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from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

Riverclan had grown quite a bit in the last few weeks of its formation. Many cats from all over seemed to be enthralled with the idea of a colony ranging from the simplest of kittypets to hardened rogues, even loners seemed interested it. While it had taken a few days, and a whole lot of convincing, Raccoon had made their ranks in the colony alongside their little make shift family of Buck and Caraway. While Buck seemed less than enthused about the idea, Raccon looked to the positive side of things- as always. It was going to be easier to feed themselves now with other cats to help out, they wouldn't be cold in the winter time and could still be by the river. That is what mattered most to the black and whtie cat- the river.

It'll always be their home, no matter what may happen and no amount of cats could ever push them out. So when the threat of the clan had arisen, the most logical standpoint would be to join rather than fight. Could three little rogues even take on as many cats that had come? Probably not. Buck would've died trying, though, Raccoon knew that much about it. Today, though, had been a rather- calm evening. The sun had started to set upon the land, not a single cloud could be seen from where they stood, and they had a little idea in their noggin. They wanted to show these new found clanmates of theirs their home. Why they loved it so much, why they could never leave and what it had to offer. Maybe even teach a few how to swim! Or fish, that was also one of their favorite activites. If it had to do with the river, then Raccon was surely a natural at it.

So, Raccoon has organized a little- get together with some of their clanmates. Having invited them to their favorite part of the river, the falls. It wasn't like a massive waterfall, it was a small little dribble of a waterfall. It was slow moving like the river itself and tumbled over stones covered with moss, but it had a great advantage point. One could see all of the river territory from it and even into the oak forest beyond it. Their favorite part of the hill-like fall was the view of the sun as it began to set. The forest cleared here to reveal the moorlands more, leading down into a gorge, and the twolegplace beyond that and even further was the mountains. The sun set beyond the mountains and painted the sky with brilliant shades of crimson, rose and orange like their own eyes.

Though something settled in their stomach, would cats show up? It was a ways outside of camp and they had only told a few in hopes it would've been spread around to others at least. Raccoon was a loner after all and they seemed weary of outside cats, but yet they had a little bit of hope. Someone had to show up right? Even if it was just Buck or Caraway, it would've been something. Someone would enjoy the sunset with them, they knew it.
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Frost wasn't a huge fan of the pine-cats coming to take over the wetlands, but... she has grown quite fond of them and had been glad to give them a chance. Though from what she had learned, hardly many of them knew how to swim, hunt, or find their ways around the lands and they wished to claim it as theirs? They were lucky enough that many of the loners had decided to join the clan before the borders had been shut off and many...driven away.

She had become close friends with Raccoon but was quite startled when the other invited her to a small spot within the territory. At first, she thought it was perhaps better not to go but... it was Raccoon and she felt it was not a good idea to let the other down, so with a sigh she decided to go and meet Raccoon in the area they had described. The day was nice and yet slowly began to come to a close, the warm smell of greenleaf dancing on her nose, but a hint of leaf-fall cling to the air and she hummed a bit before coming to a stop, her gaze landing on the other while she tilted her head.

Raccoon had said they invited others... it wasn't just the two of them so, where was everyone else? Did they trick her? That did not seem like something Raccoon would do, so Frost sighed a bit. The others probably decided not to come, thinking not much of it and... well, she felt bad, Raccoon had this all planned and she was the other one to appear... "Hey Raccoon, this place is really nice" she said warmly towards the other. Despite them becoming close as friends and her being the first to approach without much difficulty, Frost still wasn't the best when it comes to friendships or how they work, and this just went to show, her starter of a conversation was awkward but she was at least... trying her best...right?

"So... when did you come across this place?" she quickly placed in, trying to shake off the awkwardness as she fixated her attention to her surroundings. Perhaps she did not know these lands as well as she had thought, this place was beautiful, a hidden serenity of peace within the wetlands, the birds sang their songs in the distance and she felt...at ease here.

They had started to think no one would show up, that they had all forgotten or chosen not to come and it saddened the black legged cat. They had settled down with their paws settled under their chest and looking at the waterfall with their ears back against their head. Wanting so badly to have made this work, shown Riverclan their home and all the wonders it had to share. Yet it seemed like not even Buckgait or Willowroot where coming and it made them feel stupid. Stupid to think that they could bring the clan together, make a bonding expierence out of it- until the hear rustling. Black ears perked up and orange eyes widened with hope, they where just late! Of course they where, busy warriors and clan duties and stuff like that. Though as they stood up, slight disappointment trailed along their fur and then adverted their gaze down to their paws.

It was Frostpaw, or well newly named Frostpaw, and Raccoon had become fast friends with her. She was a very sweet cat and they where glad she could make it, but they had hoped for more cats to show up. The black-masked cat offered a warm smile, "Isn't it? It is one of my favorite places to go," They responded to it being a really nice place. The waterfall was beautiful, streaming down water and casting an array of colors as the sun reflected off its rushing waves. Foliage was in bloom still despite the threats and nips of leaf-fall, and it wasn't too far from their precious willow tree. Their home.

Raccoon gestured for the grey she-cat to join beside them and grinned widely, "I came across this place when I was like six moons or so! Before Riverclan showed up and all that. It was originally home to twolegs with large monsters that where tan and stood like millions of cats high," They mused happily, they loved talking about their home and everything in it, "I nearly fell in when I found it and gave Buckgait a near heart attack because of it," They snorted at the memory and looked to Frostpaw with a twitch of their black ear, "What do you think of all this? Riverclan and stuff? I know Spiderfall isn't- happy with the whole situation," The black tom though hardly seemed happy in general, at least when they saw them.