AVA'S PWYW COMMISSIONS [closed for now lol]

Jun 7, 2022

Heya! I'm Ava, and I draw battle cats in my free time
I've been doing commissions now for about 4-5 years and I strive to deliver pieces I'm proud of to my commissioners! Rest assured if you order from me I will do my best to create a piece that matches your visions and (hopefully) makes you go "!!!!!! OMG" or something equivalent when you see the finished piece LOL. I'm ALWAYS open unless stated otherwise

Examples of my artwork can be found below (6/7/22);

(Feel free to ask for more I can't easily upload a couple due to size restrictions!) Please currently note my inconsistent style, I am currently experimenting with brushes and other things! If you know a piece of mine that you particularly like how it looks, let me know and I'll try to replicate it the best I can!

- I'm pretty laid back tbh! So there is only a couple of these

- Place your commission by using the form below, I'll reply quickly on whether you're accepted or not! I only don't accept if I don't believe I could draw your commission well.

- I'm a PAY WHAT YOU WANT artist, which means... exactly like the name implies! I've been paid anywhere from $10-$30 dollars for my headshots and fullbodies. I don't have a minimum fee, but I will likely heavily simplify anything under $5 USD! By no means do I turn my nose to lower payment though, I appreciate everything ^^

- Once I accept your commission I will begin the sketch. Once I show you the sketch and you confirm we're good to proceed I require half-payment. At this stage forward if you cancel I will sadly have to keep half payment for my time (unless ofc I cancel on my side or I am taking wayyyy too long on a commission)

- Once I finish fully you will receive a watermarked version of your image. If everything looks good I'll ask that you send the remainder of payment! After I receive it you'll get your non-watermarked version c:

- I'm mainly a feline artist, but I can attempt other critters!

- Starting relatively soon I will be working full-time, I'll try to finish as quickly as I can but I ask for some patience!

- I take payment via PayPal!

(Please delete everything in brackets!)

Character name:
Character bio: (optional, but helps me get a clearer vision of your oc)
Headshot or fullbody:
BG color: (I can give you both a colored and transparent version)
Other specifications:


- Jay (art trade)
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Sorry yall for failing you completely, Im just doing EVERYONE the favor of discarding current commissions and closing shop rn. My muse for art fluxuates so at a time where its strong ill open up and take a few slots <3

SORRY for my shitty business-ship (or whatever the proper word would be!!!)