august moon just for you. || drizzle

Jun 7, 2022
Still holding steady with a stranger's laugh

the last remaining slivers of light that came from the sun had long since disappeared underneath the horizon to allow its counterpart to take charge of the ever expanding sky that hangs overhead the territories. among the darkness, the moon would bathe the forest in its charming and gentle glow giving it a sort of enchanted feeling.

most cats in skyclan have long since retired to their respective dens to rest but huckleberry had decided to stay up for a bit longer, head tilted upwards to peer at the stars through the small pockets of the treetops. it was hard for him to believe that rain and so many others who have lost their lives during the battle now are now dancing with the moon and her children way up there.

the smoke recalls just how heavy the atmosphere felt, the clan just suffered another blow recently with that being haze's death at the paws of who he believed was the cats on the moors. huckleberry didn't let himself linger on those thoughts for long as his attention was grabbed by the sound of someone pushing passed the openings of one of the dens to enter the clearing and it happened to be none other than drizzlethroat.

the lofty warrior offered the silver tabby a smile. " hey darlin', ah'm guessin' ya cain't sleep either? " he mews, voice relatively soft.