At the Gala || Pre-gathering Fur Decoration (Thunder/River)

Jul 10, 2022
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Frostpaw had noticed it, the hush tones of Emberstar and Cicadastar as they discussed their current situation, the thunderclanners who have escaped from the fire now settling safely within Riverclan's camp, and the gathering was fully upon them. Everyone was stressed for sure and this brought a gentle look of concern from the young apprentice to the point where she had gather a few members of both Thunderclanner and Riverclanners alike to find small things such as flowers, feathers, scales, and many much more that were enough to be able to be tangled within the furs of the leader. Flowers gently tucked between the young apprentice's jaw as she made her way forward, dropping them down in front of both the leader's paws with a gentle smile encasing her maw. "Cicadastar? Emberstar? I am sorry to interrupt but on behalf of both...Riverclan and Thunderclan" she paused before flicking her tail to the gathering group of mostly apprentice-aged cats who all were also looking up at the two beloved leaders.

"We wish to decorate your furs before the gathering, if you'll allow it" she said warmly towards them, a look of pleading in her bi-colored eyes. A moment of relaxation would help a lot for both groups before the gathering and she figured it would be a nice way to welcome the other clan into the camp. A small fun bonding activity if you may, and a nice way of getting to know each other. She was sure both leaders would appreciate it, especially with both the concerns laying heavy on their minds. "Of course, if you disagree there's an army of us and just two of you" a gentle teasing smirk played on the rebellious young apprentice.

She hoped they would agree to the idea, after all the other clans would surely be jealous if the two leaders and their members came waltzing in with their furs beautifully decorated that complimented their furs while the others showed up with nothing to show for their bonds with each other. Of course, tonight would be her first gathering as well and she was excited to see what would happen tonight since she had been grounded the last gathering and made up for it this whole moon. "Oh! And think of it as a sort of welcoming gift too Emberstar" she beamed up at the sandy-colored leader, still silently hoping she had swayed both leader to agree to her and many of the apprentice's silly little idea.
Her throat is still hoarse and sore, breathing was something that had to become manual with the amount of effort it took for smoke-stained lungs to take in oxygen. If it were up to her, she'd bury herself in Nightingales side and never come out, but it wasn't up to her and the harsh truth of the world was that it kept moving without you. She had sobered up to clan life faster than anything else in the world, she had been convinced her world was going to end. She had snuggled up to Flamewhisker, accepted her life was going to end in a fiery blaze.

And for the first time in her entire life, Koko had regretted following Nightingale to Thunderclan, followed by immense guilt. The Riverclan rescuers came not long after, along with what remained of unburnt Thunderclan. They were saved, nothing else could hurt them. Everything else was a blur, but she was asked by a gray pelted apprentice to do something fun. Koko was exhausted, just wanted to sleep, and in the tired state she found herself following after her. She barely knew this girls name.

Theres a couple flowers held in her jaws and shes staring at her paws, not bothering to look at either of the two leaders, her pelt burning with shame and terror. She begins to wheeze, flowers dropping against the ground as she coughs, covering her maw with a white paw. If anything, she'd decorate Emberstars pelt, and then Flamewhiskers for saving her. For not letting her potentially die alone. Shes so dizzy.


A S H P A W.

"Yeah! We're an armyyy!" Ashpaw yells, bounding forward with her own collected trinkets, a few flowers and shells but mostly fish scales—she's plucked them from the fresh-kill pile, the shiny blues and greens of RiverClan. She thinks the shells might not stay on anybody's fur but she's still gonna try.

She pauses beside Koko, one of the little girls from ThunderClan... who looks really upset. "Hey," she says softly, "don't be scared. Cicadastar only bites WindClanners." She knows lots of the ThunderClanners are sick from the fire, but she doesn't know what to do, so to the coughing she offers a sympathetic wince. She'll attempt a friendly cheek-nuzzle before scampering closer to Frostpaw and the leaders, getting as close to Cicadastar as he'll allow.

"I have fish scales," she whispers, scooting them closer to him with one paw.

She turns bright green eyes back to the other kits and apprentices, eager to see what they'll bring. She's so excited! A Gathering tonight! Her very, very first.

—— " i found gold in the wreckage "

A blink was her first response as a jumbled mix of kits and apprentices, Thunderclanners and Riverclanners both, approached her and Cicadastar. It was certainly a strange sight, and recent events had left her tired. It took a moment longer for a smile to spring to her maw than it normally might. Once it did though, laughter quickly followed.

"Ooooooh, how about it, Cicadastar?" she asked mirthfully, affectionately nudging the other leader. In an instant, her whole demeanor had shifted. She was almost more childish than the kits themselves. "I think we should do it. It sounds like a ton of fun!" she declared, glancing over to give the assembled youths a brilliant grin. More than just wanting to get herself prettied up, she really wanted to see them do it to the Riverclan leader. The only time she'd really seen him was at gatherings, and the idea of him up there with the other leaders, but his pelt was all decorated? Was really, really funny.

As she glanced over the assorted items, she was immediately distracted from the conversation. She put her paw on a bright orange flower. "I like that one!" she exclaimed. It was a nice color. Though, she wasn't certain how it'd look against the long burn scar that now decorated her back and part of her shoulders.

Emberstar shook off the thought, she wanted it anyway.
✦ ★ ✦

This is to be Kelpi's first gathering - and she's eager to get her first glimpse of the other clans she's heard so much gossip about. Thunderclan's addition to their camp is a bit of a change, but as a traveler she'd been the visitor often enough to ignore it, the only inconvenience the slew of odd names to memorize. Her pelt still smells of smoke beneath the salt and algae scent she calls he own, but she pays it no mind as she strides forwards on steadfast paws, ignoring the twinge in her scarred limb. She will not show weakness.

A dazzling smile slips onto her lips as she eyes the beautiful decorations that have been foraged, her eyes catching on the many plants and flowers. A paw snatches up purple petals and she's quick to chew them into a paste, carefully splashing them across her paler locks on her chest. She's always loved to paint her fur, though it's not something she's seen done often here. hells and scales are quick to catch her eyes, and with a cheerful smile she turns to the nearest feline to her. "Would you mind helping me with these? I'm not the best weaver yet, but I could paint your fur in trade," she offers.

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The idea is a great one, Crappiepaw thinks. Decorating their leaders to show just how much better RiverClan and ThunderClan are than the rest of the clans sounds very fun. And it’s even funner to be one of the cats who gets to decorate the leaders! "’Star, lean down just a lil'," they mutter, reaching up to try and place a few of their flowers among the leader’s shoulder fur. "These will make you pretty. The other leaders will be jealous, except her." They gesture to the ThunderClan leader—they do not know her name, but they know that she is a ‘star just like the mottled tom.

Crappiepaw levels a bright green gaze at Emberstar, still trying to slip the stems of their impossibly bright flowers into Cicadastar’s coat. "D’you also want flowers?" They don’t mind that she isn’t a RiverClanner; everyone deserves to be pretty for the gathering.

The lead warrior felt as if he was drowning in apprentices and if there was a hell made specifically for each cat to go to when they died sinfully and without apath to the stars then he imagined his had him mentoring countless young cats who all rolled their eyes and bossed him around.
After a quick check with Beesong regarding possible toxins, he did not want to let the apprentices poison themselves of the clan, he had arrived back in camp dragging the long dock leaf piled up with assorted bits and pieces to add to the collection.

Smokethroat had been asked to help and not just stand there like a statue waiting to leave, so he offered his services in the only way he was capable; violence. The dark tom moved to sit off to the side, berries and other colorful leaves and clumps of clay spread out over flat stones in preparation to be smashed and pulped down into a fine paste to be used for paints, his paws reddish-purple as he kneaded the current collection of them in front of him with perhaps a little too aggressive a display of paw strikes. Decorating one's fur was almost as mystifying to him as decorating one's nest, he just couldn’t understand the meaning of it because he had never been a cat with any eye for aesthetics or an appreciation for pleasing-to-look at things. Not to say he couldn’t admire when something was beautiful, it just wasn’t common and rarely was it ever something done deliberately. He admired the sky, he admired the river, he admired the gray and black patchwork of fur like dark pools in a sea of white, he liked watching fish dart through the water.
The dark warrior’s assault on the berries at his paws continued with more enthusiasm than before out of confused frustration.

He didn’t plan to contribute in the affair outside preparation but enough complaints from Frostpaw had him sporting a series of bright red petals and orange fall leaves tucked into his fur around his neck and behind his ear; it wasn’t so bad but he felt quite silly and his expression was a neutral frown as he took his unease about another gathering out on the defenseless berries underpaw.

" @Kelpie. you are asking the wrong cat...I can barely weave dens properly without them looking sloppy..." Not for lack of trying, he genuinely did, he just had no real patience for such small tasks and he raised a purple paw with a wave in the direction of the apprentices, "Ask one of the kits..."
Buckgait had given them lessons on it some time ago, he knew Frostpaw and Ashpaw were capable.


He feels rather odd sat there among his clanmates and the RiverClan cats. At the suggestion of decorating their furs, Flycatcher looks around, uncertain what to make of the offer. It is a nice suggestion but he doesn't know what to think about it, his mind elsewhere at that current time. Still, he doesn't want to be seen as being grumpy and isolating himself from the fun, so he bows his head and submits to having his fur decorated. "Feel free to do with me as you wish," Flycatcher says in a light tone to the RiverClan closest to him. "I don't mind what you use so long as I can get it out afterwards."

Decorating fur for a gathering? Her head was too cloudy to even process what a gathering was. She had heard rumors of a gathering of all the cats, but she still found it hard to believe that there was even more cats than simply the ones in her clan. Though, the other clans must be real, because now Thunderclan was sheltering in Riverclan.

As she approached, she was relieved to see that Koko was...well, at least alive. None of her classmates were doing great right now, but at least they were alive. The ginger she cat sat down, her limbs trembling from the motion. She was still weak after being trapped in the Elder's den. She hadn't been awake when her clanmates rescued them, she had passed out from the smoke. She had various smaller sized wounds from sheltering Koko from the embers.

− ♱ ABOUT : the man is speaking with emberstar. hushed tones, quiet voices — he's thankful for the brief interactions theyd had prior. a moon ago, resting at the mangled roots of towering oaken trees, speaking just as close as they were now, albeit about wildly differing things. no longer did his former friends name grace his lips in quick slopes of concern. now, his concern reaches toward her clan. a decimated home. patrols of warriors healthy enough for labor are sent in waves towards the oaken first, working to clear singed brush and thistle to make their sandy hollow inhabitable again. the molly was struggling, he could tell. her usual cheery demeanor had quite obviously taken a toll, and while the unusually unenthusiastic expressions were disarming coming from the smaller leader, the mottled tom still found himself empathizing with her. to lose a life was traumatizing — he could not imagine the brutality of it paired with such reconstruction. he'd done his best to keep the refugee thunderclanners comfortable as he could amongst his own warriors, though their aversion to water made it a little difficult.

frostpaw’s voice brings him from his thoughts, pale luminaries moving from where they had been locked on his fellow leader, blinking once at the alabaster apprentice before his brain gallops to comprehend. we wish to decorate your furs before the gathering, if you'll allow it. laughter, albeit not unkind ; a vivacious smile spreads upon his rubberblack maw, attempting to stamp down the flare of pride that blooms golden within his chest. emberstar nudges him, giggling herself. how about it, cicadastar?it doesn’t seem we have much of a choice. “ he responds, giving the approaching apprentices a teasingly apprehensive look. it’s then that ashpaw approaches, beaming and boasting of fish scales after coaxing a young thunderclanner to relax, her voice soft and comforting. she’s growing into a fine warrior, caring and empathetic — he gives her an affectionate nudge with his nose, eyeing the fish scales she’s scattered before him curiously, “ you certainly do, liebling. “ he meows, taking the moment to scoop a scale and tuck it into the fur along her shoulder. he sits back, eyeing his work with a feigned critical eye before breaking out into a grin once more, “ lovely.

crappiepaw approaches and cicadastar’s attention turns, a mirthful glint to his pale luminaries. ’star, lean down a little. he does one better — the unusually tall leader settles onto his stomach, making himself perfect height for the apprentices to start weaving into his curled fur. it’s then when he notices smokethroat, large paws working at a smattering of berries he’s mashing to a pulp beneath worn pads — using a brief moment, he snatches a blue flower from the pile brought in, aiming to tuck it gently into white - speckled fur, “ you didn’t think you’d be coming out unscathed, huh, lead warrior? “ the man purrs playfully, settling back down to the youths level — and if he succeeded, admiring the way the cool - toned flora brings out a sunburst fire from the shadowy male’s eyes.

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

  • none.


Her offer is turned down immediately, and she gives a bit of a pout at that Sometimes she wonders if Smokethraot doesn't actually like her, but then she remembers he's like that with everyone, and so she settles for sticking her tongue out childishly and turning her attentions elsewhere. Unfortunately, most of the kits and apprentices seem busy, so she suppose it'll be a while before she's able to have her fur done up. Instead, the pile of shimmering scales and @Flycatcher 's offer has her grinning brightly - grabbing a pawful as well as some of the dye's that have been made between her own efforts and smokethroats, plodding over to the tom. "I'd love to paint your fur then!" she offers cheerfully, dropping her 'supplies' at her paws. "What color you want?" Isn't this a great way to make friends?!

There was a lot of cats gathered in a group off to the side of the camp, and Raccoonpaws' curiousity got the better of them. They approached the group quietly for a moment as they picked up pieces of the conversation that was going on- decorating fur? That sounded like so much fun! With Thunderclan now sharing their camp with them, it would make sense they tried to get along. Though Raccoonpaw as sure that Emberstar couldn't have a bad bone in their body! She was so nice, and her warriors where also very kind to them thus far. The black legged apprentice moved through the throng of cats till they came to Frostpaws' side, "Can I join in? I'd love to put some like daisy in your fur," They spoked to the grey apprentice with a purr of amusement, "I also heard painting out fur! That sounds amazing? I wanna be blue!" They gave a little laugh and a wiggle of excitement at the prospect of being blue for a little bit.

The she-cat who offers to decorate him seems nice enough and Flycatcher is happy to be a willing canvas for her. He looks at the scales and dye she brings over with a curious expression, intrigued by how it will feel to have his fur decorated. When Kelpie asks him what colour he would like, he takes a moment to ponder the question. "Use whichever colour you would like!" He answers cheerfully. Although he could easily have picked out a colour, there's something more interesting in just letting Kelpie choose instead. "I trust in your judgement."


It felt strange having ThunderClan cats around. Not in the sense that he felt threatened, it was clear they were all just thankful to be alive and more than happy to rest and recover without causing trouble; but he had gotten so accustomed to RiverClan and knowing every cat's name and face that seeing unfamiliar ones just made him feel strangely uneasy. It was not their fault, of course, but it was hard to control how he felt-especially given he often times simply chose to ignore his own emotions.
His ear gives a flick, an involuntary twitch at a paw so suddenly near his face and he turns with a strained look to the dappled tom now cheerfully settling back down; allowing himself to become a canvas for kits and their bits and baubles. Smokethroat tilts his head, glances sharply up to see the almost barely visible edge of a blue flower now
Heat rises from his paws like a catching fire all the way up to the tips of his ears and he hunches his shoulders with an almost impudent and childish wrinkle of his nose, locking up and saying nothing felt like he was losing some kind of battle and if there was one thing he was not it was a cat who simply laid down and took punishment without some means of retaliation.
"Blue?" He found himself blurting out, tone incredulous, as if it was the color that had so distraught him and not the gentle and almost tender gesture. "If you're trying to soften me up with serene colors you'll need far more flowers than just the one."
He was a blade that would not be so easily dulled nor sheathed, that he felt softness might be a means to his end was not exactly subtle. The black cat was as prickly as they came and wanted nothing more than to shield himself with spikes and sharp things so no gentleness could ever reach him, because it was almost frightening to be made to feel exposed. It was agonizing how annoyed he felt with himself every interaction he had with the mottled tom. Was it some degree of struggling with grasping authority? Did he just not know how to handle cats so open with their affections and terms of endearment. He thought about Clayfur and Clearsight calling eachother honey and felt his insides twist and recoil in horror, it was a little much for a cat like him.
Shaking his head and trying not to look as horridly flustered as he felt, he waved a paw at Raccoonpaw and Frostpaw chatting off to the side, "Here, if you want blue-these are good to go." A shove was given to the smooth stone he'd been pulverizing berries on, sliding it away from him and to the two young cats to take over.


Finchcatcher sits awkwardly along the sidelines of, whatever was going on, green gaze watching with uncertainty.

Is this what RiverClan did? Spend time weaving things into their fur? How odd, Finchcatcher thinks, to have something so mundane be so important to their time.

He looks down at his own fur. What was once easy to keep laying flat was now a difficult task - patches of fur seemed to keep going missing as time went on, exposing scars, exposing burns. Would he even have fur left, if he kept getting himself stuck in harm's way?

Finchcatcher shifts his balance, an injured leg curled inward as he watches on. The decorations look... decent. Cosmospaw would've gotten a kick out of this, he's sure. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to join in, to let the RiverClan apprentices continue in their training, or, whatever, but the tom hesitates anyway. Surely no one would want to deal with his mess of fur, after all.

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