot Claw
Age & Aging Rules: 17 Moons, age however you and any other sibling's desire. Just don't surpass Soot & Pebble (27-ish Moons) or end up younger than their first cousins removed.
Genetics: LH silver tabby (carrying solid) x LH black smoke

Kits will be black smoke or silver tabby
- kits will be longhaired
- kits will have no white
- kits can have any realistic eye color besides blue
- tabby kits will carry solid

- To adopt this slot you MUST NOT have more than 1 oc already in WindClan
- Wouldn't have come from angsty backgrounds, parents may have been hard/strict on them if desired but that's about the extent of it!
- Both parents would be deceased, how and when is up to you.
- Both would have been born in the marsh group and left with Sootstar & Pebblenose to WindClan
- They are not close with Sootstar & Pebblenose, as in terms of cat relations they likely wouldn't have been raised that close. Something could always develop, but as of rn aside from knowing their parents are related they don't 100% view each other as kin.
- 2 Weeks of inactivity with no notice may result in rehoming
Desired Activity Moderate, character doesn't have to constantly be posted with but they shouldn't be a rare sight either.
Other: If you're on discord there is a family chat you will be invited to join after being accepted
Slots: 2
Parents: Harefur (WindClan Warrior) x Daisy (Barn Cat/Deceased)
Relations: Brother: Dandelionpaw
Age & Aging Rules: 7 Moons, can be discussed!
(Harefur) SIRE: SH fawn with low white and vitiligo (carries burmese restriction, longhair)
(Daisy) DAM: LH chocolate sepia (carries cinnamon, dilute)

kits can be chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, chocolate sepia, lilac sepia, cinnamon sepia, or fawn sepia
- kits can be longhaired or shorthaired
- kits can have no white or low white
- kits without white can have any realistic eye color barring blue; kits with white can have any realistic eye color; sepia kits will have golden eyes
- non-dilute kits will carry dilute; non-sepia kits will carry burmese restriction; chocolate kits will carry cinnamon; shorthair kits will carry longhair
- kits may or may not develop vitiligo
-Stay in WindClan at the very least until Warrior age!
-Not required but would prefer flower-themed names or 'small prey animal' names!
-Will be ex-barncats! You can have them join by pledging their loyalty to WindClan (backwriting that they didn't join Hare or Dandelion in leaving) or just have them already pre-established; they will have joined before apprentice names were a thing for reference!
Desired Activity: Casual to Active is fine!
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Slots: 1
Parents: NPC x NPC
Relations: sibling to jaypaw
Age & Aging Rules: 30 moons, ages on the 1st
Genetics: SIRE: SH blue point siamese
DAM: SH tortoiseshell point siamese (carries dilute)

males can be seal point, blue point, flame point, or cream point
females can be seal point, blue point, tortoiseshell point, or blue tortoiseshell point
- kits will be shorthaired
- kits will have no white
- kits will have blue eyes
- kits are purebred siamese and will show traits of the breed
- red kits will mask seal point; cream kits will mask blue point
- non-dilute kits will carry dilute
Rules: - they are former kittypets and will be apprentices alongside jaypaw due to their heritage. how long it takes for them to graduate is up to the rper and ava, but it is preferred that they train for a while to keep things realistic.
- they were bought by a family of rich twolegs and kept as inside cats up until they escaped a couple of moons ago and joined windclan.
- their former kittypet name is up to the rper, but the clan naming theme is birds.
Desired Activity: no preference
Other: hehe 🕵️‍♀️
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Reactions: WINDCLAN
Slots: 1
Parents: Moonshadow (then Lunaria) & Volund
Relations: Mother is Moonshadow, Father is Volund, has 2 NPC siblings who were killed by his NPC grandfather, 3 half-siblings in Aspenkit, Periwinklekit, and Wisteriakit
Age & Aging Rules: 18 moons; ages one moon every month
Sire: LH white (masking black tabby w/ low white; carrying solid)
Dam: LH black smoke w/ low white (carrying non-silver)

Kits can be black, black tabby, black smoke, silver tabby, or white masking any of the former colors
- kits will be longhaired
- non-white kits can have low white or high white; white kits can mask no white or low white
- kits can have any realistic eye color; white kits with one or two blue eyes have a higher risk of being deaf on the side(s) with the blue eye(s)
- tabbies will carry solid; silver kits will carry non-silver

Rules: Would like for them to stay in Windclan to be with their mother but not a requirement. He would have been brought up in a traditional culture so staying true to that personality would be appreciated. Due to the heavy backstory, He probably would have some scars from the attempt to take his life, but those scars are completely up to the RPer.
Desired Activity: Casual to Moderate
Other: His birthname would have followed more Norse-based themes; Aeldiet, Bionbyr, Davynn, and so on. But clan name is 100% up to the RPer
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Slots: 2
Parents: NPC x NPC
Relations: Taken under Hyacinthbreath's wing. Will eventually be adopted by her.
Age & Aging Rules: 6 months ;; ages monthly on the 5th
Genetics: ANY
Rules: - Stay active in WindClan.
- You may leave WindClan if you wish to after your character has become a Warrior.
- Will take on the -paw prefix once they become an official WindClan apprentice.
Desired Activity: Active
Other: Their mother would have died from frostbite falling into the river. The two apprenticed-aged kits will have made it to WindClan lands, making them WindClan by claim.
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