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Jun 27, 2022

He's starting to lose faith in this mission of theirs, but he can't let V know as much. It's already taken longer than he thought it would– Kerosene wasn't usually this difficult to find. Then again, it's been a damn long time since he tried. Had some things on his plate that he had to take care of, and a wounded pride to try and soothe. What a great job he'd done of that. Got him here, owing his life to a cat who won't leave him be for more than a few seconds, still wincing from healing wounds every few uncomfortable steps he takes. This is deeper into strange territory than he'd ever wanted to come in this kind of state. At least he's alive, but not even infallible Archangel is immune to guilt and self-doubt. He could've avoided all of this if he'd have kept his shit together. Angel lifts a paw to wipe it over his face, dark smearing over the pale part of his face,

"We're gonna have to ask around." He cuts V's complaint off by scrambling up the nearest fence. The chocolate tom sighs instead, theatrically loud. "You have any idea how annoying it is being stuck with you?" There's no real bite to his words, but Archangel glares at him a bit to try and sell it. All he gets back is a scoff. "Come on, we'll have a better chance of someone knowing something if we take to the yards."


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ARCHANGEL,  angel.   might accept others, rather begrudgingly depending on who from.
──── uses he - him - his and mascuine titles; accepts others with vague bemusement.
──── approximately 44 moons old, born during the full height of greenleaf. acts older.
──── bisexual, single?  mostly here for a good time. not particularly interested in love.

A sigh of relief accompanied the sound of the backdoor closing behind her. How glad she was that her twolegs finally deigned to let her out, she had been aching to stretch her legs. There was only so much room in their den, and only so many places for her to go without them kicking up a fuss. Which made the days they decided to keep her cooped up all the more painful.

Luna stretched out, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her fur, when the sound of voices from beyond the fence caught her attention. Her ears perked up. Hesitantly, she took a few steps closer attempting to hear more of what they were saying.

Only to jump back with a start as a figure leapt atop the fence before her.

"Oh, um," she began uncertainly, suddenly nervous. "Hello mister, what is your name? I am Luna." Her introduction was formal, though she tried to sound friendly in spite of that. "What brings you here?"