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Early rising as always, less sleep as always. But he doesn't complain because today is the day they have chosen to join up with those clan cats. Mainly because he thinks it will he better for Watson to be around more of their own. He knows the lose of an upwalker can be devastating but he is sure that his upwalker wouldn't want him to he so depressed. It shows in how he takes care of his pelt and often times he has to groom his friend. Most of the time if he doesn't there is likley dust bunnies hitching a ride among other things. With a leisurely stretch that shivers his spin he manages to eventually wake his friend up and get them both moving. The sun is rather high in the sky as they travel, keen gaze of his keeping watch for the Catcher. Often times he finds himself walking ahead and chattering before he turns around to quickly step back to his friends side. A few nudges here and there just to make sure that the tom is okay.

After a bit of walking he notices something in there path. It's then that he pauses, eyes narrowing on a chain linked fence. "Guess we gotta go through that, huh. I'll get us under no problem, my dear Watson!" He grins brightly before he is already digging. Dirt flies everywhere but he is confident in his abilities. Once the whole is big enough and wide enough he starts to push at the other side, shoving the dirt aside before he motions for Watson to squirm under first. Once he does he pushes his way through, gagging when some dirt gets in his mouth. Spitting a little he shakes his body to rid himself of any debris before silver toned eyes look upon the forest of oak trees. "Well, I guess this is it. Do we just wait or do we go in? I vouch for go in. I don't know about you but I'm rearin to see what's in there. Come on!" Stepping forth he breaches the line of trees, pushing aside foliage as he looks about. This place seems super cool.

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Redstorm was of the biased opinion that Sky Clan had the coolest territory of all the clans, he had grown up here after all. He had learned how to hunt, how to climb under the careful instruction of his father and older siblings. He often finds himself in the pine canopy and that is where he is today, showing his apprentice how Sky Clanners jump from branch to branch when he hears the low murmur of voices in the distance. He signals his tail at her to be quiet, he did not know if these cats were friendly or not, after all.

He jumps from tree to tree until they are in sight, balancing carefully on a branch above their heads. When he looks down he is not surprised to see two cats from the city below him. It was common for them to wander into their territory from time to time, with twoleg place being so close by. "Are you two lost?" he asks, slightly bemused. His tail dangles below him, flicking back and forth as he watches them with expectant blue eyes, awaiting a response, but he does not leave his perch.

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The next figure to approach was an ethereal molly of cream and mocha, only the slightest of limps hindering her normally graceful walking patterns. Deersong and her own apprentice had been out taking a tour of the territory when she had heard her now fellow lead warrior call out to someone from the trees.

With a flick of her tail, the she-cat would signal Snowpaw to remain close as she lead the way towards the voices and greeted the scene with her usual whimsical smile, "Oh? Are these new friends you've found, Redstorm?" Her voice is a soft coo of a dove, but one would not miss how she lightly places her tail in front of Snowpaw in a protective gesture.

"If you are lost my brothas', we'd be happy to show you the way back."

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The territory was leagues larger than he could have even imagined and his first time out of camp had been uneventful but peaceful and he was enjoying getting the lay of the land until their trek had been interupted by the distinct sound of unfamiliar voices alongside a familiar one, it quickly became apparent to him it was Redstorm as they got closer; the tom's pale coast distinct against the background but the other two he didn't know and their scents made his nose wrinkle in unease. When Deersong signaled for him to stop walking forward he offered no protest and kept himself neatly tucked just behind the cream she-cat as he peered at the unusual duo before them. There was a strangeness to their scent that did not seem entirely unlike the scent those tiny dogs had; foreign and without the charming smell that clung to the wooded outlet around them; the smell he had been familiar with since he was born. Snowpaw was SkyClan born, one of the first few litters to be and he had never really understood the kittypet situation though he respected their daylight warriors all the same. He just thought it silly to go anywhere but SkyClan when it was the best place to be.
Despite the caution he felt it would be rude to not say anything so his voice rose up in a chipper but wary, "Hello!", though he remained firmly standing behind his mentor.

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Sparkpaw had been listening intently on Redstorm as he explained the Skyclan technique, ears twitching as she leaned forward a bit, even at times firing back her own questions to the tom, but soon the sound of rustling and the signal to be quiet, Sparkpaw nodded before clumsily jumping to the same branch as her mentor, green eyes landing onto the strangers while she curled her fluffy tail around her paws. Snowpaw and Deersong were next to approach, greeting the two from below and a grin danced on the silver tabby's maws.

"Hello! You're on Skyclan's territory, I am Sparkpaw, hopefully, we can help you with whatever you need" the young apprentice beamed at the two, being the more outgoing and well, the talkative one, it was hard to hold back her tongue and speak more, besides these were clearly strangers trespassing onto their land and from what Redstorm had taught her, it was better to be wary of strangers instead of approaching them, and perhaps he had told her that due to her being...on the more approachable and talkative side.

Sharpeye blinked slowly as he approached the scene, dipping his head to the other warriors and apprentices who were present in polite greeting before focusing his attention on the strangers at the border. He gave them a scrutinising once over before finally letting his stance relax. Well, they didn't look like invaders, or even a threat for that matter. He decided not to bother echoing what had already been asked, instead opting to simply monitor the situation in case he was required for anything.


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"Splendid." Watson is slow going right from the start, mostly because he's not convinced about this whole plan. Sure, he's met the clan cats in the alley that day but Skittles teasing had annoyed him enough that he'd trounced right back to his hiding place and just waited. Considering what he heard happened to one of those cats, perhaps that was the wisest thing to do. The scruffy and senior seeming tom is winded, not used to traveling so far and for so long. Used to, his longest walks were from the window to the food bowl and back to his owner's lap. Though he at least looks halfway decent this day due to all of Skittles' prodding and primping, inside he's welling with anxiety. He's not used to the company of other cats nor is he fully convinced on how viable a clan can really be. With no two legs to feed them, starvation must be a real worry and the hefty tom can think of nothing worse.

As they reach the fence, the tabby's nose wrinkles up harshly as Skittles begins to kick up dirt. "Must we really..." Does the other tom honestly mean for him to wallow through this filth? It's disgusting but he's too tired to argue much so he crawls beneath and hopes none of his long fur gets snagged by the strange holey wall. Once on the other side, he furiously shakes his pelt with a scowl and blinks granules out of his lashes rapidly. He scrubs his thin brown lips against his paw too to make sure it's clear before speaking. "I say we wai-- ahhh. Of course you'd say that." Why even ask him then. Luckily, Skittles harebrained schemes are stopped in their tracks as it seems the clan cats come to them.

Watson can't help how his fur prickles up at the sight and he presses his bushy form to Skittles' side, like he's expecting them to descend on him like vultures. Two of them are in the damn trees for goodness sake. He narrows his eyes but when no nightmare scenario happens, the tom pulls away from his companion and sucks in a breath. "No, we're not lost..." He looks over to Skittles as he's the talkers after all but then chides himself. He's not kit, he can speak for himself. Watson warily eyes Redstorm and his apprentice in the trees before shifting down to Deersong and her apprentice as well though he looks a bit confused. He doesn't have the concept of clan hierarchy so he's thinking they're their children, though they look nothing like them in his opinion. Adoption? He finds himself regarding Sharpeye last before trying to regard them all at the same time though it's difficult with how split up they are.

"We can be helped, yes. We want to live here. Well, my friend here wants to live here. I am a hostage to his whims you see." The tom pretends to be impartial about it but really his heart is beating in his eardrums. Looking at how worn and tired he seems, it's odd how such a young voice is coming from such an old looking cat. His eyes shift down and though he's prickly, he's not trying to be rude per say so he adds with a lighter tone, "Erm, hello. I'm Watson. This is Skittles." He lifts a paw in greeting and lightly swishes his evergreen-like tail in greeting.


Joiners? One eager, one perhaps a tad more reluctant. Sharpeye could hardly contain the brief chuckle from escaping him as he found amusement in the situation. Still, the one known as Watson had a charm to them. "A pleasure to meet you both. I'm Sharpeye, and I'm sure you both can find a home here in SkyClan, in some manner or another. Though understand that it won't be a free ride, we will expect you both to do your part in ensuring that our clan runs smoothly." He wasn't going to paint life as being sunshine and rainbows, there were going to be tough days. But what made those manageable was the fact that you didn't face them alone, not when you had the rest of SkyClan at your back.