amour plastique ( ♥ ) fritter



skyclans local french idiot

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named fritter from her parents
28 moons && ages realistically (7th)
warrior // wanderer
female ( she/her )
bisexual with no preferences
single && not hard to court, very easily flustered/swayed
has a very heavy french accent, does not speak english that good

cinnamon tabby and white molly with blue and yellow mixed eyes
standing at thirteen inches high, fritter is a mix between an oriental and a maine coon. beneath her cheek fluff, her face is slimmed down in to nearly a wedge shape, with large almond eyes sitting gently upon. her coat coloring is lightly dusted with shades of cinnamon and is if hit by lightning, parted by splotches of white. darker tabby stripes wrap around her body, notably on her flank, and spiral upon her legs, fading in to a lighter brown. her ears are rounder, and smaller, like a maine coon and a homage to her father. her appearance is warm, and her head is usually contorted with embarrassment.
most notable part of her is the way her eyes seem to be split in half, half blue, half yellow. this is called sectoral heterochromia, and matches well with her father, as he had it too.
anything else you can think of

description of personality
mbti type
hogwarts house
any mental illnesses etc

easy to form platonic relationships with, longs for connections with others after so long of not having that
easy / hard to form romantic relationships
single // no crushes
parent to n/a
brioche x fougasse
only child

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