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They Will Be a Legacy!
Jun 7, 2022

"Come along little ones, it is time for you to meet everyoen!" Sandras voice was soft as she gently nudged the little bundles of fur forward. She couldn't believe how old they are now and how big they have gotten. Almost old enough to start their own lives, training and working for the clan- but she hoped they would stay her little babies for just a little while longer. The cinnamon she-cat was thankful to those around her for helping her with her kittens. She didn't know what she'd do if she had to raise them alone, but Twilight has been a massive help and Sandra has been exchanging help with Briarstars' litter and her own. The clan was thriving and she couldn't be more proud of what her kits would or could do in the further.
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Crowkit knew that his siblings had been out and about, exploring this strange new world that was their home. He didn't particularly mind that he hadn't been as playful or sociable as they had, because what meaning was there to meeting others when he was content with his mother and siblings for company?
It was, unfortunately, a bit harder to sit back and ignore the other kittens that had been born not long ago, and who had, with Briarstar's kits, made the nursery feel quite full.
Curiosity piqued, Crowkit trailed quietly after Sandra when she left the nursery with her kits in tow, and he almost hoped that she or the little ones wouldn't notice him, so he could just observe from the sidelines.
"Hi." Ghost's here. 'Cause he wants to say hi to the kits. "Hi."

He's doing a good job, he thinks. He notices Crowkit too, all sneaky-like from behind Sandra. He's seen Marrowkit and Ravenkit and Sli... um, the other ones... he's seen them lots of times, but not Crowkit. Crowkit is shy, he thinks. But that's okay cause they're gonna be friends anyways. He pads towards Crowkit and sits next to him. He's really polite and sits like a good kit, paws tucked in and tail tugged snug around his paws. He offers Crowkit a friendly blink, (it's the same as all his other ones) lips slightly parted as he searches for what to say to make friends good. "Hi."

Ghost wiggles in place, a bright squirming ball of fluff next to the dark pelts of his clanmates. He's giddy from making friends so quickly, he was gonna get really good at it. Making friends with Crowkit was so easy though, but it was really hard with Granitekit and he doesn't know why. Ghost blinks up at Sandra, culling his wiggling by kneading pale paws into the ground. "Where did you get them?" he says, referring to the kits. Briarstar had more than her, is it because she's leader? "Did you forget some?"
Crowkit blinked in surprise when he was approached by the stranger, but he dipped his head awkwardly stiffly in greeting, as politely as he could; his mother had instilled a sense of graciousness in him, even if he rarely got to make use of his manners.
"Hello." He returned the greeting, not quite sure what else he could say-- but Ghost seemed friendly, and with his presence now made known, Crowkit had no reason to stay quiet. "How could she have forgotten some? Mothers aren't meant to forget their kits." His tone was rather blunt, but he meant no harm or disagreement.
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Granitekit makes a face as his mother nudges him out of the nursery. He does want to meet everyone in the Clan -- in fact, he's excited to do it! But why does she have to push him? He gives her a grouchy look and mews, "I can walk by myself, Mother!" There's more sass in his reply than his body can hold.

Dark, serpent-shaped emerald eyes dart back around to catch the pelts of older kits. One dark as night, the other pale and with the strangest eyes he's ever seen. The white kit stares unblinking at Granitekit and his littermates and asks Sandra if she's forgotten some. The black kit says mothers aren't meant to forget kits.

Granite huffs. "How come your eyes look like that?" He's curious more than anything, but it comes out rude, and he can't help but smile after he's said it. He looks from Ghostkit to Crowkit, his smile growing. "They're weird, huh? Don't you think so too?"
Crowkit says hi back. He's so nice. Though, he doesn't really get what he's asking. Ghost tilts his head, jaws parted as he considers this. 'Mother aren't meant to forget their kits.' "They aren't?" he asks, genuine. He blinks to Sandra's kits walking out behind her. "But Ms. Sandra has four, fuh-or. Briarstar had seh-ven..." he tells him, particular about how he pronounces his numbers, so he knows they're totally different. Four isn't seven... He shakes his head sadly.

And suddenly, one of them talks to him. He doesn't seem to care that three of his siblings were missing, cause he just asks about Ghost's eyes. He glances to his paws, before blinking up at Granitekit again. "Are... are they wrong?" he asks, not offended, but rather checking his facts. There aren't any puddles so he can look, he realizes. "They- they're... wei-rdd...? Are they weird?" he asks, making a strange face as he turns to Crowkit.
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At first, silt is uncertain - she was content to stay in the nursery with her mother and siblings, she didn't see why. But the pride in Sandras gaze has her taking a deep breath, and with a confidence she doesn't feel she strides forwards, pressed onwards by her mothers gentle touch. Wide eyes take in the sights and sounds of camp and all of the faces - some more familiar than others. She watches the two kits who approach with uncertainty, unsure if they'll like her. She hopes they will, the thought of dissapointing her mother sending a shiver of unease down her spine.

Granitekit it seems has no such qualms, and the first words he says to the other kits seem rude to her. It's not that it's untrue, for she's never seen any cat with eyes like his, not any of the other kits or queens, but she would never point such things out, and instead she quietly murmurs - "I think they're nice," a shy smile on her face. "I'm Siltkit," she introduces politely, eyes flitting to the two toms only briefly before her gaze is drawn away nervously. She wants nothing more than to slip back into their nest and hide away, but she can't. She settles instead on tucking herself as close to her brothers side as he'll allow, and idly rolling a pebble to pass the time.
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A little chuckle came from the cinnamon tabby queen, "Now, now Granitekit, be nice," She lightly scolded her son with a small lap to his ear before she spoke to Ghostkit, "No I didn't forget any, I just didn't have as many as Briarstar did. Every queen has different sized litters," Sandra wasn't one to shy away from answering questions from kits. She felt that knowledge was better than being left in the dark and besides, Ghostkit seemed rather curious about the idea. Thankfully it seemed like Siltkit was more optimistic about meeting their clanmates as she greeted than rather politely. Though then again, Granitekit seemed also excited but more in a sassy and grouchy way than his sister was. Then the queen looked behind her for Twilightkit, a shapr pang entering her chest at the memory of Sparkkit. Knowing their brown pelt wouldn't be follwoing behind the kits and their voice wouldn't share the same excitement. Ears flat to her head, Sandra tried to assure the idea she had three healthy kits that needed her. It'll be okay.
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A little body moved from behind their brother and peaked out from behind grey fur. Dual colored eyes wide and bright as they stared at the other kits quietly. Twilightkit hadn't really been interested in seeing that of the clan, and was uncertain about it. Though they didn't say much about the idea of their brother and Ghostkits' eyes. They where weird in a strange never-blinking way, and where there suppose to be more of them? Seven seemed like an awful lot for a litter of kittens! They couldn't imagine having so many siblings, they where happy with just Siltkit and Granitekit as their siblings. "I mean they are kinda weird, mama," Twilightkit squeaked out quietly and took up residence beside Siltkit, pressing into their sisters' side with a small tilt of their head.
When Granitekit makes a point of mentioning Ghostkit's eyes, Crowkit looks over at the other kitten with a blank stare, as if it had only just now occurred to him that he should look at those around him. He gives a noncommittal noise about the topic at hand.
"They're not like mine." Crowkit simply states, voice neutral.