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oxbow !

there was no way oxbow could raise this litter on her own. she knew that. plus, the idea of living with other cats had always appealed to her. even if she hadn't become pregnant, she would've asked to join ruddy.

ruddy. she needed to stay away from him. he had made himself clear. he wanted nothing to do with these kits, and had practically threatened her when she asked to join him in riverclan.

what clans were there again? she knew that ruddy had originally been with the pine group, which was now skyclan. there was no way she would go there. there were also thunderclan and windclan, but they shared borders with riverclan and skyclan. the chance of her running into ruddy was far too high for her liking.

that left... shadowclan. not only was it the farthest clan from riverclan, ruddy had actively fought against shadowclan in the battle. oxbow doubted they had any positive feelings towards him, and would likely protect her kits from him if it came to that.

shadowclan was her only option. so she ran. she ran until she reached what she was pretty sure was the outskirts of shadowclan territory, where she waited for someone to find her.

she needed this to work out.
A shadow detaches from the treeline, eyes the color of fire narrowing on a lone molly with a rounded belly. Another outsider. She snorts. How tired she's grown of loners and kittypets assuming they can do what she does, what all of ShadowClan does.

"Awfully bold of you to walk into ShadowClan's territory like this." Her voice is lilting, a taunt etched into every syllable. Flicker strides closer to the curly-furred queen. Her walk is a sashay, but a sinister one. With every movement, every word, she communicates how little she is concerned with the other's presence.

"Nothing to worry 'bout. I wouldn't fight a pregnant lady." She wrinkles her nose in an approximation of a smile. "What're you doing here?" Wanting to join, she assumes, but she'll let the other spill her own story.


The woman is miserable for a lack of any other word go describe it. But she doesn't say anything, she doesn't let it show. Simply because she figures it doesn't matter how she feels currently. Her molten eyes glimmer in the background as she eyes the stranger. A molly with a pregnant belly just like her sister's. The idea is foreign to her but she understands it marginally. The kits that rest there waiting to be born. The woman touched by darkness and light doesn't leave the treeline of the shade. She has no need to and instead she merely watches from where she sits beside the trees. After all it appears that Flicker has it all under control and that is all that matters.

If the molly causes any issues she is sure that the both of them can handle it. This place has eyes all around it so it is best that she treads carefully in the shadows.
Oh, stars above... Are they not tired of worthless hostility? And directed to a pregnant woman as well?

Crow materializes from the shadows alongside the fire-flecked she-cat, their tail flicking a whisker's length from the boggy earth. "Oh, settle down," they murmur to Flicker, exhaustion creeping into their hushed voice. Glazed eyes observe the strange molly, although they do try for a lazy smile. "Hello, dear. Pay no attention to... them." They feel too disconnected from the marsh group- no, ShadowCan- to announce them as clanmates. They make a sweeping gesture towards the other two, one who taunts and the other who waits with muscles coiled as if a pregnant lady was going to cause any trouble. How brutish... "What brings you here?" Their head cocks to one side, blinking at her. They would not guess that she came to the swamps of all places of her own accord, especially when there's much more lovely out there.
Sage padded up behind her clanmates, eyes narrowing as she caught Flicker's taunting tone. The young molly--not much more than a kit herself, gave a small huff. What harm could an expectant queen really do? They'd never treat Briar like this, so why do it to someone from outside their borders? It wasn't as if they'd always been here. Her clanmates seemed to forget that rather quickly. It was disappointing, really. Sage had been born outside the clan, and the knowledge that they might not have greeted her with kindness if she'd appeared only slightly later was disheartening.

She nosed past them to stand beside Crow. She frowned, realizing how worried the queen looked. "Are you okay?" she asked.
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"If you're here to find shelter for you and your kits, we can provide it," Briarstar said as she approached the group, her tail swishing behind her and her own pregnant belly wagging back and forth with each step. "They will grow up to serve ShadowClan, as will you when you are done raising them. We need able-bodied hunters and fighters." She did not sugarcoat things. She wanted this feline to know what she was getting into before she joined, before she raised her kits to be marshland warriors. She sat back on her haunches to rest her tired paws and awaited an answer.