AND THEY WERE ROOMMATES [opportunity for teasing]

( ) soft morning light pours into the woven reed den as felines stretch and awake for the day. the morning outside is crisp and clear, one of those days when one is certain leaf-fall has already begun. a pale crystal sky peaks through the gaps in the reeds and branches, and a soft wind rustles the tall grass outside. within the den, surrounded by slowly waking warriors, two felines still lay fast asleep, curled together in a mass of smoke and dappled snow. it is difficult to see where one begins and the other dens, so tightly do they cling to one another in their slumber. despite the obvious second nest that lies vacant quite close, both have snuggled awkwardly into the same moss strewn nest, practically spilling out into the next one over, but still clinging to each other, lifeboats in the ocean that is dreamland.

willowroot is curled with their face resting upon poppysplash's chest, legs tangled together, tail curling around the other, while poppy's head rests gently atop the smoke's. they look peaceful, resting like this, fur blending and breath rising in sync. as the daylight begins to dapple their fur, one rises, yawning, incredibly warm and incredibly content. the other sleeps on, savoring the best night's rest they've gotten in moons.


feel free to post before poppy. basically wil and poppy fell asleep in the same nest and look all cute and snuggly. have ur character tease them!

how they got here, poppysplash doesn't know. but what she does know, is that right here right now... she doesn't even care. she's happy. she's content. and for once in her life she feels safe. she doesn't have to worry about watching her back so much. right now, the stars look over her with grace and protection, and she knows it has everything to do with the molly within her nest. they had fallen asleep after a long night of talking about stats know what. but they both end up tangled into each other. it's a wonder they don't realize how deeply they've fallen for each other, but denial was a powerful thing, and ignorance tends to be very blissful.

as the sun kisses against her pelt, the molly slowly peeled her eyes open, taking in the soft scent of rushing water into her nose for a moment. she breathes out, and seems content before- wait, what!? what the hell was she doing!? looking around, she pulls herself from the nest, tumbling back as if she was a kitten caught within prey that wasn't her own, shaking her pelt out and grooming it down to make it look less messy. she doesn't realize others have seen her, but that doesn't make this any less embarrassing! oh, you fucking suck! how the hell did we manage to end up like that!? you're turning me soft, you fish brain!

He is used to routine and most cats followed it well. They had schedules, they had duties and assignments and they also had designated sleeping arrangements. Smokethroat is accustomed to stepping over sleeping cats to get to the center of camp, he knows where everyone is at in relation to his own nest tucked near the back where has at least some shred of privacy. So used to simple moving by habit he does not realize he is about to stumble over a nest that had suddenly doubled in size overnight until he's practically on it. The dark tom gives a quick jump to back off, but not before accidentally swinging a paw into one of the she-cats sides with a little too much force from his surprised leap.
This was Willowroot's nest-why was Poppysplash here and in his way.
"If you two are quite done, some of us would like to leave the sleeping area and do our jobs..." There is a moment of rare playfulness that he does not often indulge in where the tom leans down and his graveling tone is a whisper of, "...I know the nursery is empty now but refilling that is not actually a duty we generally assign to others."
With a proper spring to launch him over the two the dark tom proceeded onward on his merry way out the den area where he could go about his business.

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buck's rest is interrupted by smokethroat's jab. she's usually long gone by now, often to beat the sun in its greeting of the morn. being one to sleep in is unlike the woman, but the nights are rough and she is trying to catch up on much-needed rest. at first, buck holds no care for whoever got in the tom's way, but bleary eyes are quick to find the familiar tufts of fur. smoky and dark, mixed with a less-than-familiar one. one that had chuckled at fern's dismay, and now her attention is fully caught.

caraway is a wonderful cat, every cat who meets them are sure to find her wonderous, the same buck did. perhaps some more than others. a thin wide grin splits buck's features, now aware of who is holding caraway's current attention. "well, good morning you two. you might want a bigger nest next time." her tone is alight and playful, lacking any ill-will to the lovebirds. now that she's awake, it'll be unlikely for the woman to fall back into rest. she follows smokethroat's path into the outside world, leaving the two in their cuddled position, until poppy disturbs it and stumbles away from caraway.

young love.
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The black smoke is earlier to rise than most, a mission to watch the sunrise at the forefront of his mind.

He sees it as he's leaving his nest - Willowroot and Poppysplash curled up in a nest of their own, snuggled close with limbs wrapped around one another. He blinks, processing the scene before him, before ultimately shrugging and going on his way.

Best not to wake them, after all.

But, how cute, his sibling finding love like that! He hopes that, one day, he'll find the same, that he'll find someone to curl up in a nest with, too. That's for a different day, though. Today - or rather, this morning - was for watching the sunrise.

And he does, content with his view of the color-changing sky, until commotion arises from the warrior den. They must be awake.

The black smoke pads back to the den, peeking his head into the entrance. "Are the lovebirds finally awake?" he asks, azure eyes bright with amusement.
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poppysplash's eyes widened as the sudden publicity of it all made her a bit anxious. her ears flattened against her head with an angry frown on her face, lip slightly pulled back in agitation. smokethroat. what the hell did he know? it was a simple mistake! friends fell asleep next to each other all the time- not that smokethroat knew anything about that. the day that tom gains any friends, is the day dogs stop being stupid. it just isn't gonna happen. she thought bitterly, lashing her tail.

"refilling, what!? oh, stars, youre so lucky we have an audience, otherwise you'd find yourself coughing up clumps of my fur from me reaching so far down your throat-"

poppysplash cut herself off, rolling her eyes. buckgait was next, offering her oh so grand idea of having a bigger nest. why the hell would they need that? tch. maybe i will build a bigger nest. just to spite them. besides, if willowroot is in my nest with me, then i don't have to worry about her running off and doing something stupid. i can watch over her. like friends do. ears flicking again, tide's response makes her visibly freeze. lovebirds? did he just call them lovebirds? that was ridiculous!

"that's fish-brained of you to say! we aren't lovebirds! willowroot doesn't love me like that! stop saying stuff that doesnt make any sense!"

she hadn't even realized that she hadn't even denied her own love for willowroot. even if she had... somewhere deep down, she knew that they'd caught her eye. and her heart. poppysplash was in love... even if she didn't know it.