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Jul 10, 2022
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TW: Mention of blood))


They should of left Frostpaw there, allowed the twolegs to wisk her away, get to safety but Raccoonpaw had not and the injuries they carried showed proof of that. She gently leaned onto the other as they walked into camp, blood staining her ankle as some trickled down her paw, claw marks punctured on her side while the unmistakable scent of twoleg was on the two. "this... is all my fault, you should've ran... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" she silently choked.

This was true, if she had not try to convince Spiderfall to join the clan when they did then...None of this would of happened, Raccoonpaw would have been safe. Guilt clawed at the girl, she did not deserve the others help, she did not feel that Beesong should waste their herbs on her for something she had allowed, for something she had been powerless in doing. Frostpaw had tried to set her paw down but Spiderfall had gotten mad and struck her. What else could she of done? Not only that, he threatened them both to keep their lips shut.

Oh how she wanted to continue to apologize to the other but, they were in the camp, they were safe. Cicadastar was here, he would make sure they were okay but... did she even deserve such warmth from the leader when she had brought someone in who wanted to see Riverclan crumble? Guilt clawed like a wound on heart as she leaned closer into her friend's fur, their scent welcoming and smoothing, and she wondered to herself if they would forgive her, yet in the moment she was grateful they were there.

She had been unsure of how long they were gone, and she was unsure if anyone had noticed that the two had gone missing but for all she cared in the moment was making sure the other was okay. Her bi-colored eyes lifting up towards the lanky cat, her eyes shimmering with concern and guilt, she just wanted them to be safe... "I'm so sorry..." once again she would apologize, her voice hushed. She just wanted to go back to her nest and curl up into a ball but a crowd had already form and she knew another lie would come from her maw as she once again had her paw tied into weaving the web of lies Spiderfall had created.

He did not know what it was like to be a parent, did not understand the protective surge one might get when their youth was in danger outside his own general protectiveness; nor did he understand the panic that would rise when you noticed one of your young kin missing. Or he didn't until that morning, moving through camp in a black and white whirlwind, stopping every cat who passed to ask, "Have you seen Frostpaw?" - he did not put it past his mischievous apprentice to go off on her own and cause problems but she often did it with several of the other problem children and she was smart enough to not stay out for too long that he noticed her vanishing. But he had noticed this time. At first it was dismissive, he would scold her when she returned. They had training, she had duties to tend to, she could play once they were done, but as the sun shifted ever higher and lower in the sky he felt his stomach twist into a mishapen root;

The moment the gray she-cat appeared, Raccoonpaw at her side, he broke away from the warrior he was interogatting with a quick sprint. "Frostpaw! And Raccoonpaw! Where-" Blood scent struck him before he'd even begun to complain in a rage borne of worry, he slowed to a stop in front of the wobbly duo and his orange gaze moved from claw mark to unaturally jagged scars before whipping his head back around to call into the camp, "@BEESONG !" Before dropping his head down somewhat lower to examine the injured paw and other various bumps and bruises on the two. "What happened-who did this-" Was that two-leg scent? Had they gone near the camp? Wandered into a trap? No, that wasn't important right now. He was going to figure out what happened later. "I don't want to hear a single complaint. You're both getting looked at." Shifting around to the side of the apprentices he bent down to try and scruff the gray molly with a gentle clamp of teeth to hoist her into the air; she was going to the medicine cat den whether she liked it or not and so was Raccoonpaw, but Frostpaw could barely walked it seemed. His tail flicked behind the point apprentice next to them, ushering the normally cheerful child along as well; seeing Raccoonpaw of all cats be so despondent was troublesome.

Citrus has always had a good life, loving parents, no siblings, just her in a big wide world. Maybe thats why shes so oblivious, sheltered- does not understand that there was true evil in this world. Does not understand why in the world someone would want to see it burn. Her chest tightens as she hears the call for Mr. Beesong.

Tenderly she makes her way out of the apprentice den, rousing from a light sleep, only to be greeted by a dead looking Frostpaw. It does not click in her head at first. Why was Smokethroat so frantic, why was Frostpaw and Raccoonpaw covered in red? She blinks and then it hits her and shes lurching forwards with a panicked look on her face, anxiety settling in the pit of her stomach as all she wants to do is scream. Frostpaw- her mind focuses on Frostpaw, her friend, her dear friend and the tiny apprentice finally freezes up as she reaches her.

Citrus doesn’t know what to do. Eyes desperately search her body and a tender paw reaches up to try and touch Frosts cheek, and if shes suspended in the air by Smoke that only makes her stretch higher. Stars, what do I do? She wants so desperately to help but the words catch in her throat, tears prick the corners of her eyes and begin to fall. “I- I… Frostpaw…” slight innocence shattered in her chest like glass, eyes wide before she whips around and bolts to go grab @BEESONG, just incase he hadn’t heard Smoke’s call.

"Please, thats enough," Came the response from the black and whtie cat, nuzzling Frostpaw softly in the shoulder and supported her as they made it into camp. Raccoonpaw had suffered their own array of wounds from trying to pry the trap open, fighting off Spiderfall and yet the only thing they could think about was Frostpaw. Get the grey tabby help, get back to camp- to Beesong- and then hopefully they could tell Cicadstar about Spiderfall. Though part of them couldn't help but think that Frostpaw had done it on purpose. That she had tried to kill them but yet the sorrowful sorry for the last few minutes of their walk- it told them differently.

Smokethroat was the first to approach, taking Frostpaw away from Raccoonpaw and they reached out a paw for the grey she-cat. Following after the black tomcat despite their own wounds across their body, holes from the trap they had open, claw marks from Spiderfall. Yet all they could think about was Frostpaw, and was left standing there as Smokethroat, then Citruspaw, left with the she-cat. Raccoonpaw then collpased to the ground into a sitting position, panting slightly as their exhaustion caught up to them.


Raccoonpaw's words and the gentle nuzzle they had given her shoulder made her smile in a wary tone, but before she could say anything else to the other, her mentor came rushing over, panic and concern brewing within the lead warrior. Yet, before she could protest against anything the warrior had said to her he was already grabbing her by the scruff and rushing her to the medicine cat's den, a silent whine of protest slipped from her jaw as she tried to struggle out of the warrior's jaw.

What made things worse was Citruspaw's quick to panic, the worry that glitter in the younger molly's face made her feel bad. She was fine, oh how she wanted to promise them both she was okay, Citruspaw reaching to her face and the look of worry in the others gaze and then Raccoonpaw's attempt to reach out with their own paws, and in return the apprentice reached out in return.

She did not care for her own injuries and watching as Raccoonpaw collapse in exhaustion and taking a seat where they stopped made worry crawl up her chest as she began to struggle to escape from her mentors jaw. "I'm okay I promise! Please.. please check on Raccoonpaw, they're the ones you should look after, they saved me, this is my fault" she expressed, her bi-colored eyes glued to the form of her friend, how she so desperately wanted to run to their side, to aide them and help them to the medicne den, and yet instead it was her who was being whisk away and fretted over, something she felt she did not deserve.
His name echoes, an antecedent to the copper smell of blood which pierces through the walls of the medicine den. Beesong's jaw tenses as he grounds his teeth, his claws ripping themselves as they dig into the ground. But he stifles his nervousness with the task of gathering up supplies and hurrying from his den.

"Neither of you are okay," comes the sharp voice of Beesong, his tone clearly managed as he meticulously examines the two's wounds with lips pursed and eyes narrowed. Twoleg scent rolls off of them like smoke. Still, he moves to Raccoonpaw's side first, determining that they had sustained the worst injuries of the two. Frostpaw is demanding that they should be looked after instead of her, and Beesong hopes to quell those thoughts with the disapproving look he casts in her direction. "It's my job to help anyone who is injured, no matter what." He doesn't know why Frostpaw is insisting that it is her fault, doesn't have the luxury of time to ask, but he has duties to fulfill.

They begin to clean the blood from Raccoonpaw's fur so that they could see the damage properly. Their skin is punctured on both sides; the wounds aren't deep, but blood is seeping steadily from them. Beesong presses cobwebs onto the punctures, trying to staunch the bleeding.
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