back in time; introduction

Aug 14, 2022

Thirty-two moons. Hollow Tree felt mixed feelings about her life. As if it all passed her by at a snail pace but also incredibly fast. She could still remember her younger days. The days where she was watched under the careful eye of her parents while exploring. She remembers catching her first prey. The she-cat remembers watching her siblings grow before her eyes. It was like one day it was just her and her littermates, and now, a swarm of them!

Somewhere along the way her family joined with more cats. Something she didn’t really mind. Hollow Tree wasn’t a super social feline. She was often quiet but she liked to sit in. Often offering a word or two when she didn’t space out into her own little world. Her father, who she hoped was still alive, had been given over to the twolegs. It had been the only way to save him. But she would never know if he actually made it or if he was among the stars now. It broke her heart to know her youngest siblings would never know his face.

She had never been sure if she wanted kits of her own till she saw the face of an abandoned kit. All alone. Hollow Tree assumed the parents had meant with an untimely passing. Such as life was out in the wild. It must have been a blessing that Hollow Tree happened to be passing by when she heard the tiny mews of a kitten. It was hard to believe they were already nine moons old.

The brown tabby passed a few quick licks to her pelt before standing. Yellow eyes scanning over what they now called home. This place was much different from the swamp. She noticed that most of her siblings had been happy to get out and into the pine. Hollow Tree rubbed her tired eyes. Wondering where her family was at and if her kid was getting into trouble. Maybe it was time to branch out and interact with some of the other cats here.
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It's a beautiful day, and Howling Wind is in an amazing mood. Her paws usually carry her with slow, graceful patience, but today they are briskly trotting. A squirrel hangs limply from her jaws, freshly caught by her very talons of claws. She'd been hoping to share it with one of her many kits, and it just so happens that one of her eldest is the first she sees. A purr rises in her throat as she approaches, coming to a halt before her and dropping the prey at her paws. "I know you wouldn't make your poor mother eat this by herself, would you?" She mews with a cheeky smile, moving to touch her nose affectionately to her daughter's.
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Dolce was one of Berry's quieter family members- and he had plenty of loud ones- though he barely minded. They were alike in that respect; preferring to watch rather than participate. What they were not alike in was their parental instinct. Still, Dolce's child was one of them regardless. He was not Big Mama's by blood, not Dolce's brother by birth, but they had never allowed him to think he was not their kin.

In his snow-circled maw he too carried a meal- a squirrel to match his mother- and to where the pair gathered grey-green eyes lifted and settled, the cogs in his mind barley turning before he made a decision. Toward them Berry's ambling gait carried his mottled form, something of a smile upon his face that due to his odd features appeared grimace-like. His family would know better, though.

"Mind'ff I sit?" A direct question murmured through a mouthful of squirrel-tail, he hovered well-balanced for a few moments to gauge reaction.
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There's a semblance of hesitance as the creature moves to stand beside Hollow Tree, examining their mother with both genuine love and extreme curiosity. The other cats in the area were all friends, it seemed- yet they didn't move to socialize. Cricket never was the type to feel drawn to making friends. They'd spent enough of it around their mother that it was just.. Natural for them to avoid talking to people.

Howling Wind and Berry's arrival was met with a blink in greeting from the dark felidae, only for the petite being to scoot closer to its mother. Biological or not, they didn't care. This one had loved their mother since the day she had found them.
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Hollow Tree blinks out of her daze. A small but warm smile wiggles its way onto her maw. She was always pleased to see her mother around. Returning the affectionate act by meeting halfway in the nose touch. Perhaps, even pressing a little hard, causing a slight bump between the two. Opening her mouth to reply when a sibling caught her eye. Watching as they made themselves comfortable.

It felt right to see her family around. Eating well and with shelter to keep their pelts safe. “You two make me feel lazy.” she says, eyeing the prey that had been caught. While she hadn’t really done much today. Hollow Tree wasn’t lazy by any means but she often got caught up in her own little world.

Peering down at Cricketpaw, she was happy to see their daughter joining. Even if they didn’t make an effort to speak. She leaned down to give their head an affectionate lick. “Cricket, you wanna eat with us?” she asks, wondering if any other cat would be joining them on this fine day.
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