Jun 7, 2022
( ᴛᴀɢs. )  ❝  Life in camp'd never suited Hound. For all the love he has for RiverClan, most'f his time in it had been spent out wandering. Patrolling, they called it now. As long as it kept his paws busy, he didn't care for the words that they used. Being out and about was all that mattered– taking in the glory of this home of theirs, memorizing every nook and cranny of it. But he realizes now that he'd left a grand part of it completely undiscovered: the very camp he called his home. He knew the important parts of it, of course. The layout. The paths that he regularly walked. How much of it was just a passing thought to 'im, though? It feels good to be here again, even if the reasoning for it's not what he would hope. His shoulder still aches now, throbbing dully when he moves wrong.

It's a manageable pain, though, an' all he does is shift himself a bit to clear it off. It helps that Peachkit's as small as she is. Flat on his belly to be closer to eye level, Hound's lounged low to the dirt, chin nearly brushing the ground where it's tickled by the ruff of his fur. This way, Dog looms over him. He finds it more than a little hilarious, try as he might to keep chasin' off the smile twitching at his maw. "Go on, then," he demands of the other warrior, though it comes out laced with a laugh. The man's a good father, if a bit overprotective. It makes his heart ache where it shouldn't. (He tries, really and truly, to tamp it down.) "Peach an' I'll have an easy enough time, you need to get out'f camp a bit more." Seeing as he couldn't at the moment, it seems a fair enough trade. One freedom for another. He waves his paw at him, gesturing for Peachkit to mimic it as well. "Shoo."

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  • ──── houndsnarl. trans male, he/him pronouns.
    ──── approximately 30 moons old, or 2.5 years.
    ──── bisexual with firm male preference; single.

    ──── a chocolate tabby with ( stylized ) low white and intense lime eyes. lean and lanky,  with whiplike musculature and a long, quick stride. hound's notable features include his impressive height, the long scar across the left side of his face from nose to jaw, his very deep, dense fur, and the confident manner with which he conducts himself.
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While Dogteeth enjoyed the beauty in wandering Riverclan’s island, he in taking care of Peachkit had learned the every corner of camp- every weave of reed and shell in the walls of their camp. While Hound’s request to kit-sit was something Dog should want- it absolutely took Dogteeth several long moments of staring and blinking dumbly.

" first of all- you need a kit-sitter " a grin spreads his maw as Houndsnarl levels himself with the grey and orange kit- this was the first time he had ever seen above Hound’s shoulders he realized- this wasn’t a common sight, and Dogteeth is left to stew on just how short he was all the time in comparison.

" DID… did… " his lashes flutter, baffled as he holds up a blonde paw- much smaller than Houndsnarl’s own mallets. " did you just SHOO me? you… you - I… dammit- I could really use Lakepaw " he chuckles now embarrassed because he thought a good retort this time.

He feigns a scolding glare at the large healing brute. A glitter of adoration and just- pure affection swims the blonde’s gaze. What had he done in his life to earn such a wonderful idiot as a friend? His eyes climb toward the riverside- toward a day without Peachkit for him to mollycoddle to death. " Peachkit what do you think ? "

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  • — Dogteeth | twenty-five moons | cis-male
    — warrior of Riverclan
    — gay | crushing on n/a
    — small curly-furred blonde and tan tom with dazzling blue eyes.
    — very gentle soul / easily upset and sensitive
    — deals a nasty bite | physically medium / mentally easy
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Peachkit had been rolling across the ground, wrestling with a large orange leaf she had found and been unable to resist. She smacked her prize into the sky before flipping over and leaping up to pin it down again. She had begun this almost immediately after Houndsnarl had deposited her onto the ground, and she had only partly been listening to the chatter between her father and the bigger warrior.

Hound’s gesturing paw lightly tapped her and jolted her from her game. “Huh?” she blurted, the leaf still tightly held between her teeth. “Oh—um, yeah. Shoo!” She copied Houndsnarl’s waving paw and stuck her tongue out at Dogteeth, letting her treasure float down to the ground.

Admittedly, there was a small part of him that wished to scold Houndsnarl to ever claim a parent would get tired of thier child. There was no doubt in his heart that Dogteeth not adored and loved his lil peach child and they where not even related. Not everyone had the heart to love someone that deeply if not having any blood attached to them. It was quite admirable to see. But he could also understand that sometimes a parent needed a recharge even if they never would accept a such thing ever would be possible. Houndsnarl heart was at the right place solely looking out for his 'friend' while at the sametime being stuck in camp after that horrible incident thier warrior had suffered. Peachkit seemed to be a lil pearl as well so who wouldn't want to babysit them?. Dogteeth had done a splendid job at raising that lil peach this far as adorebale she could be.

For a lil bit he just stood back to watch the three as they converse with each other, smiling almost longingly after something he never could have but this three already had. It stung his heart however Ravendusk would brush it of once he decided to approach the trio with a smile that had grown warmer. " If you are heading out Dogteeth perhaps we could go together?. I heared the river was quite lively today and...there is some flowers i wanna pick out." he decided to give Houndsnarl a paw in trying to convince Dogteeth to leave camp for a bit. Would probably be good for Peachkit as well to learn to not always have thier guardian parent around them. It would be more good for her then Dogteeth he believed. Who knows maybe they could even bring some flowers back to Peachkit as well along with any pretty shells they might have a fortunate to found.


The heavily scarred tom is watching from a distance. While he does leave camp himself now a days it is only ever with others. The last time he went too far, much too far Cicadastar got impaled through the neck. The chocolate tom has no wants to go that far again after that. He breathes in softly, uneven smile upon his muzzle at the exchange of a worried guardian and a friend. It's nice he supposes to have something like that. His torn up muzzle drops and he is reminded of the dryness. The way his gums feel and he drags his tongue over the exposed teeth and gum to try and alleviate it. He doesn't need to go over there and scare Peachkit with how he looks. So instead he merely stays where he has laid gentle amber eyes watching as Ravendusk joins them.

Attempting to also coax Dogteeth away from the situation. He laughs quietly to himself at the ordeal they have on their paws before he tucks his own underneath his chest.