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Jul 10, 2022
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Frostpaw hadn't been around when the clans were first made, having join since the clan took over the wetlands, her home, and she did not wish to leave the place she was born. Yet, one thing she always heard about was Starclan, and what they stood for, they were the clan's guide and Medicine cats had some weird connection to them. Yet she felt she wanted to learn more and so she would approach Beesong, who she had spotted enjoying a rather small...meal, and her eyes narrowed a bit before quickly grabbing a plump fish from the pile and making her way towards the medicine cat, setting the fish down before him, her tail curling around her paws a bit.

She nudged the fish towards the other awkwardly before slowly glancing away. She always visited the medicine den, mostly because of Raccoonpaw now a days but it always had been something that felt...inviting, the warm scent of herbs that stung the nose, of course it was overwhelming too and she always figured it'd be nice to help out Beesong once in a while since they were already so busy with many other things and they were apart of the clan. "Uhm...can you do a lesson on Starclan? I've heard about them but I don't know much about them but I want to learn more" she expressed warmly towards the medicine cat, hopefully others would wish to join in on the lesson if Beesong agreed to it.
He's nibbling on a minnow when a shadow falls over him. Blinking, Beesong shifts to stare up at Frostpaw, who places a plump trout at her paws. He thinks nothing of it, at first, assuming that was her meal of choice for the afternoon. "Hey," greets the medicine cat with a small smile, breaking the bout of awkward silence.

Frostpaw nudges the trout towards them, glancing away. Beesong snorts at the offer. "No thanks. I'm nearly full." A lie. Their stomach twists with hunger at the sight of the larger meal, but they tell themselves the minnow is enough. Even if it barely manages to take the edge off. Your clanmates need the food more. "Don't tell me you're here just to feed me like a mama bird?" They attempt to joke.

No, that's not why she's here... Beesong's ear twitches as she asks if he could teach her about StarClan. The medicine cat ducks his head to take another small bite of his minnow, but the meat tastes sour on his tongue now. His feelings towards StarClan is... conflicting. On one paw, he knows that they're worthy of respect. On the other, they tore him away from his home and family.

But Frostpaw asked him to teach her about them, not to air out his emotions, which are unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

"Sure," Beesong says with a shrug. "You know about the Great War, right?" They watch for her reaction; it would be surprising if she hadn't heard of that bloody day by now. It's a prominent scar on all five clans' histories. "Many cats died, that day. And many more would have died, if it hadn't been for StarClan... The spirits of those who'd sacrificed their lives descended from the sky, saying how the war must come to an end and that the two groups must spread like the creeper vine." Beesong's eyes are unfocused as they recall that day, the ghostly sensation of blood clinging to them creeping up their limbs. They could still remember the yowls, the keening cries, the stench of death that hung heavy in the air.

The creation of StarClan had been anything but beautiful.
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Deep sunset eyes stared at the entrance to the medicine den with boredom so thick across their face it could probably be cut with a claw. They hadn't been able to do much as of late aside from physical exercise that Beesong assigned to keep their shoulder from going stiff. Physical therapy or something like that- and now they laid in the den. Alone. Bored out of their mind. Then their blackened ears perked up at the sound of voices outside the den, one being Beesong and the other Frostpaw. Had she come to visit? It seemed like that was something she had been doing a lot, and it was rather welcoming. Made things less boring.

Raccoonpaw got up from their nest with a small wince at ttheir shoulders' protest, and limped their way out of the medicine contraption of a den. Breathing in fresh air that was crispy to the nose as the cold started to melt into the forest. Those deep orange gaze moved from the camp clearing to the cats beside the den of herbs and spices, and they waved their fluffy tail in greeting. Seeing Frostpaw had brought a fish for Beesong, and they could feel their stomach growl at the sight. Though they made no move to ask or do anything with the fish as they approached; their clanmates needed food more. Frostpaw needed food more.

The elder apprentice lifted their head up with a warm smile across their maw, and they nuzzled the blue mollys' shoulder in greeting, "The Great Battle? I heard about that! I wasn't there though," They responded back to Beesong rather proudly cause they knew something. Then the medicine cat went on more about the battle and how Starclan had appeared as those who passed in the fight. Raccoonpaw twitched an ear and tilted their head, "But, doesn't further division like- not work well?" It was a question they had since Riverclan came to the river. Since they heard the story of the Great battle.