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Things to do with Day Sibling, Eventide:
Maybe adopt out parents, Solstice and Lunar? get permission from Sae and Wolfy
Think out plots and arc.
Arc options:
1) Ego is stroked, giving him a sense of belonging and perceived loyalty and drive to remain as loyal as he can be while also breaking out of his anxiety-ridden shell more. If questioned on this, he will double down on his "choices."
2) Surrounds self in echo chamber. this is an option if he is turned away or if i can't find anyone to fulfill the 1st plot. This one he just spins not only lies to make himself seem like a victim in every situation he describes. he also becomes very manipulative and overly defensive and extremely resentful of those he perceives as wronging him or doubting him.

do more art of him. he's cool just hard to doodle cause of spots
[img width=700px] OUT LATER[/img]

[size=20px][b][color=COLORHERE]MANTISSONG'S POOR UNFORTUNATE SPAWN[/color][/b][/size][/justify][/box]
[box=76%][slider height=400px][slide][justify][b]THEIR STORY:[/b] fill out story later


[size=20px][b]RELATIONS; [url=]MANTISSONG[/url] x [URL=ême-dans-un-sommeil-éternel-owltalon.3427/]OWLTALON[/B]; [size=17px]KITS WILL BE GEN 2[/size][/size]
— nieces / nephews to NPCs
— cousins to NPCs
— grandchildren to NPCs

LH Albino Oriental Mixed breed masking Spotted Tabby Ginger with Medium White (Carrying Chocolate, Dilute, Lykoi gene, Classic Tabby, Amber gene, and Sunshine gene) x LH Blue Chimera with Low White (Carrying Cinnamon, selkirk rex traits(curly hair), and point)

Toms will either be red or cream
Mollies can be tortie, dilute tortie, chocolate tortie, or lilac tortie
Kits can be either solid or tabby(any genetically solid red cats will still appear tabby)
Kits can be point-albino

[columns=2][b]MANTIS'S NAMING LIST[/b]


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Mannerisms for Mistmoon:
- walks very slowly, almost seems to float.
- Speaks softly. Lots of elipses, simple words, alot of her thoughts are in her head. Thinking similar to Blue pearl? She uses alot of analogies.
Mistmoon gazed at NPCpaw as they spoke, her dull eyes emotionless as she listened to what they had to say. Perhaps that was the way the world should be, a young apprentice lamenting to an older cat, hoping they provided wisdom, but alas, Mistmoon was barely 3 moons their senior, her knowledge, her wisdom barely that of a bird who was just tossed from the nest to find they had their flight feathers. "Perhaps," She answered, her soft voice barely above a whisper as she turned her eyes downward to the prey between them, their hunt interrupted by NPCpaw's insecurity. "But... you shouldn't fret so much... we all will catch the wind eventually, some just... developed their feathers faster than others," She mused, continuing her little analogy she had in her head before leaning down and picking up the prey they had caught and, without another word, she wistfully walked off, eyes toward camp. Perhaps NPCpaw will understand or, more than likely, they will just brush off her weird words. Nonetheless, she felt assured in her own words that she, too, was figuring it out.
- She's eerie. she likes to stare at people, watching them. She catalogues people, their actions, their behaviors, etc.
- Family-oriented, like many shadowclanners, and she's protective of her family.