Jun 7, 2022

Of Rain's many children, not a single one was his by blood. That didn't matter to him though, he loved each and every one of them all the same. He had taken them in, taught them everything that he knew, and had even passed on a couple of his own personality traits to them it seemed, though sometimes he can't help but wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Indigo and his siblings were the only children of his which he had actually met a parent of. In some ways, Indigo reminded Rain of her. He had the same effortless charm, the same cool confidence, and he even, in some ways, resembled her. They had the same ears and the same eyes.

He did not love her, he knows that now, what he felt for her had just been infatuation. But he did love the children she had left behind. he reflects on that now as he spots the point tom across the clearing. Rain pushes himself to his paws, a bit of an endeavor due to his large size, and pads over to his son. "Hey kiddo," he says with a friendly smile "Whatcha up to?"

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✵ ღ ☾ I WILL WALK THROUGH FIRE - He doesn’t think about it.
He doesn’t think about her, the ghost that she is, and he is happy that way, a naive mind too young to comprehend any reasoning for her departure, to try and sift through the subconscious memories of an infant Indigo. When the thought of family crosses his mind, the memories of his father are what flash through his eyes, curled up next to him while he hummed drowsy bedtime stories, curious eyes peering over his youngest siblings as they were introduced, craning skywards to meet his older ones.
Four quick seasons he has had of life, each one filled with love and nurture, that is all he needed.
Today, in all honesty he hadn’t made the time to see either his father or his siblings quite yet. Feathers of various hues are clutched in his jaws as he glides through the clearing, stormy hues searching for a particular molly before the voice of Rain caused him to stop, swiveling his head to catch the leader, barely having enough time to reply before the gap between the two closed.
Carefully he placed the feathers between his forepaws, tongue sliding over his teeth has he caught stray tufts in between.
❝ Dad! ❞ He greeted, matching Rain’s friendly grin. Truthfully, he liked to think he inherited his charm. ❝ The birds were having a field day today, they were practically tripping over my paws. ❞ He hummed, hooking a russet and black tinged feather from his stock and silently offering it to the tom. ❝ Plenty enough to have a pawful of nests extra comfortable tonight. ❞
❝ Speech. ❞

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