another day | hunting



As dawn broke over the horizon her eyes narrow slightly. Not like she got any real sleep given her restlessness. She felt tired but she couldn't seem to get comfortable enough to actually drift off to sleep. So she shifts and moves almost all night. Now as the day comes the tailless molly pulls her too thin frame from her bed and she wanders into camp. Normally she gets breakfast first but today she wants to go and be productive quickly. It's to help her not dwell on how much things have changed, the family she has lost. Time can heal sure but she doubts that her emotions will let her. Biting back a sigh she looks around because she knows she will need someone to come with her. Given her issues she's never been out of camp to hunt on her own. She can take walks and the like just fine but other than that she needs someone in case something happens even if she finds it annoying she looks for someone. Amber eyes boil with many emotions before they land on some cat and she steps over.

"Hey, Churro, can you come with me hunting? I need to do something or I might lose my mind." All she did was sit around camp all day before so today she needs to do something. Father always wanted her to get her rest though and she frowns as grief pulls through her once again. Turning her head away for a moment she waits there for an answer as she steps a bit towards the exit of camp. Anyone can join her after all. She supposes company is better than being alone with her thoughts.


-- anyone can join her!

Golden paints the edge of the horizon as dawn encroaches. As routine for Harpyfall, he's ventured into the camp before most are awake. But there are two that he can see; Churrodream, a fellow daylight warrior, and Drizzlethroat. The latter is inviting the former out on a hunt. A good idea, especially for the molly who is surely grieving her brother's death. Nothing is better for grief than focusing on one's work.

"I'll come," Harpyfall interrupts, perhaps before Churrodream could even answer for herself. Tufted ears flick towards his new hunting companions, nodding to them.