babys got teeth | cricket



Playing inside is fun and all of that but he wants to explore and see what's in the camp. So he stumbles out with a determined fire in his gaze. The light is bright and he blinks a few times before looking around. It's so big and he bounces his way to the middle, turning all around to look with his mouth hanging open in awe. It's so awesome! Feeling giddy he bounds across one side of camp and then the other before he pauses as he sees something. A small thing with what looks like wings. His eyes narrow upon it and he crouches, crawling up to it and to his utter amazement it suddenly leaps away into the air and lands not that far from him. "Come back!" He squeaks after it before bumbling forward in a clumsy run. It jumps and he chases still he realizes he needs to be stealthy. So he pauses and his tongue sticks out from his muzzle thoughtfully.

Eyes narrowing he huffs as he crouches against the ground and he starts to inch his way closer. And closer still before he slaps a paw on the bug. "I got it! I got it!" He squeals in excitement before he picks up the twitching bug and suddenly launches himself in the direction of the nearest adult to drop it at their paws and show his unbelievable catch.


──⠀ ﹙†﹚⠀MORTIS ⠀: ⠀ clan life was exciting. everyone was so big and tall and loud — briarstar was finally letting him and his siblings tumble from the nursery to wobble their way gracelessly between too - long legs, much to their assumed chagrin. marrowkit himself had already nearly tripped two whole grownups already, and he wasn’t even trying to! as a result, the bicolored tomkit had been ushered to the furthest flank of the clearing, banished to bap around an unraveling ball of well - clawed moss outside of bone’s den, peering around the large slanted rock to try and get a glimpse of the smelly flowers his aunt had inside. he was getting bored, and the warriors didn’t seem too excited to have him bustling about their paws today. it was only when a youthful voice rings out over the clearing that his attention shifts from his cover game of mossball. bright orange luminaries flick upwards, dark pupils flexing and little skull jerking to fix his gaze on the source of the shout — his brother.

he was tearing after something and despite being shooed, the boy begins to trot quickly after the rosetted tomkit, ivory tail sticking straight in the air. i got it! i got it! the child’s eyes widen, the grin on his face curving curious as he strides his way around his brother, sunburst luminaries fixating on the insect. it was still twitching, long, notched limbs jerking aimlessly in the air. a grasshopper! he blinks, wrinkling the thin fur over his nose, “ you forgot to make it dead. “ marrow interjects, pointing a single white - tipped paw towards the insect, quirking a brow as if to say ‘ see? ‘. as if spurred by the motion nearby, the bugs wings would give a weak flutter, eliciting a sharp yelp and a skitter of nervous paws slightly backwards, “ nawwww, i hate it when they jump!

  • − marrowkit ; he / him. kit of shadowclan, son of briarstar and amber
    − longhaired spiky black tom w low white & sunburst orange eyes
    − three months old, penned by antlers