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She had not yet come to terms with the fact that she would not be Honeytwist's apprentice, but after her talk with her mother, she was trying. That was all she could really do. It wasn't like she had any other choice but to train with Weaselclaw when he came to fetch her in the mornings for patrols. The days had dragged into a boring sort of rhythm, starting slow and building up new skills as the days went by. Still, it was unfulfilling, and she still found herself longing for a different way of life - a way that had been sealed from her future for good. Owlpaw had decided not to grieve her mother with more of the same woes. Sootstar's response would always be the same and so when she did come to check on Owlpaw's progress in her training, it was always met with a curt nod and a simple murmur: "It's fine," "Weaselclaw took me to mark borders today," "Yes, it went well." But her voice carried no lilt of excitement.

Not long ago, she and her mentor had their first hunting session in which Owlpaw had worked on her hunter's crouch. She had a lot of growing and practice to do before she would be able to capture a rabbit, but in the meantime, she could focus on smaller animals. Just as she was looking for Weaselclaw, wondering if he would take her out again, she spotted her mother nearby. She paused, staring for a long moment before approaching. "Weaselclaw showed me how to hunt," she said. "I'm so incredibly bored. Will you take me on a patrol, mother?" A mind as sharp as hers needed constant stimulation and for that reason, Owlpaw hardly liked spending her time in camp.

/ Please wait for @SOOTSTAR and then anyone is welcome to join them!


Sootstar was tired, but she was never too tired for her children.
...Well... most of the time?

"Oh did he now?" She smiles, thoughts of the tabby drifting in her mind. They were far from public about their blossoming romance, but the blue smoke couldn't help but daydream and fantasize about their possible future. Normally she wasn't the type to get so love-sick... but the possibility of there being a future between Weaselclaw and her was exciting.

Despite that, her children would always be her primary focus, of course. It was just... nice... to have someone who can be your shoulder, for someone to genuinely romantically love you.

"...For a little, a a short one. Haven't been able to stop yawning today..." she meows, getting up onto her paws and repressing a yawn coincidentally at the same time. Even mentioning yawning made her maw yearn to open... "You can show me all you've learned. I always knew both of my children would one day be excellent hunters, its in your blood." She purrs in amusement, heading for the gorse bush.

"Owlpaw and I are going for a quick hunt, if you wish to join follow along." It's the one announcement she is depearting with her daughter she makes before slipping out of camp. "Has he taught you about tracking your prey yet?"


Upon hearing Sootstar’s call, the female would trot over, eager to join her leader and leader’s daughter on a patrol. Whiskers would twitch silently in amusement with the child’s protests of boredom. As she had learned that Sootstar preferred silence on her patrols, she would merely step in line quietly, following them out of camp with a nod of greeting to anyone else who joined them. Unable to recall the last time, if any that she had been on patrol with her leader, Ivoryflight took careful note of her surroundings as they made their way through the territory. Patiently, she would wait for Owlpaw’s answer, hopeful that she would be able to help assist in teaching if called for. Part of her expected Sootstar to only want herself to teach her daughter, which part of her could understand. On the other paw, she felt that the clan should teach the apprentices together, and help one another when called for.