As Red As An Aster Flower// Asterkit

Jun 7, 2022

Aster, Asterpaw, Aster??
— Aster; for their red fur like the flower
— AFAB Non-binary Masculine \ They/Them/It/Its \ Panromantic Demisexual
— 00 months \ ageing every 8th
— Kit

Gardenia X Sage
— Basil, Hyacinth, Marigold
— mother/father/parent one
— previously mentored no one
— mentored by TBA

A long-haired red and white tabby cat with amber eyes.
— Aster is a rather large cat with wide paws, wide shoulders and a broad head. They stand above average fully grown and weigh in at about nine to nine and a half pounds. Aster has long fur that sweeps the ground they walk on that is a deep red color with mackerel tabby pattern across their body. They have white across their muzzle, up the bridge of their nose and on their chin to their chest, they also have white on their two front paws and their underbelly that extends under their tail and legs. Aster also has almong shaped amber eyes that have a ring of green around the pupil. reference
— scars, current physical injuries NONE
— any ongoing illnesses NONE

✧ POSITIVE TRAITS: Brainy, Bold, Caring, Confident, Easygoing
✧ NEUTRAL TRAITS: Absentminded, Ambitious, Outspoken, Sarcastic
✧ NEGATIVE TRAITS: Compulsive, Difficult, Envious, Forgetful, Petty

— Aster has always been the life of the party, bold and boisterous comes naturally to them. They're confident to almost concieted and has a very easy going spirit as they like to go with the flow of things. Aster can be quite outspoken on their thoughts though and it often comes across as them being difficult to deal with as they always have to have the last word. Envious of those around them, they can be very petty and throw a lot of vengence around when provoked. Aster also never seems to think out their actions and acts impulsively.
— Chaotic Neutral, Gryffindor
ADHD, Borderline Personality, Autism

talents, experience? what are they good at?
what are they poor at, or dislike doing?
peaceful powerplay and healing powerplay is okay!
smells like the aster flower and honey
sounds like Austin from Austin and Ally
— penned by wolf_