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Jun 7, 2022

Slipping from their new camp had been easy. Everyone is not as alert and most don't seem to be particularly on edge. But he is. The tension he can feel like a fox breathing down his neck and he is worried that something is going to happen. He wishes there was something he can do to stop whatever this tension is. But alas he knows better than to get in the way. Instead he focuses on meeting someone at the four great oak trees. Really he has thought alot about her and he wonders if everything is okay. Is the marsh group doing alright? Though he knows his own moved into these lands he figured they could share with ease and in his jaws be brings with him a pheasant. Plump and fit for two if she wants to share that is. Grey toned and alabaster figure slips along the forested ground as he takes a deep breath in. Surely she will be here. They have met here plentyol of times before, shared their thoughts. Perhaps he can express his worries?

Lightly he drops the bird upon the ground and looks around with hopeful emerald shining bright. "Sally? Salamander are you there?" The cool evening breeze ruffles the large tom's fur as he slowly settles down to wait, taking in the scents of the area. If course she is here, of course. He hopes.

Unlike Blue, Salamander struggled to slip away from the eyes of the marsh cats. Even when she managed to slink away, a phantom amongst the shadows, she could feel their eyes watching her. Judging her. Voicing her opinion had turned her from the loyal daughter to a possible traitor. They waited with anticipation for her to slip - for her to give them justification to call forth a witch hunt.

A familiar voice called out her name causing her muzzle to twitch into a brief smile. "Yes." she answered simply, weaving out from beneath the shadows. "I apologize for my tardiness. I hope you weren't waiting too long." Against all odds, Blue had become a valuable friend to the normally distant she-cat. It was an odd pairing yet it worked for some reason or another.