ANGRY MEN [ elk ]

ELK for his muscular and strong appearance
— one hundred twenty-one moons ; created 7/7/2022
— killed by Honeybee in the Great Battle, [ 7/1/2022 ]
— cisgender male, uses he/him pronouns
— heterosexual heteroromantic
— child of NPC x NPC [1st gen.]
— many siblings [ open, just ask ]
— mated to Partridge [NPC]​

— A large and heavy structure. This tomcat of pure white color is a formidable friend and awful foe. Elk is made of muscle instead of fat, like the kittypets he despises, and had built that muscle all his life. Standing at a tall height, he towers over most cats in the marsh though the thick white pelt still drags along the earth. Stocking legs hold him firmly in place while a broad back is used to give badger-rides to the kittens in camp. Long whiskers and a wisp of a mustache sit upon his broad muzzle while tufts of white stick up atop his ears and out from his ears. And grays? They line his muzzle and face along crisp lines to mark his age.

( + ) friendly, loving husband, loyalty
( / ) loud, high energy
( - ) hot-headed, brash, simpleton
— death fodder for StarClan Creation Plot​
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