Annual Riverclan Mic Night! // Comedy&Talent Night


from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

So after days of trying to convince Cicadastar to allow such a thing, the day finally came! Suppose pestering someone daily was a good way to get what one wanted. They had this brilliant idea from Willowroot, a little entertainment night! They use to do these when they where kits and made up little songs, little dances or poetry of some kind! It was something they wanted to share with the clan for a while not, and finally it was time! They spent the entire day setting up a little slab of rock as a stage by the river, using it as a backdrop, and catching prey for cats to sit down and eat. It was entirely exhausting and probably a bit overboard, but it was fine! The excitement boiled in their tiny little body as they sat nearby the stage and watched their clanmates mill about.

As the sun began to set, they dopped up onto their little make shift boulder stage and raised their voice as loud as it would go, "Here ye here ye!," They crowed with excitement and wagged their bushy black tail, "Cats young and old! Come join by the stage for tonights event!" Orange eyes glittered with the sun as it sat in the sky, perfect timing! The golden hour as they so call it! Raccoonpaw sat down on the stage with their chest puffed out in joy, "I would like to present the first ever Riverclan entertainment night! Come one come all! Watch kits do skits, share some of your creativity in poetry or stories! Make us bundle over with laugher or cry at your own will!"

This would be perfect. With everything going on in camp, With everything going on right now, and Cicadastars' paranoia, they clan could use humor! Could use a night of fun and activities, something chill. Raccoonpaw hopped down from the stage and waited to see who would want to be part of the fun!
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He was not here because he had come willingly, rather he had watched Racoonpaw silently drag rocks around and make a pile of fish with all the enthusiasm of a new apprentice out on their first territory patrol. The dark tom was not going to lie and say he didn't have some degree of curiousity at the display, but the explaination left a little to be desired. Entertainment night? Stories? Poetry? Skits? Was this some new game kits played that he wasn't aware of? Some pretend situation? Not that he really had much knowledge of kit games outside what he'd seen in RiverClan so far, having been an only child without any other kittens his age growing up; but this felt a little too extravagant for a mere game. The black and white apprentice seemed to be taking this very seriously.
Long black legs carried him over, shoulders slouched and head low to address the much smaller cat, "What ruckus are you making now, Racoonpaw? What's with the rock?" Smokethroat felt like he was missing something, but then again he always felt like he was missing something; as if there was one great inside joke everyone knew but him.