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Your sins weigh upon your soul.

To say they came here becahse they had heard of them under better circumstances would be a lie and Jackal was not a liar. A kit, only few moons younger than him dangled by the scruff within his jaws, his ribs visible through his fluffy black and white fur while exhaustion set in his copper eyes. Sage has always been sickly compared to others yet Jackal had grown worried for the little scrap of fur. He wore a deep rich purple coklar indicating he and the little thing who's collar barely could fit on her were kittypets. Yet why were they here?

Their twolegs had grown unable to care for them, and Jackal did the best thing he could think of and that was to leave, yet he was requested to take Sage with him and so he agreed, promising to look after the sickly kit in hopes she would grow strong once more and he had been told about the clans and decided to go. Tired copper eyes danced in the horizon of Skyclan camps, his paws ached and exhaustion was finally making it's presence and Jackal was unsure how far he could continue.

Gently he sat down his unwilling companion while he awaited for someone to appear, hoping they would come quick. He just hope the tiny thing could survive better here then within a home filled with other cats who too have came down with the same illness, and yet Sage was lucky, he had promised her mother that he would take her and look after her and here they were now, hoping to get the help they needed. "We've come to join, please, she needs your help" he expressed outwardly to the clan, voice stoic and warm yet filled with exhaustion, hoping someone would hear their plea.

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If you asked Redstorm, Blazestar and Daisyflight were too lenient. He had heard the other clans had closed their borders to outsiders. One thing he felt they were doing right, that he felt they should follow. He has to remind himself though, it is probably what Rain would have wanted. He had always been too welcoming, Red felt. No matter, who was he to go against the will of his leader?

He pushes his way through the undergrowth, blue eyes landing on the two strangers and a frown crossing his face. "Join?" he asks, almost confused. His eyes dart to their collars, their skinny underfed bodies. "What happened? Your twolegs food not good enough or something?" he asks, genuinely curious. He is not keen to bring two more mouths to feed back to the camp. Mouths that likely could not hunt for themselves. Mouths that would take prey in the upcoming difficult moons that were ahead of them. But he was not a monster. He wouldn't leave these two alone to starve, of course. Perhaps they were just lost and he could help them find their way home, or a daylight warrior who knew the streets of twolegplace better than him could. He keeps his thoughts to himself though, for now, patiently waiting to hear their story, why they were here.


Your sins weigh upon your soul.

A desperate plea answered with a question of those who had abandoned him and many of the other cats who also had grown as ill as little Sage, yet his ear flicked and copper gaze landing on the warrior with a cool still look, his fluffy black tail twitching calmly as he let a soft sigh out, he still had some of his kitten fluff only being 4 moons yet Sage barely got a chance to experience life before its cruel grip decide to sticken her with a sickness and yet this stranger asked such a question? Yet he could not judge the actions of the other when they sounded quite genuine with their words and a question must be answered.

"Our owners decided we were not important enough to care for, Sprout here was left in the care of my paws. Her mother too weak to flee, like me. I am Jackal, her overseer, or guardian if you will" he expressed calmly, words full of honesty as Jackal had no reason to lie to a stranger and his own mother, who had been long gone before that of the events to happen, too young for even him to remember her. "if they have, I would not come here pleading to save this kits life" speaking as if he too were not a kit as well, but he was more worried for the little scrap left in his care over that of his own as he was one of the fortunates to not of gotten this sickness. "Might I ask who you are and are you able to help us?" now it was his turn to ask the questions as the other's had been answered.
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Slitted eyes peer at the other’s collar- similar in color to his own. Slithering up next to the red-spined warrior who interrogated the stranger with a relatively careful curious disposition. Thorned fur tussled by the air, he flicks a white-tipped razor edge of a tail and scrunches up his face into a scowl pensively upon the kit set down at the intruder’s paws. It’s clear by the exhaustion painted on the stranger, he had been carrying the kitten for a while- and things didn’t get lighter the longer you carry them.

Nicked ears flick forth to capture the story, a telling of sickening proportions- while Thistleback despised children, he didn’t enjoy watching them suffer in such a way. Silver eyes glint when they flick back to the tragic duo from Redstorm.

" he’s still got kitten fur " Thistleback hardly ever held such a serious tone, but he directs it to Redstorm as an observational comment. This situation however, hit close to what he dare called home. Abandonment, a ghost of his past- a haunting of this kid’s present. by the grace of the stars, i’m not the size of a twoleg… because I’d annihilate the species, he thinks with a boiling rage in his stomach right where the ribs halo.

" Skyclan- …I’ll go find Blazestar " he answers at least half of the question before removing himself to fetch the leader, turning on his heel and trotting into the pines with a snarl on his muzzle. His hatred for the twoleg’s cruelty prodding a once resting beast. A murderous rumble in his throat, he disappears.

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"Afraid you've got me instead!" Mirthful, Daisyflight stepped into view. She caught Thisleback just before his shadowy spine disappeared off into the pines. The amusement in her voice dried up as she took in the sight- a kit and one barely older than that on their doorstep. A doorstep which grew more and more cluttered with every passing day. Sigh wittling from her throat, severity immediately carved into her expression, the deputy approached the pair.

"You've gotten far for ones so young" The thought of her own child, Butterflypaw, wandering into their territory in a similar manner elicited a muted stutter in her whiskers. "There will be no need for any pleading for lives. You're in Skyclan territory. We offer those who require it a place to rest, perhaps even teach you to hunt and the like." Alongside Redstorm, the deputy knew the coming moons would be difficult. They had no other options however, and giving these potential joiners the skills to contribute quickly was the only remedy.

Regardless, that kit looked unwell. Far be it for her to leave a kit out in the cold with sickness. Dawnglare would have to use whatever 'knowledge' he might have to sort them out. "Follow along, we can escort you to our camp. Our medicine cat can look you over." A grim smile matching her tone, Daisyflight beckoned them forward.