private A DANCE WITH DESTINY // cinderfrost


It had been a matter of chance that the thought had crossed his mind but now it dominated his actions and drew him away from his initial plans for the day. The hunt for prey was abandoned, not that he was having much luck in the first place, and it was instead turned into a hunt for herbs. Or at least what he thought were herbs. Sunnyday wasn't a medicine cat in any way or sense but he held a deep respect for those in the art. After all, if it hadn't been for medicine cats he would have died from the wound dealt to his left side long ago.

The tom must have been foraging for nearly an hour or so before he finally made the trek back to the camp with his jaws laden with a selection of plants and flowers of various colours and types. Some were useful herbs, such as borage and blackberry leaves, but most were just curious looking weeds and elegant flowers. At least he hadn't grabbed anything poisonous, fortunately he had taken all lessons on such things to heart. With a soft chirp he announced his arrival at the medicine den, pausing for a moment at the entrance before finally taking a step inside so he could lay his finds upon the ground. "Hello, Cinderfrost? I've found some plants whilst I was out, are any of them of any use to you?" He called out whilst he took a step back. Though he ducked his head down so he could push his nose into his shoulder to stifle a cough that wracked his body. "Curse this colder weather", he thought glumly as he straightened himself up again. ​