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Dawn has risen and the day will begin as she said before. She needs to start collecting herbs and the more paws she had the better. A part of her wonders if she can convince Grantiekit to not put up a fuss but she also feels like that will be impossible. Sighing as she stretches in her nest, she looks at the pool of water nearby before a yawn slips from slightly parted jaws. Right, time to start the day. Pushing to long slender white limbs the woman makes her way out of her den and into camp. Already others are waking up and shaking themselves out to begin the day. A small smile pulls at her muzzle and she dips her head. "Good morning." Normally she doesn't bother with pleasantries but she is trying to start the day off with positivity. Man will she need it. Slipping over to the nursery she pokes her head in and lightly flicks her tail. "Granitekit, wake up. It's time to make due on your punishment."

She watches the small scrap of fur for a moment before she backs out. All she is going to do is collect herbs but she also feels like she might need someone else to come along and keep a good eye on the child. With a frown the molly waits by the entrance of camp. Surely she supposes someone will ask what she is up to.

-- anyone is allowed to accompany them

Pitchsun's lips pull into a smirk when his aunt's voice drifts from the nursery... The little shithead known as Granitekit now faces his punishment for a tongue too wild! With a snicker, he prances over to Bonejaw's side, his eyes narrowed as he thrusts his head into the shadowed nursery. "Rise and shine, you little cad, before I drag you out by your ta-il!" The tease lilts from his throat, his tail curling over his back. It's much too loud for early morning, with little care as to the queens and kits who would be trying to sleep.

Pitchsun's head pops back out once he feels Bonejaw leave, huffing as he watches her pad towards the entrance. Well... It's a good thing he's here, isn't it? He will make sure that Granitekit is plucked from his nest.

──⠀ ﹙†﹚⠀MORTIS ⠀: ⠀ all - familiar voices flood into pinned, midnight ears where the kit lies crumpled — limbs sideways and turned in a way that would seem uncomfortable to anyone with common sense. he’d fallen asleep quickly, mid - fight with a sibling he was tumbling with only hours before, likely irritating his mother and sandylights both. the boy awakes fully to the sound of his brother’s sing - song voice, snapping his head up to blink blearily at the dark coated tom. he glances at his mother, incredulous, before whipping back towards pitchsun, “ how come YOU don’t have to use your inside voice? “ the kit gripes boldly, furrowing his little brow as if he hadn’t still been keeping other litters up with his untimely roughhousing the night before. grumpy, he pivots his skull to stare up and behind his head, locking fiery eyes on briarstar, “ mom. mom. “ marrowkit leans towards the molly, poking his white - flared muzzle into her personal space once again, “ why doesn’t pitch have to use his inside voice?

it’s then, and only then, that he processed what bone had said in the throes of his exhaustion, “ wheres granitekit going? is it bad? “ punishment was trouble, right? a slow grin spreads upon his tiny maw, puffing up to look over towards sandylight’s nest, hoping to pick out a familiar slate figure, “ oooooh, granitekits in trouuuuble.

  • − marrowkit ; he / him. kit of shadowclan, son of briarstar and amber
    − longhaired spiky black tom w low white & sunburst orange eyes
    − three months old, penned by antlers

Her son's whiny voice is what draws her over to her sister and son as they drag Granitekit out for his punishment. "Hush, Marrowkit. Pitchsun knows not to keep his denmates up with his yowling," she scolded, her brow furrowing. "Run along and play with your siblings. Let's not make fun of Granitekit for his punishment or Bonejaw might decide you need one too." The warning is half-hearted, a joke that implies a seriousness to the somewhat idle threat. Briarstar leaned down to nudge her son's shoulder to get him moving and then turned towards the others.

"I'll come too. Something tells me Granitekit will be on his best behavior if his leader, deputy, and medicine cat are keeping their eyes on him. Plus, I'm sure you could use a couple of extra paws to carry your herbs, sister," Briarstar said, dipping her head to the medicine cat. She knew Bonejaw felt overwhelmed with her job so if she could help her from time to time, she would.
He's been dreading this day.

He slumbers some distance from his mother and sisters now. There is no comfort in their flanks against his. There's only a reminder that his sickly sibling has died, that there's a roughness to his mother's unkempt pelt, that there's a distance between Sandra and her kits. His fury is easily triggered, easily beckoned, and for everyone else's sake, Granitekit sleeps alone.

He opens a sleep-crusted eye when Bonejaw pokes her head into the nursery. Her tone is monotonous, uncaring. She wants him to get up and be punished.

He groans and shoves his face between his paws. Part of him - a small part - regrets the way he'd spouted off at Bonejaw. But he can't take it back, can he? He rises clumsily to white feet and stumbles out into the camp. He grooms his left paw and begins to rub it against his bleary green eyes.

Almost before he can force himself to care and act right, Pitchsun intrudes, yelling about how he's gonna drag Granitekit out of camp by his tail. The gray and white kit has the decency to say nothing, but he gives the deputy a look that could poison someone if possible.

If that wasn't bad enough, one of Briarstar's idiot children begins pestering them immediately. Marrowkit. One of the less intelligent ones, in Granitekit's opinion. He forms a snarl with his fanged mouth, but again, he says nothing. Marrowkit isn't worth his breath, worth his words.

Briarstar, unfortunately, completes the specialness of the morning. She declares she'll go with Bonejaw and everyone else to collect herbs. Granitekit's hatred bubbles hotly inside of his chest. "Bonejaw and I could handle it," he says, grumbling. He knows it's no use, but he can't help himself. Everything about this situation is like insult to injury.

The woman frowns, eyes narrowing ever so slightly at how loud Potchsun is. It is too early to be so rowdy and she tried her hardest to not wake anyone that did not need to be woken. But with how loud he is then she is sure most of camp will be roused by now. Taking a deep breath in she had not even thought that her sister would accompany them. After she gives Marrowkit a small chastise the black and white molly pushes to her paws as soon as Granitekit finally shows himself. She doesn't look angry at him, she doesn't look like anything as she nods gently towards him, she wants him by her side so that she can keep her eye on him. After all despite all the others coming the young kit is still her charge.

"We will he looking for many different things today. Things that will help on the long run. Poppy seeds, marigold, and dandelion. I may also look for other things here and there but that is my primary. I got all the cobwebs I need and moss." She looks over her shoulder to Granitekit as she steps into the territory of the marshes. She knows the place like the back of her paw and yet now she has to relearn for the sake of plants. It's troubling and she sighs a little. "Dandelion starts off as a yellow flower, it grows in clumps of three to one and when it's time it closes up only to reopen as a white puff. We will start with that first."