Jul 11, 2022
Kestreltalon had barely recovered and already the snakeheart had put her back to work. Despite the rage that bubbled up within her, she had set about her task without protest. It was out of spite, she told herself, she wanted to prove that her injury wasn't going to stop her. That Sootstar's "punishment" hadn't actually affected her at all.

She tried to pretend it wasn't out of fear.

Unused to working with only one eye, she fumbled about the camp wall. Dropping the gorse she had meant to add to it on the ground in front of it. "Fuck." She muttered under her breath, leaning down to pick it back up again before someone noticed. This was harder than she had thought it would be. A child could do this, and she her good eye still worked perfectly fine! This should be easy.

// @ivoryflight.

Unfortunately for Kestreltalon, someone had indeed seen her drop the gorse. The only one close enough to have seen, just so happened to be the bubbly warrior. Wasting little time, Ivoryflight rushed to her side, attempting to touch her tail to the woman’s back momentarily.Would you like any help? I have some time to spare if you want to get the wall done faster.” She was careful to keep her tone friendly, and voice lowered, hoping it wouldn’t imply that she thought the warrior needed help. Knowing how some of windclan’s warriors were, the last thing she wanted to do was anger anyone any further. Patiently, she would await a response before moving, not wanting to do the wrong thing before really getting to know the feline.

In an instant, there was someone at her side, a tail touching to her back. Kestreltalon about jumped out of her fur. "Do NOT sneak up on me like that!" she snapped reflexively, pulling herself away from the touch. She was on edge, she usually was. Her punishment had only made it worse. Before then, it had been hard to imagine she could feel any less safe in the Windclan camp. Sootstar had sure showed her.

Her instinct was to refuse the help, not even out of pride, but simple principle. She had no desire to spend any time with her clanmates. Ever. If she could find a way to navigate her days without speaking to anyone at all, she would do it gladly.

With a glance down at the gorse, though, she bit her tongue. This task was an annoying chore, and if someone was going to offer to take it off her paws, even just a little bit, she didn't want to refuse that chance.

"Fine." She shot back. "Anything to get this over with quicker."

Momentarily flattening her ears against her skull at the reaction, she would allow herself to relax as her help was accepted in the end. Unsure of how she could assist (as she had no desire to further push Kestrel’s buttons) she would glance to her, hesitating only slightly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t intend on sneaking up on you.” Looking over her work for another moment longer, she would nod to herself before opening her jaws. “Where would you like me to jump in? If you have a system I wouldn’t want to mess anything up or step on your paws.
Kestreltalon silently picked up her piece of gorse again, with much effort, as she listened to the other molly's apology. Her ear flicked. "S'fine." She grumbled through the item held between her jaws. She made her way over to the camp wall, and stuffed it in as haphazardly as possible.

She laughed as Ivoryflight asked about her system. Yeah, sure, she had one of those. "The system is get enough of it in there wherever it'll fit, so that the snake-heart doesn't take a liking to my other eye." The scarred molly joked darkly, with a sharp smile. Her tail lashed behind her. Her good eye glanced over the other cat beside her thoughtfully. "Having you along will be good for that." She admitted. "We could make it look like I did the work of two cats." She snickered at the thought. Walking up to Sootstar and telling her, to her face, that she had done the work all on her own.

With a dismissive shrug, she went to grab more gorse. Glancing at Ivoryflight once more. "Nah, you don't look hare-brained enough for that idea. The dear leader would probably have your eye for it if she found out."

Ivoryflight would nod in response, silently picking up a piece of gorse and beginning to weave it into place. She had to agree, Sootstar would likely have her tail if she found out that she’d helped or rather distracted Kestreltalon from her assigned task. “I don’t mind helping. All the patrols have gone out for the day anyway.” Knowing how Kestreltalon had earlier reacted to cats voicing their apologies and concerns, she’d elect to leave that topic aside. “I don’t know how this is going to continue.” Mostly commenting to herself, it wouldn’t be strange for the molly to hear her words as well.