private A Whole New World // Tunnel exploration!


Love And Trust
Jul 15, 2022

Everything Stays

Damp earth coated the air like a thick fog, almost suffocating and threatening to choke them. How long had they been down there? It felt like a long time- but it could've been a couple of minutes thus far. Soft dirt shifted as a lithe shape slowed down with large ears brushing the tops of the enclosed space. Breath could be felt on their hindlegs as their companion in this travel came to a stop behind them; probably questioning why they stopped. There was no sound besides that of their breathing, the Earth remained silent. Calm in an ever lasting storm that was the surface. "Does it feel like we've been down here a while?" They turned their question to their fellow warrior; Pebblenose. The two Windclan warriors had come down here to hunt down a rabbit and general exploration of the tunnels, see if they could find a burrow of some kind, but this didn't feel right. Something itched at the back of his mind that something was wrong. That they had been in the same tunnel for too long and wondered if it had an end.

Inkylotus gave an uncertain little shuffle backwards, should they head back? He couldn't feel any fresh air in the tunnel and it was becoming increasingly warm in the tunnel, as well as damp? Why was the ground wet? There was no sound of dripping water or scent of rain, but then again this far down he doubted he could smell the rain of all things. Eyeless face moved from Pebblenose to the path in front of them, and continued along the path. There had to be an end right? A cave maybe? Surely by now there would be a rise of some kind or an opening- but there was nothing.

Silence wrapped the two warriors, a lingering sense of dread prickled at his coat, and he was about to suggest they turn back. Though as they moved the ground rose gradually and Inkylotus felt relief as the scent of fresh air burst into the tunnel. There was an exit about a few tail lengths before them and the black cat jogged a bit to get out of there. He loved the tunnels, but he was sacred they had gotten lost in the maze. However, as Inkylotus left the enclosed space of the tunnel something felt- off. The air around them was murky, the ground underpaw not springy and soft. The ground was wet like it was covered in puddles, and there was no billowing wind or scent of heather. "Pebblenose? Do you know where we are?" He questioned the grey cat in hope she had an answer. She could see after all.