Oct 12, 2022

ASPENPAW ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

Named after the pale bark of an aspen tree
Aspenkit / Aspenpaw / Aspen-?
5 moons
Apprentice of Windclan
Cis female (She/her) & orientation TBD

Scrawny, long-haired silver lynx point with low white spotting and icy blue eyes
Long, tangled fur adorns Aspenkit's scrawny frame, giving her a slightly larger, if somewhat bedraggled, appearance. Her fur is a soft grey, darkening along her limbs, tail, head, and ears. Stripes darker still adorn her fur, marking her as a lynx point, though in places they are interrupted by mottled white patches. Her chest, throat, and chin are swallowed by white fur, and the white spills up and around her nose along one side. A few extra areas of white give her a sort of patchwork appearance - her belly, front right toes, left front paw, and tail tip also sport splotches of white. As a kit, her paws and ears will always seem a bit too big, making her feel clumsy and awkward, but as she ages Aspenkit will grow into her proportions, though her ears will always seem a bit large. As she grows, her eyes will always remain a deep, icy blue.
Typically found with a messy, tangled pelt full of small twigs and leaves
Carries solid

Reserved, honest, optimistic, formal, loyal
From a young age, Aspenkit is rather reserved, opting to observe before jumping to action, though she is not afraid to make her opinion known when she deems it necessary. She does not see any reason to embellish her words, trying to convey her meaning in a way that makes sense to her. While trying to seek the truth of the matter at hand, Aspenkit primarily chooses to look for the good in most things, and often tries to look at the positives alongside the negatives of a given situation. Due to her honest nature, she is generally open about how she is feeling, and she often tries to make it known to others how she feels about them through actions rather than words. Once Aspenkit's trust is gained, it is not easy to lose, and she gives those she has faith in the utmost respect.

Somewhat easy to form platonic relationships
Hyacinthbreath x Moonshadow
Littermate to Periwinklepaw & Wisteriapaw, half-sibling to Rune, adopted sibling to Cloudkit
Mentored by Weaselclaw

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