private And who might you be? {Whisker}


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Jun 14, 2022

It wasn't often that Fire was found hunting the marshlands alone. Normally she had Azalea or Bigfoot with her whenever she felt the urge to hunt, but today she found all of her usual friends busy, and so she decided to strike it out on her own. She was truly a sight to behold amid the dreary darkness of the marshlands. A brand of fire amid the pitch black, with long legs that ended in oval tufted paws. Her form was slender, yet firm from moons of living in the wild. A sleek head with gentle contours was topped with ears that were tufted just like her paws and within her skull were eyes that were almond-shaped and dazzling green in color.

From a young age, she knew that she would normally stick out easily among the pine trees, and yet with practice, she had learned how to blend into the shadows just as well as the rest of her group mates. Her delicate reddish nose would twitch as she searched for scents upon the breeze and as she locked onto one, she followed it close to where it was known that loners were to live. She hesitated, not wanting to cause any more trouble than they already had with the Pine group, but her family also needed this food. Looking around, Fire would take a deep breath and step further out towards where the prey scent was leading her, hoping silently that she didn't run into any trouble.

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( ) A life of solitude is all that he’s ever known since his parents’ deaths moons ago. Although Whisker’s memories of them are growing fuzzy with each passing day, he keeps two flowers tucked behind one ear to remember them by, soft blue petals intertwined with achromatic fur. Forget-me-nots — an ironic choice of flora.

With this life of solitude comes ignorance to the struggles of the two groups nearby. Whisker tries to stay out of their way as best as he can, keeping to himself in the oak forest he calls home. It’s safer that way, he thinks.

However, sometimes his paws wander too far. Idle thoughts buzz in his head, his vision unfocused as he walks aimlessly. Whisker doesn’t notice how the undergrowth of the forest turns into damp peat of the marsh, nor the strong smell of cats that’s thick in the air. He’s lost in his own mind, his head stuck in the clouds rather than down on earth where it should be.

It isn’t until he runs face-first into the trunk of a pine tree that he snaps back to reality. Whisker yelps in surprise, falling backwards onto his rump. Nearby, a mouse scurries away, startled by the sudden noise. “Ow.” A paw rubs at his sore nose. That was stupid.

As the stinging fades, Whisker finally takes in his surroundings. One ear folds back, uncertainty in his mismatched gaze as he’s suddenly made aware of how far he’s wandered. “Oh, no. You should’ve paid more attention, you fuzzbrain.” Whisker’s snout wrinkles in distaste at his own foolishness, his tail tip flicking.

A breeze ruffles his fur, carrying with it the fresh scent of a stranger. Whisker blinks, standing up slowly, as if any sudden movements might get him attacked. “Hello?” His gaze searches the marshland, one paw tapping the ground in a nervous manner. “I don’t mean any harm, truly. I’m just a little… lost, hah.” An embarrassed laugh punctuates the last word, his ears flushing.

A soft sigh of disappointment would silently slip past her maw as a random noise sent her prey scurrying away. Rising from her crouched form, her head would give a gentle tilt as her ears picked up a voice not far away. She walked forward, her pawsteps surprisingly quiet as she stalked across the marsh floor.

Her fiery head would poke out from a clump of ferns and blink in surprise as she spotted an unfamiliar face in her home, "Oh! Hello there!" At the toms' embarrassed laugh, a warm smile would touch her maw as she stepped completely into the open. "No need to be embarrassed about getting lost. I tend to do that all the time myself, and I grew up here!" A soft rumble of laughter would flow from her throat before she continued, "My name is Fire. What's your name?"