BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE || snuggle time

Sep 15, 2022

With autumn comes the cold, and Yewberry was not exactly fit for the cold. He was small and shorthaired, not exactly well insulated. At night he would curl up as best he could and hope for the best.

Some nights however, his best was not enough. Other warriors would lay close to each other in the cold, sharing their warmth. But Yewberry.....He was too shy for that.

It was pretty cool tonight though..... And he was cold.

So..... When he was sure everyone was asleep, he went to the nearest cat and snuggled up beside them.

Crowcall roused at the sudden press of another pelt against hers, and when her golden eyes cracked open, she gave a drowsy smile towards Yewberry and subconsciously moved closer to him. While the presence of other cats certainly did help to combat the cold, nights like these had Crowcall wishing that she was back at the barn, where the doors shut at night to keep the icy night air out, and where there was always hay to sleep in.

Perhaps tomorrow she could look for hawk feathers to sleep on. Hopefully there would be at least one good thing coming from such a bad situation.

Another breeze flowing through the camp had her shivering, and her tail moved to lay across another cat's sleeping flank in hopes of stealing some of their warmth—and offering her own in return.
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Everything Stays

Fall had started to claw its way through the moorland, causing the nights to be colder than usual and Inkylotus found himself shivering. The tom was rather small in his own way and skinny as well, so naturally he got cold very fast. Normally the sightless cat would be found cuddled up beside Duskfire with Slitherpaw or something of the like, but he had a restless night that night. He was a bit further from them tonight and looked up as he heard movement nearby. Nose twitching as he picked up Yewberrys' scent followed by Crowcall.

Inkylotus gave a small shiver as a cold breeze blew through the clearing, and he sort of wished that Windclan did have dens. It certainly would be nicer than sitting out in the cold but he also understood why they didn't. The blind, black cat shifted a bit in his spot on the dirt ground for a moment before scooting over to Yewberry and the she-cat to nuzzle into Crowcalls' fur with a soft purr. There that was much warmer.
Ravensong awoke at the first shuffling of movement near Crowcall, and when looking over through blurred, drowsy vision, only saw Yewberry and laid his head back down. When the second movement came, he was slightly more alert, and saw Inkylotus. Was it truly so cold out here that they all felt the need to huddle together like rabbits? While he wasn't convinced, he did eventually end up moving to join their little pile of warmth, primarily just to remain close to his sister (and to make sure that nobody else could get close to her in the process).

In the morning, he would deny it vehemently, but the night was cold and his clanmates were warm. Whether or not it was seen as a bad mark on his respectability as a warrior, there was no changing that simple fact.

And besides, it was much more comfortable here, anyway. After a few minutes of waiting for sleep to come to him again, Ravensong's crystal blue eyes drifted shut and his body went limp, chin resting atop Crowcall's side, lulled by the pattern of her breathing and the warmth surrounding him.
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Oh no....Was he not quiet enough? Was he not gentle enough? She curled her tail over him and he couldn't help but become a little flustered.

And now other cats were joining them! He wanted to run into the tunnels. But part of him said stay. There was nothing wrong with this, he just wasn't used to it. Give it a chance. He shivered a little and buried his face into his paws.

"G-good night, everyone." He managed softly.