aint it fun, livin in the real world? [soot]

Jul 20, 2022



It had been a few days since Dusk had joined Windclan. Since that faitful day on the border where Soot had taken him in the tall bengall tomcat had been trying to stay on everyones good side and keep out of trouble: which essentially meant he'd been keeping to himself and not pushing back against any of the orders given to him by the other cats. He spent the majority of his time trying to stay close to either Hyacinth or Inkylotus, making a silent point to not give them a reason to try and pin anything weird on him. He wasn't sure what their reasons for being so supicious of him were, but the last thing he needed was to be pulled into the spotlight over something that he'd had nothing to do with.

And slowly he thought he might be getting an idea of these moor cats. They were a proud bunch, openly assertive and placing themselves in control of any situation they faced. Many were fast, too, well suited for racing across the open spaces. Dusk wasn't horrible at it himself- he was a fast, agile tomcat, but he'd only been out on his own for a few months and stamina was something he still very much had to work at. He'd found he hunted birds best, able to rush and ambush them mid-air for a fair simple catch, though he secretly would like to one day catch himself a rabbit.

There was still a lot he was completely ignorant too though, and not by choice. He knew very little about the culture and beliefs of these cats, or what their relationship with the other groups were. He didn't know how to make his own nest without it falling apart halfway through the night from his tossing and turning, and whenever the stars and ghost cats were brought up he found himself totally at a loss. In some ways Dusk was so promising, so capable, and in other ways he was worse than a damn kit.

It was a frustrating cross to bare, and that morning when he rose to the dawn, it was no different. ​

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - bengal