no angst apple cider and pumpkin patches // painting pumpkins!


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Jul 8, 2022

They had left camp early that morning, unable to stand sitting in the depths of the medicine den any longer, and had snooped a bit closer to that of the last of the twoleg camps. Noticing the young twolegs had these little orange pumpkins with them and had left them behind, no bigger than perhaps a medium sized fish, and Raccoonpaw had grabbed as many as their tail and jaws could hold. About four but they kept having to drop two, go back for the other two and the repeat until they finally got to camp. They had gotten this idea in their head, a brilliant one if asked about it, and they where excited to share it with the clan!

Those little twolegs had been using these bright colors to pain over the orange pumpkins, the four Raccoonpaw had nabbed had the least amount of the colors on them, and they thought it would be fun. The settled the pumpkins up on the side of the river inside of camp, and then bounded away for Beesongs' herbal storage to steal a few berries from him. They could use berry jucie to paint them! An excited little noise camp from the heavily injured cat, and they had to slow their pacing as their sides started to heave with their excitement. The wounds were starting to heal, but it still hurt if they did too much at one time or pushed themselves too far. They weren't even suppose to leave camp really.

Regardless, Raccoonpaw sat down with the berries before them and gave a little wag of their tail. This would be so fun! Mayhaps the kits would want to join in? Maybe Frostpaw? They weren't sure and just wanted to get started!
*:・゚✧☁ ⋯ The bright orange, huge berry-like things immediately draw Gloomkit's attention. Creeping away from the moss figurine she'd been working on, she slinks towards the pumpkins as soon as Raccoonpaw is away to get paint-berries. Weird! Sniffing at them, she nudges one with a paw, but further gnawing and investigation is interrupted by their return.

Peering at them from behind the pumpkin, her expression asks the question her words don't. Bounding to Raccoonpaw's side, she looks from the pumpkins to the paint. Briefly she spots their wounds, deciding not to ask about them. Still, they look painful. Gloomkit thinks she might've laid in a nest all day if she went through what they went through.

"What're these?" she questions, throwing her head towards the pumpkins.

If not for the child's question and the light thump sound on the ground nearby, Brook wouldn't have even known Raccoonpaw brought items back to camp. Curiously approaching, while being cautious not to run into whatever was placed onto the ground, she leans forward and sniffs with a pink nose. Whatever this was, it let off a faint distinct scent she's never encountered before. Gently she paws at it, it was cool to the touch and round.

"Beats me too." Brook says to Gloomkit, as she waits for the apprentice to reveal what was right before them.



It never fails that Frostpaw was searching for the other, especially with how things are now as of late. Raccoonpaw was still healing from their injuries and Frostpaw worried that they would get injured again and she could not bare to see the other hurt again so it was to her relief when she heard the voices of Brook and Gloomkit that had made her approach to see that Raccoonpaw had been okay, though she wondered where the other had gotten the pumpkins.

Brook and Gloomkit had no idea what they were and in truth, nor did Frostpaw as she has never seen one before, had she realized that Pumpkinpaw had been named after these tiny little things she would be surprise but... noticing the stolen berries Raccoonpaw had as well as the excited look in their gaze Frostpaw decided to not ask what the rount tiny gourds were but... "what do you plan on doing with them?" her voice warm as she came to stand near Gloomkit and Brook, giving both a greeting flick of the tail Gloomkit's question valid and so was Brook's own confusion but the "what are those" question had been answered and its now time to move onto "what do you need them for" kind of deal.
Peachkit, like the rest of her gathered clanmates, had never seen a pumpkin before. She trotted over, green eyes round with intrigue. She reached out a small, pale orange paw to poke at them, and then leaned forward to sniff them suspiciously. They didn't smell like something bad, so she gave the orange spheres a curious lick. They didn't taste bad, but she wasn't so sure they tasted good to her either. Nobody else seemed certain exactly what Raccoonpaw had brought into the camp either, but Frostpaw had already asked what they planned on doing with them, so Peachkit simply waited expectantly to hear an answer.

The interest that follow their little set up made them smile brightly, and they gave a small bounce on their paws which was regretted afterwards. Giving a pained noise and shook out their coat for a moment before addressing the questions, "I saw these tiny twolegs doing this earlier in the day! They took these, they are pumpkins, and was painting them with these bright colors!" Those orange eyes where wide with wonder at the memory and they swished their tail back and forth quietly, "So with everything going on, I figured it'd be fun to do it ourselves! A little leaf-fall activity!" This smile crossed their maw and they moved to nudge a pumpkin forward.

Then took a black paw and smushed down on the berries they had taken from Beesong, then took their paw to plaster it across the pumpkin. It made a purple streak across the orange surface, "See? Give it a try!" The gestured with a berry-covered paw at Peachkit and Frostpaw, not thinking that Brook might want to join in.

Gillpaw watches Raccoonpaw with curious eyes. Berries splattered against giant orange berries - or, maybe they were rocks? Gillpaw isn't sure - was truly an odd sight, one that didn't just attract the gaze of the black and white tom, but others, as well.

White paws make their way over to Raccoonpaw, watching for a moment alongside the rest of their audience. The orange objects, they were kind of neat looking! But, Gillpaw's never seen anything like that around RiverClan before, he's fairly certain.

As he ponders the objects' origins, the older apprentice speaks.

Pumpkins. They're called pumpkins.

"P-Pumpkins?" Gillpaw asks, confusion heavy in his voice, "Wh-where did you get pumpkins?" He assumes, with such a story, that apprentice stole it from the twolegs, but hopes that's not the case.

He watches as berries are pressed into the pumpkin, reds and blues splashing across the orange exterior. Raccoonpaw thinks it'd be fun, and, maybe they're right? It does look fun, after all. Gillpaw looks down at the berries and - with little hesitation - sticks a paw into them, smashing a portion of them for himself. A blue-stained paw swipes at the pumpkin, sunny eyes gleaming in amusement at what's left behind by the action.

"N-Neat!" Gillpaw declares, before looking towards the youngest audience members, "Come t-try it!"
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Oh, pumpkins? Brook has heard of such objects, they were apparently vibrant orange, big and rounded... Rounded they certainly felt, but big? These seemed awfully small in comparison to what she had been told... had the cats in her youth lied about the size of these things? "I always thought they were bigger." Brook says in a questioning tone, running a paw over one of the vegetables again as if mistaken.

A decorating activity sounded fun- well, not that she knew. Decorating was to please a sense she didn't have, but feeling the different textures was the fun Brook got out of decorating. Sounded like a lot of young cats surrounding her, maybe she could play the role of supervising adult! Didn't sound like a bad idea, she thought with a smile.

Brook twitches to smell, but to no avail, "What are you using to decorate these pumpkins, Raccoonpaw?" Her paw is feeling the ground around her, attempting to reach for whatever was being used.