A thought || Stargazing/Reflecting

Jul 10, 2022


Frostpaw had found it difficult to sleep, her bi-colored eyes keeping a watchful gaze onto Raccoonpaw who slept peacefully next to her, their fur brushing close to her which made Frostpaw gently smile before slipping to get up attempting to press her nose into the other's flank before slipping out of the medicine den and easing herself out of camp. Pausing she looked up towards the night sky, filled with stars that twinkled and danced in the night sky. Starclan is what they called them and she silently wondered, would she go there too?

A soft sigh slipped from her maw as she looked down, figuring best to get a better view of the night sky, remembering how she would sneak out with Spiderfall to talk in secret as he spilled the monstrous things he had done. Sometimes, she thought he was still there...lingering like a bad taste in the mouth and a frown drifted onto her maw as she paused at the riverbank, gaze looking down at her reflection. She wondered silently, would she too end up like her brother? Once again she would look up at the night sky, watching the beauty of the dark blue sheet that shimmered with light of those who guided them, but if that was the case. Why did they not help her brother to go down a lighter path. A frown danced on her maw as she continued staring, expecting to find an answer when it was already in front of her. Fluffy tail swished slightly before she heard a rustling noise

Quickly she looked over towards the sound, eyes wide with panic before slightly relaxing at the scent of Riverclan "You startled me. Came to look at the stars too?" she asked warmly to whoever had decided to join her on the nightly walk that she had took on her own due to her inability to sleep in the moment, afraid to be plagued with nightmares once more.

Sleep had slid from Steeppaw's grip that night, ever the elusive adversary. Instead of rolling over and beating back her threadbare nest into submission, the molly had risen into the chill air. Training had occupied much of her thought of late and an opportunity to shed responsibility and take a nighttime trip was tempting.

Dew bled across each blade of grass beneath her round paws, brushing the camp in a crystalline finish. Broad shoulders bumping the soaked fern fronds, she tipped the inky flat of her snout against the tallest of the leaves. The disturbance sent down a flurry of icy droplets, dribbling down her snow-stripe face. A mess, but a fun one. So occupied with this newly invented game, Steeppaw was just as surprised to see Frostpaw as she was.

"Woah- oh, no. But I could be looking at them?" A chuff of embarrassment left the molly, prompting her to shake off the remnants of the water. Despite her best efforts, fine lines of damp still marred her face. Not one to dwell on her mistakes however, Steeppaw followed the warrior's eye line to meet the dark silk of the night sky. Clusters of stars, twisting in their luminescence, crowded the dark in their unorganised splendour. "Y'know, I can see why you'd be checking them out. They're pretty." A side smile was offered up to the silver molly before the apprentice fell into a rare silence.
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Shifting is what rose them slightly, orange eyes cracking open just a little bit with a flick of their ear. What was going on? Was it morning already? Raccoonpaw shifted in the nest to make room for Frostpaw in case she wanted more space, but then the warmth of the blue feline soon left their side. A noise came from the white bodied apprentice as the sound of paws across dirt padded through; where was she going? They lifted their head slightly and had intended to go back to sleep, but then a sharp pang of anxiety slash across their chest. Frostpaw was leaving? Why?

Raccoonpaws' head shot up from the nest, their neck fur bristling, and then quickly got to their paws. Trailing after the form of Frostpaw as she left through the entrance of the medicine den, the gentle nose touched not even registered in their mind, and then out into the clearing. Watching Frostpaw look up at the sky and then Steeppaw spoke up with an indgienous huff then commented about how the stars where pretty.

The black legged cat licked down their chest fur as there was nothing to worry about, eveyrthing was okay. She was okay and that was all that mattered. Raccoonpaw then pretended like they hadn't just been freaking out and on the verge of a panic attack, they approached the two with a fake yawn about five minutes later as if they had just woken up and came outside. "Whatcha doin' so late?" They questioned with a voice laced with exhaustion.