AND DO YOU KNOW WHY? &. june 6th meeting

another moon passes and yet another meeting is held. has it really only been a moon since the last one? where did the time even go? they don't know, to be quite honest. their ears flicked back and forth as they lay on top of clanrock, watching the cats roam around. some eating. some talking with others. some even sitting by themselves. they gently breathe in and out, closing their eyes and moving to a standing position.

"shadowclan! gather under clanrock for a meeting, please!"

they twitched their ears, as they watch cats gather. alright. time to get this over with.

"let's start simple, shall we? there is a rogue here. injured and in need of help from starlingheart. valleysong seems to know him enough so he can provide him with prey. otherwise, as soon as he is healed enough, he is being run off. I do not trust him, and neither should you. no one outside of shadowclan truly trusts us, and we shall extend that same courtesy. as soon as he is healed enough to not bleed out on our territory, he will be leaving. likely within the next few sunrises if luck is on our side."

they will not hide their disdain but they're not completely heartless– no matter how cold they may seem. the only reason he's here in the first place is due to the fact that they have a conscience.

"moving on. leechkit. please step forward."

the kit was apprentice aged now. it was time for him to become the next generation of cats to train to be excellent warriors.

"leechkit. you're finally of age, and it's time for you to become an apprentice now. so, do you promise to do everything you can to learn from your mentor? to follow their lead, and become one of the best warriors this clan has ever seen, so that you may one day pass knowledge of your own to an apprentice of your own?"

they wait for the kit to respond before nodding.

"very good. then from now on your name will be leechpaw, and your mentor will be maggotfur. maggotfur. i know you can do this, snd train leechpaw to be a great shadowclanner. don't fail me."

they don't say anything else. they only watch for a moment before moving on.

"next. poppypaw, caterpillarpaw, flintpaw, and stryker. please step forward."

they turn their gaze first to the oldest of the bunch.

"stryker. you have proven yourself loyal to shadowclan and a good asset to us. a friend to some, even. I hope this continues to be the path you follow. for your appearance and your skill in fighting that has only improved with training from shadowclan, you will now be known as blackstrike. with this name you will never forget where you come from, but will always remember where you are now. glad to have you as a warrior."

they dip their head before turning back to the apprentices.

"poppypaw. you've been through a lot. and you're... you're ready now. to be a warrior. you've proven that and I am proud of the cat you've become. flintpaw. I know you were held back but don't think of it as a failure. you have been through a lot. more than most cats and you're still here. with us. and sometimes it may not feel like everything is going to be okay, but it truly will be. you're an amazing cat. you've become better than most have. and you only get better. I am proud of you. caterpillarpaw. the same goes for you. it may not feel like it but you did the right thing. you simply protected yourself and it may have causes a bump in the road but you passed. all of you did. I could not be more proud of you, and shadowclan would be lost with each and every one of you. so, now I must ask, do you promise to be here for your clan? fight with your last breath to defend your clan, and protect us as we would protect you? to be the best warrior that i know you can be?"

they wait again, pausing before grunting with a nod of their head.

"good. poppypaw. you will now be poppyglow. you glow amongst the stars. you nearly went home to them but came back with a soft glow that without you, the clan would be lost. flintpaw, you will now be flintwish. you are graceful and caring. you care, even when you struggle to want to. caterpillarpaw. you will now be known as caterpillarfuzz. you are kind and gentle above all. thst is your nature. you're a good warrior. don't let anyone tell you different. any of you. tonight, you along with blackstride, will sit vigil. again, I could not be more proud of you. I wish to only become prouder during my reign."

stars know it won't last forever. with a deep breath in and out they have one last thing to say.

"and speaking of being proud... mirepurr. you are a great cat. you're diligent and kind and strong minded. you're the type of cat that I want on my counsel. so. what say you? would you like to be a lead warrior?"

they ask, waiting for a response. one they get one, they only nod.

"good. if that's everything then... meeting dismissed."

they needed to go lay down. they're tired now.

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  • black feline with a white marking across their face, a white chin, a white right front paw, and blue eyes. chilledstar is covered in scars, the most prominent ones being the one across their face, and the one across their neck.
    47 moons old; ages the 3rd every month
    they / them pronouns
    aromantic / homosexual ; currently not looking
    child of JAGGED and RAVEN
    shadowclan ; loyal to shadowclan ; other info if applicable
    mildly difficult to befriend ; trusts barely anyone; trusts no one outside of shadowclan
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed
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The day goes like any other. Mirepurr, in their usual search for the small parts of life that make it great, does not struggle with paying attention to the details... but even they can see when a day is more mundane than the rest, when the good parts about it are just that; the mundane.

Chilledstar themself goes about the meeting like they always do. Their voice rings clearly and summons the attention of all, even the tiniest of kittens with their short attention spans. Mirepurr watches their friends show themselves from various parts of the camp while their shared leader begins, up above on the Clanrock.

Mirepurr is surprised to hear the disdain in Chilledstar's voice regarding the injured loner — but then they remind themself that the only reason the last few have been accepted within ShadowClan is their blood ties. There would not be another newcomer enjoying the privileges of Clan life. A good, thing really; even if Mirepurr is the friendly exception, they understand the code separates them from outsiders. Welcoming them all in with open arms does not suite them.

And then: ceremonies. Mirepurr sits up a bit straighter than before, fluffy tail coming forth to rest on their paws. This is the good part of any meeting. It's proof that when someone says life goes on, it does not always have to be uttered after something tragic.

"Leechpaw!" A beat; more cats, more warriors. "Blackstrike, Poppyglow, Flintwish, Caterpillarfuzz!" Such unique names for such unique faces. They fit — and ShadowClan grows stronger.

Mirepurr expects the meeting to end here. Their eyes glow with pride and satifaction as they find the named cats amongst the crowd somewhere in the front.

And then, Chilledstar calls for them.

"Yes?" Their own voice shakes when they stand up to meet Chilledstar's icy gaze. It doesn't sound like anyone is disappointed with them — Chilledstar groups them with pride, so surely that's telling enough —, but the unusualness of it all fries their nerves.

For the second time today, the unexpected happens.

Mirepurr cannot find the breath that Chilledstar knocks right out of them. The star-blessed leader lists Mirepurr's virtues, when so many deemed them flaws; diligent instead of too nosy; kind instead of too soft; strong-minded instead of weak-hearted.

Never in a million lifetimes did Mirepurr expect honor of this scale to be bestowed upon them.

And yet, Chilledstar hands the chance to them.

"I... yes!" No, no, that won't do. Mirepurr takes a second to compose themself, to steady their voice despite the overjoyed smile on their face (when did that get there). "It's my honor to serve in your council. Thank you, Chilledstar."
At their leader's call she quickly found a spot to listen in. Disinterest gleamed in the wily tufted paws' gaze at mention of the rogue. She knew the stranger had shown worth, but Thornpaw agreed with the final decision. Too many deaths and bad luck had gone around. Why invite more potential problems? Rolling her shoulders, she tried to will away the unease creeping up her spine. Just focus on what Chilledstar is saying.

Honing in, she perked up at the knowledge of a new denmate. Her stoic demeanor lacked enthusiasm, though she was interested to see what they would get up to. Nonetheless, she cleared her throat, calling out to welcome the new apprentice. "Leechpaw!" Once the crowd began to settle, she too fell quiet, watching as the bi-colored leader continued.

The newcomer had earned their place and was renamed to something more fitting. Putting on a small smile, she shouted. "Blackstrike!" Her voice dwindled as the next group of cats stepped forward. Time was inching closer and closer to her own ceremony. Truthfully, the blonde molly felt awestruck and nervous.

Watching with intensity while each cat made their vows, her sides pinched by ghostly nerves with the knowledge she too would make the same promises. Don't overthink it. "Poppyglow! Flintwish! Caterpillarfuzz!" Thornpaw dutifully joined the chanting, celebrating the new warriors with firmness and only quieting as the last announcement began. Brown and blue eyes tilted and landed on the cat in question.

Chilledstar's council was growing, and she could see no fault in such a decision. Her meow added to the rising chorus of Shadowclanners. "Mirepurr!" These little moments always put a hopeful edge to the day. Admiration was written plainly across her sun-kissed snout. In two moons she would join the front lines, but for now, she would try to enjoy the peace of youth. Though who could blame a smidge of idolization? To envision herself in the older cat's paws.

The fantasy was double-edged as the familiar fear for her father prickled. What dangers came with status and the truth of it from past experiences. Awkwardly, she swallowed her concerns and backed up onto all fours, heeding Chilledstar's dismissal and taking it as an opportunity to escape her own thoughts.
Even before it hears its name, Leechkit is excited. It's six moons old! That means it'll be announced as an apprentice this meeting! The ache in its hips is unimportant as its ears prick forward, focused solely on the meeting and on Chilledstar's words despite the ache in their body from standing so stiff, so tense. It's not long before it hears its name come from the leader's maw, and it pushes itself to step forward, excitement coursing through its veins. Chilledstar continues, and it barely holds itself back long enough for them finish their questions. It manages to hold out, though, and as soon as the final question is asked, it breaks out with a loud, excited, "Yes! I do!" There's a grin on Leechpaw's face as it is then assigned a mentor, Maggotfur. The name is familiar, and so it looks around, intending to find its new mentor so it can go and touch its nose to the warrior’s, sealing their new roles of mentor and apprentice.​
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➼➼ For the second time since joining the clan, Stryker takes a seat below the leader’s perch as they call for a clan meeting. The first order of business seems to be… a rogue? Injured and brought into the clan for healing, Stryker doesn’t know of the stranger’s identity, but Chilledstar doesn’t seem too happy to have them here. Their words roll off their tongue like snarls, sharp and fanged. They don’t trust this new stranger, and want him run off as soon as he’s able to—at least the leader will give him a fighting chance to escape the bloodthirsty claws that will chase him from the marshland. Stryker shifts uncomfortably, mismatched eyes shifting away from Chilledstar’s icy gaze. No one outside of ShadowClan should be trusted, the leader says, and suddenly his own place within the clan isn’t so clear. He thought he was tolerated, at the very least. His tail twitches, paws shuffling a couple quick steps back; eyes dart to the cats nearest to him, awaiting some kind of order from Chilledstar to come next. The fur upon his shoulders bristles, but the leader merely moves on to whatever must be next on their list for the meeting. Leechkit is made Leechpaw, and Stryker settles back onto his haunches as he watches mentor and apprentice greet one another.

His name is called out alongside a trio of apprentices, and the tom’s ears flicker forward. That’s… that’s a good sign, right? He steps forward at Chilledstar’s command, though his paws threaten to tremble with nerves. He can’t exactly shake it out, not when everyone and their kits’ eyes are on him. He’s proven himself loyal to the clan, they say, and the fear coursing through him settles. This isn’t an exile, this is a promotion. He is named Blackstrike, and say that they’re glad to have him as a warrior. "I’m honored," he responds, dipping his head to the leader.

He drifts back to his place within the crowd once the other three new warriors are named, the clan’s cheers of his new name following behind him. Once he sits down, reality truly sets in; the cat named Stryker is gone. He is as good as dead. His name still rings with the memory of his father, but he is no longer his father’s son. He is a ShadowClanner first and foremost, now, and he dips his head as he considers the vigil he’ll sit tonight. Maybe he’ll have time to balance the weight of this change. "Blackstrike…" he murmurs to himself, feeling how the name rolls around in his mouth. It tastes strange, as thought the outer layer of novelty hasn’t yet worn off yet. But it… suits him, he thinks.

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    BLACKSTRIKE ❯❯ he/him, shadowclan warrior
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Sharpshadow mostly finds cheering hard to do. His voice shakes when it gets too loud, and even if it doesn't, he sounds pretty embarrassing. Never in a thousand years would he want to willing raise his voice above the rest, so it could be... picked apart and heard. She thinks it's fair - She didn't expect anyone to do the same when Chilledstar called their name. It's... equivalent exchange, or something like that. Sharpshadow was always in the audience. She had to be. Wasn't that enough, even if she... rarely ever said anything?

Poppypaw's gotten old, apparently. The one that didn't die. Caterpillarpaw too, even though Sharpshadow would think Siltcloud would find her the perfect subject for leaving her messages. A grey gaze turns wearily to the floor, like the worms were reading her, or something.

It's a miracle they've all made it this far, is all she means. It's a wonder Flintpaw remained, after Nettlepaw and Ghostpaw. It's a wonder they haven't run to be with their father, or... or been found with their claws in some clanmate's throat. It's a wonder she's a warrior, and it's a wonder that they represent ShadowClan, frog eggs and slime and rot and carrion. Sharpshadow wouldn't have blamed him for leaving, he thinks, as if that wasn't a complete lie, and he wouldn't have used his name like a curse if he had.

...That wasn't real, though. And that... that didn't have to ever happen. It was stupid to think he had any sort of power, but because stupid was what he was, he tried to believe he could make a difference.

" Flintwish. " ...It isn't a cheer, raucous and loud, but it's more than he usually did.

Forestshade's stupid scheme worked. There was a new apprentice, three new warriors, and... Another Lead Warrior that probably deserved it more than she did.

A sigh comes out heavy through her nose. Sharpshadow counts blades of grass and fallen nettles.
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Chilledstar calls for a meeting, and Flintpaw's blood runs cold.

It is finally the time that everyone has been waiting for. They have been prodding him about his future name, and it feels like little more than an exercise in futility. Flintpaw, after all, has never imagined that she is capable of this. Of warriorhood. Of being a ShadowClanner in full, no longer half-fired in some forgotten kiln. It's the time that everyone has been waiting for, and Flintpaw is beyond terrified.

She finds a seat near her quickly-dwindling kin. Lilacfur is somewhere to her left; Starlingheart somewhere to her right; in front of her, a notable absence where Nettlepaw and Ghostpaw might have gone. It isn't right, he finds himself thinking, repeating, as if it will keep him safe. It isn't right that I'll be a warrior and they won't. Would they hate him for it? Would Nettlepaw look down on him from StarClan with a scowl? Would Ghostpaw criticize his rank, knowing he didn't have the skill to support it?

Would Granitepelt finally be proud of him?

Flintpaw sits before Chilledstar, mouth ash-dry. Each syllable out of Chilledstar's white-gashed maw brings Flintpaw closer to panic. Even late to his own ceremony, he cannot feel prepared enough; even with Forestshade's approval, he cannot believe that he is ready for this. Mismatched gaze slides sidelong to Poppypaw. Is she ready? What about Caterpillarpaw? Tall ears twitch and flicker, nerves clearly showing.

Chilledstar names Leechpaw, and Blackstrike, and then — it is his turn. Flintpaw stands before him. He isn't sure when he stood up, but he stands there, mismatched eyes buzzing with anxiety. His teeth work into his cheek. He thinks of all the names he'd suggested, all the ones that had been suggested to him, while Chilledstar gets ready to announce the one that would change him. They wax on about things he'd faced — things that he didn't think they'd even noticed — and Flintpaw's whip tail lashes, less for anger than for anxiousness, a restless tick. At some point, his focus sharpens. you promise to be here for your clan? Fight with your last breath to defend your clan, and protect us as we would protect you? To be the best warrior that I know you can be?

"Yes," Flintpaw answers, voice shaky. Whether she really believes it or not, she isn't sure. Would you protect me? is her suspicion. Would you protect me, even if...? And the ifs are so plentiful. If she turned out like Granitepelt. If she never trusted them again. If she was the last cat on earth. Would they fight to keep her? Flintpaw isn't sure, but... she can stew on it later.

Now, she stands in front of Chilledstar, alongside Poppypaw and Caterpillarpaw, hardly breathing to take in their words. They name Poppypaw Poppyglow, and Flintpaw flashes her a small, struggling smile, and then....

Flintpaw, you will be named Flintwish. He swallows hard. It's... it's not what he'd thought he would be named. And not in a bad way, either. Flintwish, named for her gentle and caring nature, something she never thought she could nurture in a body so uninhabitable. For her entire short and terrifying life, she cannot think of an instance where she has been graceful, or caring, and yet Chilledstar imposes these qualities upon her, and for once that imposition... is not entirely unwelcome. "Flintwish," he repeats, soft and unsure, but decidedly not unhappy. No spires gather at her shoulders today; no claws wrap around her soft enamel throat.

She casts her gaze behind her, brief, raking — trying to find Starlingheart and Lilacfur in the crowd. Are they proud of him? As cheers float up to the sky, Flintwish hears more than just the murmurings of family. He chews his cheek again. It feels... not so terrifying. Not anymore.

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    — "speech" ; thoughts
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Tilting her head at the leader's words the little kit tries to process much of anything she hears. This is her first meeting, though she doubts the other cats can tell. She is big for her age after all! The little kit studies the conversations and murmers around her, nodding when others do and groans when other groan. so.... rogue is bad. We don't like him. Other clans don't like us? That's mean! Why don't they like us, we're cool!
Attempting to peer around her peers to see said 'rogue' (the word is harsh on her tongue. Is it really a word?) She mindlessly adds her voice to the call, celebrating others for an achievement she cannot understand just yet.

Chervilshade hardly had the strength to cheer, let alone raise her voice to the sonorous crowd. She was content to leave the talking to the rest of her clanmates. She never found the right words anyhow, as though they all tangled within her throat and blocked even blusters of breath. Still, a sense of pride bloomed within the garths of her heart, as though the grey lightened into the whites of clouds above. If anything, she was surprised that warriorhoods for many had come so soon for her and so late for others. The dilute tortoiseshell especially held a flame of admiration for Caterpillarpaw - now, Caterpillarfuzz - as light pooled in dull olive gaze. "Congrats...!" The molly chirped quietly, fragile belle of a tone that wavered even in the wind, though it was the most conviction she had mustered in a long time.

Today was a proud day for her. The day her daughter would be named a warrior in ShadowClan's name. They should be here too she thinks as her heart twists. Cinnamon and black coated pelts should flank either side of her son, her littermates would have shared in this occasion, stood before the clan and given one of the highest honors. For a moment, she allows herself to wonder at what they could have been. Nettlepaw perhaps would have been Nettleflame for his warmth and his fiery coat, her daughter... it is too painful to think of her daughter, out there somewhere in the world but lost to her so instead she drags her mind back to the present, back to now. She meets Flintpaw's searching gaze and she smile's at him, the brightest smile she can muster because he needed it today. He needed to see how proud she was, how incredibly loved he was by her.

She calls out the names of the otther cats who were recieving ceremonies with the others, her voice not trembling or stumbling over the syllables for once. "Leechpaw, Blackstrike, Mirepurr!" she cheers with her clan. "Poppyglow! Caterpillarfuzz!" she calls out. But then it is her sons turn in the chant and Starlingheart raises her voice even higher "FLINTWISH! FLINTWISH!" She roars, a tear finding its way to her eye.

As soon as the ceremony is over, she moves on light paws to greet the newly named warrior, reaching out to touch her nose to her cheek "Flintwish.." she breathes, greeting him by his new name "Is a lovely name" she finishes as she pulls away "I'm so proud of you"

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⋆⁺₊ ☾ ⁺₊⋆  Half-lidded eyes gleam with a marked sort of attentiveness as Swansong lounges in camp. Her attention is rapt upon the leader, despite all pretense of disinterest. This meeting is an important one. Not for the apprentice, the lead, the outsider - no, what draws Swansong's attention are the three new warriors. A smile blooms bright and vibrant upon her face as they are named. "Poppyglow! Flintwish! Caterpillarfuzz!" she calls, raising her shaky voice to the sky. She feels the warmth of pride upon her chest, watching as her friends are bestowed their names. Soft names, beautiful names. A gift of light, warmth, hope. They've made it, all of them. The future shines bright.

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maggotfur 19 moons female she/her shadowclan warrior
It is not Maggotfur's first time receiving an apprentice - and yet, the pride still lingers. Chest puffs as the she-cat stalks forwards, peering down her muzzle at her new charge. Leechpaw seems eager - excited to start it's training. She can't say she faults them, even if she finds herself above such joyous displays. Pink nose touches brown, and again for a moment she just stares. " We'll start training first thing tomorrow then, " because truthfully, Maggotfur wants one last day without being saddled with another shadow. And besides - her apprentice will need time to clear out it's things from the nursery and move into the apprentices den. Surely, that's a right of passage of its own.

actions & " speech, " & 'thoughts/quotes'
A N D - I F - Y O U ' R E - B L I N D - T O - T H A T , I ' M - F I N E - W I T H - T H A T

All four paws tucked neatly close to her frame with a fluffy tail curled around herself. This meeting marked her kittens final moon before becoming apprentices. Each day crawled dangerously close to the next morning Chilledstar would collect their Clan once more, and ceremoniously name her kin to earn their -paws. Six entire moons, four spent in ShadowClans nursery, and yet it still felt too soon.

Lilacfur had not forgotten the little bargain she and Sycamorekit had agreed upon, and conflicting pride and fear filled the air in her lungs as she heard Caterpillarpaw's name ring out alongside her nephews. Through seasons of hard work and seasons more of diligent efforts, the calico had earned the right to a warrior name. "It won't be long until it's your turn." She murmured to Shadepaw beside her as Chilledstar repeated the same song and dance they had so many times before.

An air of relief exhaled from her maw and she joined alongside her Clanmates in their cheers. Caterpillarfuzz, Flintwish, Poppyglow. The three of them had faced different trials testing their strengths, their loyalties, their weaknesses. She looked to Starlingheart briefly, tucking away a promise to herself to bring the molly a congratulatory meal to share.

"Poppyglow! Flintwish! Caterpillarfuzz!" A joyous night of vigils, and she is glad despite the loss of nephews littermates, that she will not be alone.

Another is called to attention, and as the words pour from a white-striped maw Lilacfur's own opened in an excited smile. "Mirepurr! Mirepurr! Mirepurr!" Lilacfur parted from Shadepaw's side and rushed to her friend, roughly bumping her forehead against theirs. The meeting is dismissed, but she remained, letting Mirepurr bask just a little longer. "What a team, huh? You'll do great!"

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