a duck with a dream [open/dual-intro]


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Jul 20, 2022



To be completely honest, Dream had been relieved when Duck had decided to come with him to the Skyclan. The cute siamese tomcat was really his only close friend, and for a good while the spotted cat had been torn about joining the group simply because he hadn't wanted to say goodbye to the other. But lo and behold, as soon as he'd started talking about wanting to go and join up with the group, Duck had quickly declared that he was going as well.

Dream had tried to talk him out of it, had explained that it would be hard and that he would miss his housefolks, but he couldn't exactly say those attempts weren't half-hearted, and in the end he was glad the other had chosen him over their housefolks.

And now? Well, now they were certified Skyclan cats, but there was still a long way to go. Duck wasn't exactly the best hunter. Or climber. Or anything really- but that was hardly his fault! He hadn't been raised like Dream had, forced to look after himself if he wanted to make it, but he could be taught.

Which was why they were now undertaking 'tree-climbing 101' featuring teacher Dream.

The tall, golden-charcoal tomcat was perched on the lower branch of a tree staring down at his friend who stood on the round below, an amused expression dancing in their green eyes.

"Okay, so you saw how i did it, right? You use your back legs to push you up, and just sort of hook your front claws into the bark to keep you steady as you go. Like your hugging the tree, kinda?"

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A duck walked up to a lemonade stand ✧
It was truly a whirlwind sort of deal; the last few weeks had been insane. Went from living in this plush bed made of downy feathers with food whenever so please to- well the outside world. Beyond the fence that had kept things at bay but yet hid so much from a young tomcat. What had happened to go from such a lavish lifestyle to something so harsh and difficult? Well a golden charcoal coat, a warm smile and a few charming words. Dream had been coming around their housefolks for quite some time, just hanging around the fence, asking question about that of the life of a house cat. They had quickly become friends, and soon came the conversation of the clans.

Well it started off as just abou the two groups of cats, apperantly there was a huge battle of some kind, now there seemed to be more than just the two. At first they where apprehensive about the idea of joining a feral group of cats. It wasn't like they where physically fit, barely knew how to hunt and had no idea how to fight. Though something pulled at him, the need to be around that of Dream and possibly live outside that of his housefolks home. It wasn't till he was trapped inside the house with no way out that Duck had finally decided upon joining Dream.

They had settled upon the clan of Skyclan, they seemed the most accepting of kittypets out of all the other groups. To say the first few days where difficult was an understatement; Duck had never lived outside before. So sleeping outside was entirely new, hunting down food was also very new and very hard to do, and don't even get him started on fighting. Duck though was trying his best, and thus lead to this morning when Dream offered to teach him to climb trees. After some convicning, Duck was rather- fat cat to say the least so climbing wasn't usually ideal.

The snowshoe stood below that of Dream, who had already made his way up the tree, and gave a small nod in understanding. Did he get what the other just told him? Kind of. Was he going to try anyway? Probably. Crouching low to the ground, Duck stuck his tongue out in concentration before leaping forward for the tree. Grasping at the trunk with his claws, they had started to grow back now after being trimmed his whole life, and got a few tail lengths up the trunk before he had to jump down. Panting a bit with the effort and gave a small sigh, "Dream I don't think I'm physically fit enough for this," Came tired words as Duck plopped down onto his haunches.
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There was definitely fondness in the green eyes of the tomcat as he watched the other leap up and scramble a small way up the tree. He wasn't sure why, but Duck had proven to be endearing right from the very start. It was true they were soft- unbelieveably so- but that was part of their charm.

Dream wasn't entirely surprised to see they couldn't get very far. It was to be expected, after all. Duck hadn't spent any time outdoors doing active things, and his body wasn't used to it. But that didn't mean he couldn't eventually do it if he kept at it. It was take a lot of effort to survive out in the wild- chasing down prey, long walks along the borders, sparring with the other warriors to keep their fighitng skills sharp in case of a threat- but Duck could do it. Dream knew he could.

The tom made his way down the tree easily, a manifestation of all the grace and power that Duck seemed to lack. "No, no! You did really good for your first try." he reassured them, winding around the smaller cat as if to reinforce the praise. "It'll take some time for your legs to get strong enough to go farther up, but you had grip down perfectly."

He knew Duck was the sort to become easily discouraged if he wasn't able to accomplish something right from the get-go. He and Dream were total opposites in that regard, with Duck prefering to give up and Dream obsessing over getting it right. Avoidance and hyper-fixation at it's best. ​

tom - 23 months - skyclan warrior - bengal mix - homosexual - polyromantic?? - single - crushing on Duck
The cry of a sparrow is cut short by teeth embedding themselves into it's jugular. Harpy straightens with his catch, a proud glimmer illuminating his pale blue eyes.

As he makes his way back to camp, leaping through the branches of the pines with finesse, voices drift from below. Harpy's ears twitch, glancing down. Dream and Duck, two of SkyClan's new recruits, stood at the base of the tree he's perched upon. It seems that Duck's practicing his climbing, with Dream as his coach. The chunky daylight warrior was visibly struggling, his flanks heaving from the exertion. To no surprise; Harpy's aware that Duck is far from physically active after living next door to him for moons. Duck had rarely left his garden; hell, he's surprised that Duck had even followed Dream into the wilderness... He must enjoy Dream's company.

Duck puffs out that he isn't physically fit enough for climbing. The cream-furred tom's head tilts, his eyes crinkling as he laughs around the sparrow's feathers. "Keep on practicin', mate, and don't stop till you're completely knackered," Harpy pipes up after he's set the sparrow on the branch, one paw keeping it steady. "You're not gonna become an expert in one afternoon, ya know."

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand ✧
Dream brushing against him did make Duck feel a bit better as the chunky tomcat enjoyed praise and thrived off of it. Though this whole wild cat thing was taking its toll on the snowshoe cat. He had never really done anything physical back home aside from walking from his bed to the food bowl to the garden and back, so it wasn't like he was beefy like Dream. Dream was so muscular he was surprised the tom couldn't lift a whole trunk of a tree on his own. It was rather insane honestly.

Light blue eyes moved from Dream to that of another voice, someone he knew as Harpy. Harpy and him had been neighbors for as long as Duck could remember so the cream tom knew how little exercise Duck had gotten. "I know, I know, but stars am I not fit," Duck breathed out with a light chuckle in amusement. He knew he was a bigger cat, not in the same way Dream was, but he was looking forward to trimming some of the fat off his body. To being able to climb a tree without it feeling like his chest was on fire, Though I am excited to be able to climb a tree! I'm already getting better at hunting!" Always the optimist, Duck was.