Honeytwist is sent a dream of moors, covered in fat rabbits who leave trails of starshine in their wake when they race across the feilds. Sootstar interprets it as a blessing from StarClan that they're going to be given extra prey to reward the clan for their dedication, and indeed rabbit population does explode. A miracle since the end of Green-leaf grows closer with each passing day! The clan hunts rabbits with ease for several days.


But the dreams dont stop, Honeytwist keeps having visions of the moors and the starry rabbits. Only now there are forboding shadows that sweep across the moors, spooking the rabbits underground. The morning of Honeytwist's dream a dawn hunting patrol is preyed on by a large bird, injuring many of the patrol's members. Every patrol that leaves camp that day report sightings of even more large birds circling around the hills, striking fear into WindClan. The birds are so bold and ravenous, they begin to attack lone cats out on the moors without hesitation!

The cherry on top of their new bird problem? Seems the rabbits have gone into hiding in the tunnels. Looks like they'll be relying on their tunnelers until they find a solution for the overgrown birds...


Patrol leader: Duskfiren & Rosepaw
- Dandelionpaw (herb collecting)
- Mallowlark & Jaypaw
- Chickenscratch
- Pollenfur & Melonpaw
- Ivoryflight
- Kestreltalon

note: it is MANDATORY that 5 out of 8 of these cats get injured if not all of them. This attack is meant to strike fear into both the patrol and WindClan, showing them that hawks are dangerous. They cannot get away injury free, so please be prepared to injure your character (minor or majorly, and yes... death is fine ;) ) by signing them up onto this patrol!


ick and tired of no longer feeling safe on their own land, WindClan bands together to learn how to defend themselves against the hawks. Tunnelers and moor runners join paws and strategize how to protect themselves and how to show the birds WindClanner's are NOT easy prey. With enough effort, the WindClan cats learn how to successfully defend themselves from hawk attacks. Learning that the cats are not easy prey, many of the hawks leave in search of new hunting grounds, leaving only a couple of stray hawks to watch out for in the sky...

STRATEGIZERS: (the few feline's who officially come up with the idea to stick to your hunting groups as much as possible, and that someone should always be assigned to keep an eye on the sky for danger. They can predict that smaller cats are higher risk at attacks.)
- Hyacinthbreath & Coldpaw
- Sablemask
- name

VICTORIOUS PATROL: (the first patrol to officially drive an attacking hawk off. These cats will be looked to by the rest of their clan to share how they did it and the techniques they used)

Patrol leader: Weaselclaw & Owlpaw
- Inkylotus & Shrewpaw
- Wolfsnarl
- Brightshine
- Echolight & Leechpaw
- Moonrabbit


WindClan is safe again, but how many lives here lost? How many injuries did they suffer? Did enough rabbits survive the hawks to keep WindClan fed during Leaf-bare? ...Did WindClan at least learn a valuable lesson on teamwork and unity? Once the plot is concluded, we'll be able to reflect and determine if they've come out of this predicament weaker or stronger.

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Chicken & Pollen ( and melon ) are being added!

Inky will for sure be put on a patrol, but since you dont mind which wolf he'll be placed wherever we end up needing more cats !

Ember will be put on the attacking patrol for now, but if Mallow is thrown in I will remove her for him

APPRENTICES do not count as slots (sorry wasnt clear) so if all warriors have one apprentices the patrol could in theory double in whats called for in the main post c:
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Thread has been updated!

may open more slots for it later, but not until other parts of the plots are filled out. Thank you for the interest so far!

Remember that even though angst is super fun the other patrols and slots are still vital and just as important to this plot ;) WindClan history will be made in ALL of the roles! Just a lil encouragement to fill the other slots hehe
-offering Sablemask for either of the last two patrols that need it (preferably Hyacinth's as he's cunning and strategic)
--offering him to take any apprentice without a mentor or one who wants to go on one their mentor isn't as well.
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